Cost of British citizenship for children is now 22 times more expensive than Germany

The Government is under pressure over the “astronomical” rise in the cost of British citizenship for children, which is now 22 times more expensive …


8 Ways to Use Global Citizenship Education With Early Adolescents

<i>Editor's intro: Early adolescence is a time when students are ready to learn how their actions affect others and are connected to the world, says Dr.</i> …


Federal parliament, according to Hinch

He's interviewed hundreds of politicians and met every prime minister since Robert Menzies, so who better than Derryn Hinch to critique today's batch …

David Leyonhjelm

PM lends support in Bennelong

The Prime Minister is set to visit Bennelong today, offering heavyweight support to Liberal candidate John Alexander ahead of next week's crucial …

Manus Island

Dual citizenship: AEC offers to build online tool for candidates to check Section 44 eligibility

EXCLUSIVE: The Australian Electoral Commission has floated one potential solution to prevent more dual-citizenship surprises in the future.

David Leyonhjelm

Australia Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

CANBERRA, Australia—Australia’s Parliament voted to legalize same-sex marriage, a much-needed victory for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull<p>Thursday’s 145-4 vote, after 55 hours of debate, followed a nonbinding nationwide ballot last month in which a majority of voters endorsed gay marriage.<p>“What a …

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Singapore citizenship of former S-League player to be stripped for match-fixing

SINGAPORE: A 43-year-old naturalised Singapore citizen will have his citizenship stripped for his involvement in match-fixing. The man has been …

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Australia's citizenship scramble: which MPs are safe, who's out and who doesn't know?

Click or tap on the photos to reveal the status of each politician’s eligibility to sit in parliament<p>Australia's citizenship scramble: which MPs are safe, who's out and who doesn't know?

Dual citizenship saga threatens to stretch into 2018 as both sides demand more High Court referrals

Two Labor politicians - MP David Feeney and Senator Katy Gallagher - were referred to the High Court this week. Both major parties are now demanding …

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NRC draft: Assam security situation eases after SC upholds validity of panchayat secretary certificate, delinks 'original inhabitant' clause

Supreme Court on Tuesday passed two judgments putting to rest all speculations over acceptance of certificates issued by secretaries of Gaon …


dual-citizenship concerns for Labor's David Feeney

LABOR’S CITIZENSHIP DOWN<p>The government has introduced a raft of new treason and foreign donations laws as Labor feels the heat of the …

MPs set to provide citizenship details

The Turnbull government believes at least three federal MPs will need to be referred to the High Court to resolve questions over their …


Citizenship saga hits more Senators

Malcolm Turnbull rules out preference deals with One Nation at next election

Prime minister suggests tax cuts will be his ‘next priority’ and defends his leadership after Barnaby Joyce wins in New England<p>Malcolm Turnbull has declared that his government will not be making any preference deals with One Nation at the federal election, saying they worked against the Liberal …

Malcolm Turnbull

Barnaby Joyce claim victory in New England

Barnaby Joyce is packing his bags for Canberra, eager to put the dual-citizenship saga behind him, after a decisive win in New England's …

Barnaby Joyce

The staggering rise in the number of EU nationals applying for UK citizenship

The number of EU nationals applying for British citizenship has more than doubled, official statistics show.<p>They show the figure climbed by more than …


Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh look to Pope Francis to get citizenship, ensure safety

<b>Balukhali:</b> A group of Rohingya Muslim refugees due to meet the Pope in Bangladesh on Friday have high hopes the encounter will put them on the path …


NS defaulter rejected for Australian citizenship, told to obey the laws of his country

A national service defaulter who sought Australian citizenship was advised by a tribunal in Australia to return to Singapore and face pending …


How Outrage Over Australian Banks Sparked Inquiry

Rigging interest rates. Enabling money laundering. Giving misleading financial advice. These are just some of the things Australian banks have been …


Sport and Citizenship’s Laurent Thieule: We can change the debate on fitness and health - Sport - European Commission

<b>How do you see the problem of Europe’s declining physical activity?</b><p>This is a major public health issue: some 210 million Europeans are basically …

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Amos: Let's fix this Citizenship Act obstacle to Canadians overseas

Canada punches above its weight internationally because of our own citizens’ contributions to stable, equitable and peaceful global governance. In an …


A forgotten clause automatically grants Israeli citizenship to tens of thousands of Palestinians

Osama Abu Khalaf flew to Rome last year. Like other Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, he isn’t an Israeli citizen and therefore has no Israeli …


Senators seek to clear citizenship issues



Millions of aspiring pollies could be ineligible for Parliament

Nearly half of Australians will need to check their status for dual citizenship before standing for Parliament, an analysis of census data …

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Dollar Falls Out Of Favor Again

Euro led the move against the dollar last week.<p>10-year yield remains key for JPY.<p>Sterling benefiting from weaker dollar.<p><b>The US dollar moved higher in</b> …


Malcolm Roberts concedes defeat

Malcolm Roberts, who was forced out of the Senate in the dual-citizenship fiasco, has now lost his bid to enter the Queensland parliament.<p>The day …


US wants access to jailed Citgo executives in Venezuela

The United States is calling on the Venezuelan government to give American officials immediate access to Citgo executives jailed in the South …


Malcolm Roberts loses another poll

Malcolm Roberts, who was forced out of the Senate in the dual-citizenship fiasco, has now lost his bid to enter the Queensland parliament.


Roy Green: Unlike Canada, our allies demand on-site retribution

They made a choice and decision. It was their choice to follow the brutal path of the so-called Islamic State, their decision to declare Canada and …

Islamic State (ISIS)

Anti-Muslim immigration party could swing Australian state vote

Pauline Hanson, the firebrand anti-Muslim immigration lawmaker who has rattled Australian politics from the fringes for more than 20 years, could be …

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