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Are We In a New Cold War?

Some 330 U.S. Marines will be stationed in Norway until the end of next year, drawing a warning from Moscow.

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Obama's own personal cold war

Got a minute? A new report says Obama received detailed intel on Russian hacking attempts on US election ... Trump not sure Mueller can be trusted ... and hires a new usher that won’t shock you at all ... and everything else in politics. By Jamiles Lartey


Trump’s Cuba Move Won’t End the Dictatorship

It will be the Cuban people who pay dearly for a continued embargo, not Raul Castro.

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The Russians Aren’t Under the Bed, They’re Under the Covers

POTUS and the PM are so focused on their political survival they’ve lost sight of a massive threat to their nations’ security and sovereignty.<p>LONDON—Was there ever a period with so much news, so much noise, in our two countries? In Washington, a never-ending real world soap opera focused on one …


President of Ukraine Compares 'Charismatic' Trump to Reagan Ending the Cold War

President Donald Trump may continue to catch heat for alleged connections to Russia, but Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says that he sees …

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Outreach, a story-driven historical thriller, was the best game I saw at E3 2017

All's fair in love and cold war<p><i>Outreach</i> got lucky. It's a <i>Gone Home-</i>like on a Russian space station set during the Cold War, and features no science …


Gutter? Catahr? Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

How do you solve a problem like Qatar? This week over Pimms Cups, we talk with Mara Karlin about all the Middle East dramas (and why she loves the …

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Handing Cuba back to Russia is the wrong move for the US

Last week, in Miami, to the cheers of American hard-liners, President Trump announced a reversal of the Obama administration’s “terrible and …


Newseum Will Virtually Send Visitors to Berlin Wall During Cold War

On November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall came down after dividing Germany – both physically and ideologically – for 28 years. In 1993, the Newseum …


Ukrainian President Compares Trump to Reagan Ending Cold War Insider

<b>'How Do You Debate What You Don't Even Know?' Sliwa Blasts Dems, Repubs Health Care Secrecy</b><p><b>HuffPo, Others Appear to Say Warmbier's 'White Privilege' Makes NK Capture His Fault</b><p>Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that President Trump reminds him of President Ronald Reagan at the close of the …

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Did Trump Revive Failed Cold War Cuba Policy To Buy Rubio’s Loyalty?

Donald Trump has made clear that there’s little room in his “America First” foreign policy for pressure on authoritarian foreign governments—whether Russia, Saudi Arabia, or China—to improve their human rights record.<p>The one exception is Cuba where, on Friday, he reimposed failed Cold War …


Cold War Deja Vu Deepens as New Russia Sanctions Anger Europe - Bloomberg

Russia on Sunday accused the U.S. of returning to “almost forgotten Cold War rhetoric,” after President Donald Trump’s decision to reinstate some …


Russia slams Trump's 'Cold War' policy on Cuba

Russia's foreign ministry on Sunday said it regretted US President Donald Trump's policy reversal on Cuba, calling it reminiscent of the Cold War era.

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Russia: Trump’s position on Cuba echoes ‘Cold War rhetoric'

Russia on Sunday reportedly said President Trump's new Cuba policy is reminiscent of “Cold War rhetoric.”According to comments reported by Reuters, …


Russia slams Trump's 'Cold War' policy on Cuba

Moscow (AFP) - Russia's foreign ministry on Sunday said it regretted US President Donald Trump's policy reversal on Cuba, calling it reminiscent of the Cold War era.<p>"The new line towards Cuba announced by US President Donald Trump takes us back to already half-forgotten rhetoric in the style of the …


Russia says Trump is using 'Cold War rhetoric' on Cuba

More<p>MOSCOW (AP) — The Russian Foreign Ministry has criticized President Donald Trump's decision to freeze a detente with Cuba and his verbal attack …

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Russia says US following a 'Cold War rhetoric' with new approach to Cuba

MOSCOW, June 18 (Reuters) - The Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that "anti-Cuban" actions recently announced by Washington were regrettable …


Donald Trump has finally found something to give to Vladimir Putin. It's called Cuba

Donald Trump is rolling back the opening to Cuba that his predecessor, Barack Obama, began, and we should ask a couple of questions. If the purpose …


Trump just reopened the Cold War with Cuba. His excuse was completely disingenuous

The United States isolated Cuba diplomatically and economically for half a century in an effort to force Fidel Castro out of power, or at least to change his repressive ways. But the freeze-out — a misguided Cold War policy the U.S. clung to for far too many years — didn’t work. In fact, the White …


The New Cold War Pits a U.S. General Against His Longtime Russian Nemesis

It’s Trump’s national security adviser H.R. McMaster vs. Putin ally Valery Gerasimov<p>A quarter-century after the Cold War ended, U.S. and Russian tank formations are once again squaring off.<p>This spring, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization moved armored forces to the Russian border, where they are …


Oliver Stone Hopes ‘The Putin Interviews’ Can Ease U.S.-Russia Relations

In a series of historic conversations, the filmmaker humanizes the Russian president while examining the current state of tension in the new Cold …


CNN's Acosta: Trump's Cuba stance a "return to the Cold War"

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta said President Trump is ushering in "a return to the Cold War," following Trump's speech in Miami …


Donald Trump’s new hardline policy on Cuba is yet another gift to Russia

Donald Trump is setting out to Miami in an airplane, but it might as well be a time machine. In a speech tomorrow (June 16), the US president will announce rollbacks of the normalization with Cuba that Barack Obama began, setting US relations with the island back to the decades of the Cold War.<p>And …


From the Archives: Cold War drill on Broadway

Los Angeles residents actively participated in World War II air-raid drills. But a 1952 Cold War air-raid drill had different results.<p>A page one story in the Oct. 3, 1952, Los Angeles Times reported that: “Failure of air raid sirens and general public apathy would have cost Los Angeles city and …


Slovenia hideouts spill Cold War secrets

View photos<p>More<p>Kocevje (Slovenia) (AFP) - Almost three decades after the end of the Cold War, secrets from the era of espionage and power games are …


A History of the Olympic Spy Games

In the last half of the 20th century, the leaders of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have pushed to elevate the Olympics above the realm of …


The US government is rebuilding a bunch of Cold War bunkers and can you really blame it?

The US government “continuity” plan for the Cold War was to build a bunch of underground bunkers to protect key government people from nuclear war. …

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Hospital At Abandoned Cold War Afb In Montana

Built for the Cold War and abandoned soon after, this place was designed to house over 10,000 military personnel and their families.<p>Since it closed, …


Has war been declining?

Is the world becoming less belligerent and more peaceful? This proposition encounters widespread disbelief, as most people are very surprised by the …

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Reagan at Normandy — Americans Need to Recover the Art of the Noble Speech

Neither disputatious or disputable, it is the upper limit of the political, beyond which lies the holy.<p>In 1984, on the 40th anniversary of the …

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