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Why this eclipse is our best chance to discover the mysteries of the sun

As millions watch the total eclipse sweep across America on Monday, an army of ‘citizen scientists’ will provide a trove of information<p>Around 9am on Monday, observers standing on the coast of Oregon will notice a small black spot that will appear on one side of the sun. As the morning progresses, …


Make history during the solar eclipse as a citizen scientist

Today’s instant global connectivity makes whole new kinds of citizen science possible during a solar eclipse. Photo by vbloke/via Flickr<p>The solar …

Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse, Scientific Opportunity

On August 21, 2017, the US will play host to a rare natural phenomenon: a complete solar eclipse that will cut a swath from Oregon to South Carolina. …

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Science Experiments for the Public during the Solar Eclipse - Citizen Science Salon

By Guest | August 16, 2017 12:15 pm<p>The two towers of the Schaeberle Camera and the rock wall at Jeur (India), with overlall height lowered by use of …

Solar Eclipse

Eclipse Resources for Curious Naturalists (& the Naturally Curious)

Several Conservancy preserves fall in the path of totality during the eclipse. If you want to combine your eclipse-viewing with healthy natural …


Your previously worthless tweets could be used for science.

There’s an enormous amount of information posted to social media sites every day, and increasing ability to sift it for patterns and trends. …


How social media can help keep tabs on ecosystems' health

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram could be a rich source of free information for scientists tasked with monitoring the health of …

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Platypus census: How you can help keep track of the near-threatened species

A platypus census is underway in NSW and the ACT, with volunteers playing an important role in protecting and tracking the near-threatened species.


‘The Great Quake,’ by Henry Fountain

Image 1of/4<p>Caption<p>Close<p>Bay Area residents take the term “earthquake” very personally. Many of us remember the epic ground-shaking of the 1989 Loma …


New Science Education Program Brings Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Classrooms

Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont have been selected to participate in a new science education …

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Eclipse Megamovie: Thousands of Cameras for Citizen Science

On August 21, 2017, the Moon will cast its shadow across the entire breadth of the United States for the first time in almost a century. It is …


Look down, look all around during the total solar eclipse - Citizen Science Salon

By Carolyn Graybeal | August 7, 2017 4:25 pm<p>Solar eclipse. Credit: Luc Viatour (CC-BY-SA)<p>On August 21st, millions of people across the U.S. will have …


Citizen scientists track effects of climate change in the Northwest

Hikers, climbers and skiers are helping scientists collect the expansive data sets needed to explore climate change’s thorny questions over a wide …


Citizen science effort is empowering communities to advance health equity

In rural villages, or big cities, individuals in communities can band together to make healthy changes. That’s the driving belief behind the citizen …


Flutracking: citizen science charts flu cases across Australia

Make yourself useful and report your flu like symptoms to the national influenza-like illness surveillance system.


Citizen science volunteers driven by desire to learn

People who give up their time for online volunteering are mainly motivated by a desire to learn, a new study has found.


How to STEAM up your child's summer

Summer is the perfect time to get your children engaging in activities that empower them and give them the ability to make a difference. STEAM …


NASA needs your help during the August eclipse

Don’t worry, it's not rocket science.<p>On August 21, a shadow will fall across North America—and we can’t wait. Towns along the eclipse path of totality are eagerly making plans to accommodate the thousands of visitors expected to trek out for the celestial marvel.<p>NASA scientists are finalizing their …


NASA Wants YOU to Be a Citizen Scientist for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

A new NASA app will allow folks across the United States to become citizen scientists and collect data for an interactive map.<p>The NASA-sponsored …


Play Citizen Scientist During US Total Solar Eclipse

via photographer Luc Viatour<p>Calling all North American eclipse viewers: NASA wants you to participate in a nationwide science experiment next …


Solar eclipse offers millions a chance at citizen science (Update)

Millions of people, from students to rocket scientists, are poised to contribute to a massive scientific effort to study the total solar eclipse that …


What Does It Mean To Share 'Raw Data'?

I’ve seen a bunch of links in the last week or two to this story from a few years ago about a study on the availability of raw data from old papers. I’m not sure why it’s come around again, but the headline “Most Scientific Research Data From the 1990s Is Lost Forever” is certainly eye-catching. …

'LA's most famous feline,' P-22, gets a special exhibit at the Natural History Museum

<i>P-22 is the focus of a new exhibit at the Natural History Museum. ; Credit: Natural History Museum</i>Albert Sabaté with Laura ScottIf you live in …

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Finding the Common Culture: Uniting Science and the Humanities in Citizen Science

By Brad Mehlenbacher (North Carolina State University) and Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher (University of Waterloo) Through citizen science projects, the …


Citizen science project discovers new brown dwarf

However, mining this information is extremely arduous for a single scientist or even a small group of researchers. That's precisely why collaborating …


NASA-funded Citizen Science Project Discovers New Brown Dwarf

Using the NASA-funded citizen science project called "Backyard Worlds: Planet 9," Rosa Castro uncovered a novel object that was neither planet nor …


How SciStarter connects people to citizen science projects, events and tools.

At SciStarter, we aim to reach people where they are and connect them to opportunities to do and shape science through citizen science projects in …


Stall Catchers citizen science game to host its first international “Catchathon”

If you’re familiar with “hackathons” - intense hacking marathons, or “mapathons” - mapping parties commonly held by mappers worldwide, the term …


Through citizen science projects, anyone can be a scientist

Science isn’t just for scientists. Every day, citizens help further research, too.<p>July 10, 2017 —Andrew Grey doesn’t fit most people’s vision of an …


Citizen Scientists Diving to Study The Mystery of Manta Rays

This post is part of our Divers' series. We encourage readers to continue the conversation by adding their own comments, question or concerns on our …

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