Clean Energy

Couple buys 100% sun-powered home built for the Solar Decathlon

This 100% solar-powered home has been sitting in Michigan’s Matthaei Botanical Gardens for the past ten years – but the tiny aluminum structure will …


Sono Motors unveils its solar and battery-powered electric car

German electric car startup Sono Motors unveiled the crowdfunded prototype of its battery and solar-powered vehicle; the Sion.<p>The ambitious project is now one step closer to reality.<p>The Sion’s most differentiating feature is a new system of integrated solar cells:<p>“The Sion is equipped with 330 …

Electric Vehicles

Solar Gets Big Boost at Wind's Expense in North Carolina

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper signed a bill into law Thursday that will boost solar production but curb wind energy in the state.<p>House Bill 589, the …

Renewable Energy

Exterior Glazing - ClearShade for Skylights from Panelite

<b>Panelite's ClearShade™</b> high performance exterior glazing allows architects, engineers and building owners to meet daylighting, energy efficiency, …

Herzog & de Meuron

Researchers hit new world efficiency record with perovskite solar cells

A recent study, affiliated with UNIST finds key to produce a new cost-efficient way to produce inorganic-organic hybrid perovskite solar cells (PSCs) …

Renewable Energy

Gogoro's solar-powered scooter battery charging station is here

Electric scooter-maker Gogoro's latest battery-charging location is its cleanest yet. As usual, riders pull up, swap out their depleted batteries (two per vehicle), and drive off with fully-charged ones. The only difference is the new GoStation is the first to run on solar power.<p>When we hopped on …

Electric Vehicles

PV panel-packed family EV goes up for pre-order

Last year, German startup Sono Motors embarked on a successful Indiegogo crowdfunding effort to get its electric family commuter into production. The …


Solar Paint Produces Energy From Water Vapor

The innovation could provide useful access to a clean and renewable energy source<p>Researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia created a new …

Renewable Energy

First fully-integrated sustainable smart energy system promises to ‘democratize’ renewables for all

Solar might be the future, but few people and businesses can afford to invest in the technology. This is why SolPad’s latest innovation is so …


How Solar Windows Could Put Transparent Panels Everywhere

"Solar window" sounds like an oxymoron. Here's how it could actually work.<p>As we move away from fossil fuels like coal and gas as sources of energy, one of the better ways to produce power is by harvesting light from the sun. Solar panels are rapidly becoming cheaper and more efficient, and new …

Renewable Energy

Stay Charged with this Massive Solar Battery

Don't get stuck in the wilderness without power.<p>Even the most devoted and diehard adventurers need a little bit of power now and then, and finding yourself without a power source can be wildly inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous.<p>Lukcily, this massive SolarJuice 26,800mAh External Solar …

Renewable Energy

Catalyst can split water into atoms for less - Futurity

A new catalyst can split water into hydrogen and oxygen without expensive metals like platinum.


Enphase Is Back With a Microinverter-Integrated Solar Module

Microinverter pioneer Enphase has achieved the convergence of solar module and microinverter once again, several years after the company's first …

Renewable Energy

The energy sector needs to adapt to millennials—not vice versa

<i>By Elizabeth Villedrouin, Communications Intern, Clean Energy and Kristen Moore, Research Intern, Clean Energy</i><p>As interns at Environmental Defense …


This unusual material could vastly improve solar cells — if it can expand its reach

Tsutomu Miyasaka was on a mission to build a better solar cell. It was the early 2000s, and the Japanese scientist wanted to replace the delicate …

Renewable Energy

SolarBox Solar Powered Rugged Waterproof Portable Speaker (video)

A rugged portable waterproof wireless speaker has ben created by SolarBox which is capable of providing up to 60 hours of playback and has been …

Gear & Gadgets

Atomic Movies Offer Insights Into More Efficient Perovskites

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have leveraged a long-used microscopy tool to investigate why …


One electric car owner's experiences in adding solar panels: why, what, and how

Our system had already produced more than 1 megawatt-hour of electricity after just a couple of weeks. We consume about 1,500 kWh a month, so the …

Renewable Energy

Rigid solar EnergySail set for sea trials next year

Eco Marine Power is preparing to put its rigid solar energy sails through their paces next year. Unlike some other proposals for reviving the use of …

Renewable Energy

Street benches embedded with solar panels could power your phone on your next stroll

'Platio' has created a modular solar panel system that can be used as walkways or integrated into street furniture.

Renewable Energy

Electricity Bills Dropped From ₹20,000 to ₹350 at a Mumbai Society, Thanks to 3 War Heroes!

Three retired Air Force squadrons who served in the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistan wars, are now leading a campaign for clean energy at their …

Good News

Solar Panel Makers Face New Storm From India

<b>Bottom line:</b> <i>India is unlikely to levy anti-dumping tariffs on Chinese solar panel makers, despite the likelihood that it will launch an investigation.</i><p>…

Solar Panels

Ultra-thin material turns minor movements into electricity

In the future, we might overcome anxiety about a dying phone battery by doing a few star jumps. A team from Vanderbilt University is developing an …


Google and Fusion Energy Company Use AI to Improve Efficiency of Plasma Reactors

The researchers netted a 50 percent reduction in energy loss, taking us one step closer to a future of unlimited clean energy.<p>Nuclear fusion, the way the sun has fused atoms of hydrogen into atoms of helium for billions of years, could be the pot of gold at the end of the clean energy rainbow. If …


Electric Mini, CAFE freeze, Model S back on top, electric cars and solar panels: Today's Car News

Today, an electric-car driver explains his decision to add solar panels to his house and runs through the math, we've got two stories on the future …

Electric Vehicles

Solar firm set to begin project in Ontario

Solar energy company UGE International recently announced that it will build 15 new solar systems for Peterborough Solar Projects Corporation. The …

Business (Canada)

AGL Energy: CET could save 'clean coal' - if it's really clean

The Clean Energy Target that has split the Turnbull government could be the making of so-called "clean coal" rather than the death of it, but only if …


Why Residential Solar Stocks May Have a Rough Quarter -- The Motley Fool

Despite rising stock prices, residential solar companies may be in for a rough 2017.<p>Residential solar stocks have been on a massive run higher in …


Metal on semiconductors may lead to invisibility cloaks - Futurity

Adding metal nanoparticles to semiconductors could up LED light efficiency by 50 percent. It could also lead to invisibility cloaking devices.


3 Reasons Canadian Solar Inc. Stock Could Fall -- The Motley Fool

Canadian Solar is one of the biggest solar manufacturers in the world, but it isn't a safe investment.<p>Everything is looking up for <b>Canadian Solar Inc.</b> …