Australia citizenship overhaul hits Senate hurdle

<b>An Australian government plan to overhaul its citizenship process has stalled after opposition parties effectively blocked its Senate passage.</b><p>The proposed bill would have made it harder to gain citizenship. It included requirements for applicants to have advanced English language skills and four …

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Charges dropped in military Finnish-Russian dual citizenship discrimination case

A medical colonel in the Finnish Defence Forces was suspected of having violated the military's code calling for equal treatment of all persons in …

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Decision to deny citizenship to Turkish woman reversed

A local parliament in eastern Switzerland has overturned its earlier decision to reject the citizenship application of a young Turkish woman born and …

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If Constitutional Court doesn't allow dual citizenship, Lithuania'll need referendum

VILNIUS – If the Constitutional Court does not pave way for dual citizenship for Lithuanians who have left for other countries of the European Union …

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PM faces key week on energy, citizenship

It is set to be a critical week for Malcolm Turnbull as the long debate over energy policy comes to a head while remaining under the cloud of the …

Barnaby Joyce

Refugee minister calls RCMP questionnaire targeting Muslims 'unacceptable'

Canada's immigration minister says an RCMP questionnaire that appears to single out Muslim asylum seekers is unacceptable.


Brandis defends huge legal bill to settle dual citizenship saga

Attorney-General George Brandis has defended slugging taxpayers with a whopping legal bill to settle the dual citizenship saga by arguing the case is …

Scott Ludlam

You can now buy full citizenship of the Pacific island nation of Vanuatu

If you’re in the market for a new or additional place to call home, it has been announced that you can now buy full citizenship of the tiny island nation of Vanuatu for US$200,000, or around 44 Bitcoin.<p>Vanuatu is located in the South Pacific Ocean, and is known for its deserted beaches, ancient …


New rules will let new Canadians become citizens sooner, minister says

A reduction in the time newcomers must wait before applying for citizenship and other changes will make it easier for immigrants to feel part of …

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A small Pacific island will now let you pay for citizenship with bitcoin

You can now purchase citizenship of the country with the world’s 34th most powerful passport with bitcoin.<p>The Vanuatu Information Center, which handles applications to the Pacific island country’s honorary citizenship program, announced this month that the center has secured government approval for …


The tiny island of Vanuatu now lets people buy citizenship with Bitcoin

Vanuat-you mean you can pay for citizenship using Bitcoin?<p>While most of the world’s still getting used to using contactless banking payments, one …


Last day of High Court hearings for MPs involved in citizenship seven cases

ONE Nation senator Malcolm Roberts’ lawyer will front the High Court today to argue the case for why he shouldn’t be disqualified from parliament for …

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Australia's dual citizenship row explained

Alice Udale-Smith, News Reporter<p>A court in Australia is meeting to decide whether seven politicians should be barred from public office after it …

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High Court leaves citizenship MPs in limbo

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Allowing MPs to plead ignorance on citizenship will cause 'radical instability'

A former solicitor general says court should reject argument parliamentarians without knowledge of their foreign citizenship are eligible to sit<p>Accepting that politicians who are ignorant of their foreign citizenship can sit in parliament will lead to “radical instability” and a repeat of the …

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Citizenship case to take 'reasonable' time

Attorney-General George Brandis says High Court judges would be well aware of the public importance of making a decision on MP citizenship cases …


You Can Buy Citizenship To This Island Nation For Only 44 Bitcoin

Ever wish you could be like those spies in the movies with multiple passports? Or, perhaps your escape to Canada hasn’t worked out quite the way you …


You Can Buy Vanuatu Citizenship With Bitcoin, 43 BTC Worth Today

The Vanuatuan citizenship that is sold for Bitcoin, allows visa-free travel in 113 countries, including European Union, Russia, and Great Britain.


Dual citizenship court case may lead to political storm in Australia

The case could spark an unprecedented political crisis in the country and endanger the government's razor-thin majority.<p>Seven politicians are …

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Two views on High Court citizenship case



Could dual citizen row threaten Australia's government?

<b>A dual citizenship saga that has captivated Australian politics for three months will be debated in the nation's highest court from Tuesday.</b><p>It will test the cases of seven parliamentarians who held an additional citizenship when they were elected last year.<p>Under Section 44(i) of Australia's …

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Australia court set to rule on MPs' dual citizenship cases

Australia's highest court is set to decide this week whether seven members of parliament should be sacked for having dual citizenship when they were elected, which is banned under the country's constitution.<p>Australia's highest court is set to decide this week whether seven members of parliament …

Premium: Passports for cash: Citizenship bargains galore in the Caribbean

Globalisation has turned citizenship into a commodity, with Caribbean nations taking advantage of the enormous international appetite for second …

Turnbull confident of citizenship decision

The High Court could put Malcolm Turnbull's one-seat parliamentary majority in jeopardy if it disqualifies his deputy prime minister after a hearing …

Scott Ludlam

Accept oath on dual citizenship: Brandis

Federal politicians who 'honestly swear' they were unaware of being dual citizens should not be disqualified from parliament, the attorney-general …

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Dual citizenship concerns? Forget the High Court, a Brisbane bookshop can ease your troubles

Participants will be given unofficial certificates with the name of their relinquished country during a formal ceremony that was described by the …

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That's awkward: changing citizenship laws in the midst of a citizenship crisis

Remember back to the simpler, gentler time of April this year, when the government could mention the word "citizenship" without people making baaing …

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Shorter residency requirement for would-be Canadians set to take effect

Important changes to Canadian citizenship rules, including how long a newcomer has to be in the country to be eligible, will take effect next week, …

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New language and residency rules for Canadian citizenship kick in next week

Starting Oct. 11, permanent residents will be eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship if they have lived in the country for three out of the …

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More flexible citizenship rules on language, residency to kick in Oct. 11

Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen says more flexibility will ease path to join 'Canadian family'<p>Relaxed rules for obtaining Canadian citizenship will …