Cold War

Russia builds 'unstoppable' 4,600mph missile that could destroy Royal Navy's new carriers

Kremlin military chiefs claim they have built an anti-ship cruise missile capable of travelling at between five and six times the speed of sound - …

20th Century

One of Europe's largest Nato exercises begins

<b>Thousands of Nato army, navy and air force personnel are in Scotland for one of the largest military exercises in Europe.</b><p>Joint Warrior is held twice a year - in spring and autumn.<p>The first of this year's exercises runs to 6 April and involves warships operating from Faslane on the Clyde and …


Stop Trying to Make a New Russian Aircraft Carrier Happen

“No, it’s not feasible, neither from a technical nor from a financial point of view,” Dmitry Gorenburg, a senior research scientist specializing in …

20th Century

Dozens of Russian tanks spotted six miles from Ukrainian border

By Kevin Urgiles on Mar 24, 2017<p>Dozens of Russian tanks were seen near the Ukrainian border on Friday. They arrived in the southern Rostov region on cargo trains, and were deployed near a Russian village just six miles from the hostile Ukraine border.<p>Russia has several military bases in the Rostov …


Poland Doesn't Want America's Used F-16s

The Polish government has reversed course on buying used American-made F-16A/B Fighting Falcons to replace its aging Russian Sukhois and MiGs fighter …


Is Germany Getting Ready to Build Its Very Own Stealth Fighter?

Is Berlin going to build a 5th generation fighter? Germany and Airbus Defense and Space are working on the initial stages of a new program to replace …

20th Century

Jaitley Hands Over Indigenous Systems For Submarines To Indian Navy

Defence Minister Arun Jaitley today (24 March) handed over systems developed by the Naval Physical and Oceanographic Laboratory (NPOL), the only …

20th Century

French Military Power Gets a Boost With New Fighter Jets and Surge in Defense Spending

France has sought to update its military services after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, Nice and other cities.

20th Century

Iran TRAINS WEAPONS against US warships which scramble deadly helicopters in stand-off

GETTYIranian attack ships 'harassed' US warships this week<p>The incident was condemned by US security forces who said Iran had been acting increasingly …


VCNO-Exact Larger Future Fleet Size Uncertain

The Vice Chief of Naval Operations called for a much larger fleet, while specifying that the exact number should depend upon global service …


Pakistan’s (Non-Nuclear) Plan to Counter ‘Cold Start’

Tactical nuclear weapons get most of the attention, but Islamabad is also building up conventional capabilities.


China's new missile could threaten an arms war in the Pacific

China has a new generation of stealthy, supersonic anti-ship missiles, and the US is clearly worried about them. Former US rear admiral Eric McVadon described them as the "strategic equivalent of China’s acquiring nuclear weapons in 1964". He wasn’t exaggerating.<p>The missiles can evade US missile …

20th Century

Russia Develops New, Next-Gen Air Defenses

Russia's mad scientists have some smart ideas to take on western aircraft.<p>Dave Majumdar [2]<p>Russia will start research and development (R&D) work on a …

20th Century

NATO battlegroups taking shape in Baltics, Poland | IHS Jane's 360

Deployments of troops and weaponry for NATO's four Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) battlegroups in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland are picking …


Russia's New 'Satan' Nuclear Weapons System Could Wipe Out Texas or France, But Testing is Behind Schedule

The RS-28 Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile known in Russia as "Satan 2" has been delayed yet again

20th Century

The US Navy has a severe 'missile gap' with China and Russia -- here's how they can beat them anyway

The US wields the world's biggest, most powerful Navy, but recent developments in China and Russia's missile inventory severely threaten the surface …

20th Century

50 years ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin observes an exercise in the Barents Sea from aboard a submarine (February 2004). © REUTERS<p>The Soviet Union developed …

20th Century

Nuke ‘Super Fuze’ Triples ‘Killing Power’ of U.S. Missiles

The U.S. has been “modernizing” its 20th century nuclear arsenal for about a decade.<p>But while the stated goal has been to increase safety, and extend …



20th Century

Australian defence industry minister foreshadows decision on missile defence system | IHS Jane's 360

Australia will be making decisions shortly on a "very expensive" missile defence system, Minister for Defence Industry Christopher Pyne disclosed on …

20th Century

Perceived Russian threat causes Sweden, Lithuania to prepare for attacks

In a sign of growing concerns about Russia’s provocative military and rhetorical moves near NATO nations, the Swedish government held war “games” for the first time in 20 years.<p>The dramatic move comes as a NATO group conducted military maneuvers in Lithuania.<p>“We are all accomplished at very high …


Over 100 NATO Military Vehicles Arrive in Estonia as Part of ‘Biggest Deployment since Cold War’

<b>More than 130 pieces of heavy military hardware have arrived to Estonia from Germany and the UK.</b><p>British tanks and military vehicles are unloaded at …


Why a U.S. Missile Defense System Is Angering China

A U.S. missile defense system being deployed in South Korea is rubbing China the wrong way. The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, known as …

North Korea

How Lockheed Martin's legendary Skunk Works is beating China's 'carrier killers'

WASHINGTON — The US Navy's 10 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers have long been the envy of the world, with their unrivaled ability to project power on any shore. But they're in danger.<p>US adversaries — China specifically — have purpose-built long-range missiles known as "carrier killers," which …


Moran: Navy Needs Additional $150B to 'Jump-Start' Path to 355 Ships

Newport News Shipbuilding placed a 900-ton superlift into dry dock, continuing construction of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy …


Chinese officials warned US bomber during ‘routine’ East China Sea flyover

Chinese officials warned a US military aircraft flying near South Korea Sunday, telling its pilots that they were illegally operating in Chinese …

Hampton Roads

China Makes Advances in Space Lasers, Microwave Weapons

The People’s Liberation Army, the army of the Chinese Communist Party, recently announced a breakthrough on a key weapons programs that may change …


In pictures: The 77th Pakistan Day parade

Pakistan's armed forces displayed nuclear-capable weapons, tanks, jets, drones and other weapons systems during the 23rd March parade held to mark …


Russian Fighter Jets, Lost near Syrian Coast, ‘Cleaned out’ of Secrets

<b>The Yantar oceanographic research vessel have discovered, inspected and removed part of on-board equipment from the Su-33 and MiG-29K deck-based</b> …

20th Century

MIRVs: A Case Study for South Asia

However, Pakistan is not the only one that unveiled MIRV technology in South Asia. India has tested the Agni-IV and MIRV-capable Agni-V to counter …