Circular Economy

Waste Reduction Week reminds us to think circular year-round

Circular systems were the norm in times past: consumable products were delivered in reusable containers, goods were purchased in small markets or …


Intel, Eileen Fisher find value in the circular economy

Shifting to the circular economy could release $4.5 trillion in new economic potential by 2030.


Euroloan and Finlayson Partner to Deliver World’s First Circular Economy Solution for Home Textiles

(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - Finlayson now offers a more responsible way to buy, use and recycle home textiles for Finnish customers. The service enables …


South Africa: Minister Edna Molewa On Meeting With European Union Ambassadors On Environment-Related Matters

[Govt of SA] The Minister of Environmental Affairs, Dr Edna Molewa, on Tuesday 10 October 2017, met the Ambassadors of the European Union member …

South Africa

Social -- Works.

<i>A new study demonstrates how remanufacturing within a circular economy delivers a wide range of benefits for society and the environment, as well as</i> …


Changing the paradigm of consumption

Consumerism now is all about instant gratification at the best price. We want our products as quickly and easily as possible, and the consumer …


[WATCH] Prince Charles urges transition to a circular economy: 'I really do wonder if ocean’s fragility is yet truly grasped'

Prince Charles, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, High Representative Federica Mogherini and European Commissioner Karmenu Vella address the fourth …


Promising ways to cut Londoners' waste

Recycling rates in London have dropped to their lowest level since 2010 but innovative new ways to cut waste could rescue the British capital from …


Mapping the benefits of a circular economy

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Sharing Economy

Stella McCartney Wants You to Resell Her Goods

The race to become the best, biggest, most legitimate fashion resale site on the internet rages on with another major announcement by The RealReal. …


What A Waste!

Waste is a growing problem in London. Last year, local authorities collected more than 3.7million tonnes of waste - enough to fill 1,500 Olympic-size …


Meet a new circular vision to maximize value from waste

Ball Corporation and others weigh in on the WWF's Cascading Materials Vision's potential to bind them with municipalities and manufacturers on a path …


Cities Need To Transition To Circular Economies: Google Wants To Help

The company has made strides in making its own operations and buildings focus on reuse and recycling–now it wants to apply the lessons it has learned to urban environments.<p>Cities–home to half the world’s population–are already ahead of national governments in meeting goals to cut carbon emissions. …


Member states reject EU system of donating unsold food

"In order to prevent food waste, member states should provide incentives for the collection of unsold food products in food retail and food …

European News

What does the circular economy look like in cities?

By Joe Iles<p>Little doubt remains regarding the significance of cities in influencing economic, social and environmental change. It is therefore pertinent to ask how a circular economy could unfold in an urban context, and how this framework could steer cities towards greater prosperity, resilience …


Google's search for business value in circular cities

A new report explains how four technologies can help cities become hotbeds of the circular economy.

Sustainable Business

pentatonic recycles smartphones, bottles and food into modular furniture

for the london design festival 2017, pentatonic announces its circular economy by transforming waste into interchangeable furniture designs.The post …


Tools for Systems Thinkers: The 6 Fundamental Concepts of Systems Thinking

In this series on systems thinking, I share the key insights and tools needed to develop and advance a systems mindset for dealing with complex …

Sharing Economy

Meet The Startup Making Sunglasses Using 3D Printing Tech & Locally Recycled Plastic Waste

• About<br>• Latest Posts<p>Jazzmine Raine<p>Change Maker at Sunshine & Raine<p>Content | Change Maker | Creative<br><p>Latest posts by Jazzmine Raine<p>…


How Steelcase’s Initiatives Support a Circular Economy

Instead of just simply focusing on waste diversion and sustainable design, the company is making the transition to a circular economy business model.


Back to school policy primer

EU members will clash over whether and how to regulate Gazprom-led pipeline.<p>Many want to water down ambitious targets set by Parliament, …

European News

[Stakeholder] Propelling the construction revolution with silicones

Their existence has only been made possible in very recent years, thanks to impressive advances in modern technology.<p>Beyond height, the construction …

European News

WR Yuma makes recycled 3D printed sunglasses that are eco-friendly and stylish

Sep 5, 2017 | By Benedict<p>Belgian startup W.R. Yuma is using 3D printing to make sunglasses made from plastic waste. The stylish 3D printed sunglasses …


These 5 disruptive technologies are driving the circular economy

Increased transparency, new customer expectations and emerging technologies are disrupting traditional sources of competitiveness.<p>From mobile to …


How to make economies create more value and less waste

The transformation to a circular economy has begun but urgently needs to be scaled up<p>About three quarters of everything consumed in western economies – from packaging to clothing – becomes waste within just one year. A recent study in the journal Science Advances found that 6.3bn tonnes of plastic …


Brexit, bloody Brexit — Juncker to fast-track trade deals

<b>LATEST EU CONFIDENTIAL EPISODE:</b> Playbook is back in the saddle of POLITICO’s weekly EU podcast, this week <b></b>interviewing Michael O’Flaherty, the head of …


Renault Finds Second-Life For EV Batteries At Highway Charging Stations

Renault ZOE Charging on highways with Second-Life Batteries (Connected Energy)<p>Renault and Connected Energy have further explored second-life EV …

Electric Vehicles

Renault uses EV batteries to charge EVs at highway rest stops

Back in June, Renault partnered with UK company Powervault to reuse batteries from electric vehicles in energy storage systems for the home. Now the …

Electric Vehicles

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How the factory of the future saves energy

Thanks to data, sensors and software, it may be closer than you think.

Sustainable Business