Christmas Island

December 2017/January 2018

<b>Issue number:</b> 182<p>In this issue<p>Travel Hotlist 2018<p>Brand spanking new flights, new experiences, new walking and driving trails - we reveal the …


Christmas Cookies Around the World

Christmas is celebrated in countries all over the world, but we all celebrate it a bit differently. I have always been fascinated with the various …


Letters From the Men of Manus Island

VICE asked the men barricaded inside the detention centre: What do you want to tell the people of Australia?<p>Last week the Australian Government cut off water, power, and food supplies to some 600 men who are refusing to leave its controversial offshore detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New …


A necessary evil or road to Armageddon?: Grappling with the future of Britain's nuclear weapons

© PA<p>Sign up to our <b>Daily</b> newsletter<p>Sixty years since Britain became a thermonuclear ‘superpower’, could the use of such weapons ever be justified?</b> …

North Korea

No Food On AA Flights, Mile High Club- FBI Investigating, 9.5 Hours on Christmas Island, Shopping Portal Bonuses, The Rehash

Kim and I both completed the offer to earn 7,500 Wyndham Rewards points per stay, up to two times.<p>One of my bonuses posted within a few days but the …


'We've been treated worse than criminals' say Punjabi men inside Manus Island detention centre

Ravinder and another Punjabi man, Manjit Singh have been staying at Manus Island detention centre for four years now. Ever since the Australian …


Serco a high-risk client with history of failures, offshore law firm found

Appleby, at centre of Paradise Papers leak, ran risk assessment before agreeing to help firm set up holding company in Mauritius<p>An offshore law firm regarded Serco, a company that runs sensitive government services in Australia and the UK, as a “high-risk” client, expressing concern about its …


Every Year, Millions of Bright Red Crabs Completely Cover Christmas Island

Christmas Island has nothing to do with a big jolly man in a red suit. Instead, it has its own distinct bright red mascot: millions and millions of …


Trip Report: 9.5 Hours on Christmas Island, Kiribati

While working on the itinerary for <b>our 5 week trip around the Pacific</b>, I wanted to try to get a taste of a bunch of the island nations in the …

Asia Travel

Refugee makes journey to thank Croatian captain who saved his life at sea

Eight years on from his rescue at sea, a Sri Lankan refugee has made a journey to thank the Croatian captain and crew who plucked him from the Indian …


Arrested in Australia, sent to Christmas Island

A New Zealand man who went to Queensland on a family visit now finds himself detained on remote Christmas Island.

New Zealand News

Millions of Red Crabs Swarm Christmas Island Every Year

Why are all of these land crabs making a dash to the sea?<p>These are Christmas Island red crabs, and their annual trek is tied to the lunar calendar.<p>When they get to the coast, they mate in time for females to release their eggs ...<p>precisely when high tide turns between the last quarter and new …


The world’s most amazing natural phenomenon that attract tourists every year

Our mother Earth provides the platform for the most amazing of visual treats. From light shows to fireworks to decoration of places, nature provides …


How Europe's far right fell in love with Australia's immigration policy

European nativist parties have embraced Australia’s hardline tactics for managing asylum seekers and refugees – but their true agenda is to keep Muslims out. By Sasha Polakow-Suransky<p>In October 2015, six weeks after Tony Abbott was deposed as Australia’s prime minister in a fit of intraparty …


Natural Phenomena (Other Than Foliage) You Can Glimpse This Fall

Where to look beyond the leaves for a taste of the season’s wonders<p>Comment on this Story<p>EXPLORE OUR TRIPS


ShanghART Press Room

Shi Yong: Under the Rule<p>Zhang Ding: Vortex<p>Tang Maohong: Riverbed<p>Physical Theatre<p>Robert Zhao Renhui: Christmas Island, Naturally<p><b>Press Release</b> <br>Robert …


How Do You Stop Drivers From Colliding With Wild Animals?

Crashes between cars and critters are up in California, particularly in the Bay Area. What can transportation departments do?<p>In the San Francisco Bay Area, high-speed, high-volume traffic and seasonal migrations have created a maelstrom of animal-driver carnage. A motorcyclist was recently killed …


Govt warned of submarine 'capability gap'

The federal government is facing calls to buy modified off-the-shelf submarines as soon as possible or risk a major capability gap in years to …


Author challenges British denial over Pacific nuclear legacy

The author of a new book on Pacific nuclear weapons testing says he hopes it will shed more light on Britain's tests in the region.<p>US and French …

New Zealand News

The Most Remote Island Vacations in the World

Arriving at one of the world’s most remote islands is well worth the extra time and effort<p>There is a difference between going away and getting away. Islands crowded by shipped-in tourists hardly seem relaxing when you’re beach towel to beach towel with a stranger. These 11 secluded destinations …


Once-common ash trees and antelope added to red list of endangered species – in pictures

North American ash trees, that face extinction due to an invasive beetle, and African antelope join the latest IUCN list that includes 25,000 species at risk of extinction<p>Red list: ash trees and antelopes on the brink of extinction


Christmas Island’s only echolocating bat has gone extinct

The Christmas Island pipistrelle, a bat species found only on an Australian island, has been declared extinct. The final nail in the coffin was …


Families of asylum seekers killed in 2010 Christmas Island boat crash lose class action

A court has ruled in favour of the Federal Government in a case brought against it after a boatload of asylum seekers smashed onto rocks at Christmas …

Australian News

To Catch a King Cobra - Wild Kingdom

Tagging a whale shark isn't easy. The giant fish's skin is thicker and tougher than any animal in the world, and when this diver moves in, the shark …


True love in Nauru | Abdul Karim Hekmat

On 25 January 2014, a new group of asylum seekers was brought to the detention centre in Nauru. Ashkan* went to the gate to greet the arrivals. He …


More jail time for Sydney IS financer

A Sydney man who has been in jail since 2014, will spend at least another nine years behind bars for financing Islamic State with thousands of …

Australian News

Which Countries Are Covered by T-Mobile International Plan?

Kyle wrote a great piece yesterday on why he is sticking to T-Mobile despite its flaws. I share in his assment, even as I spend this week in two …


The 1922 Eclipse Adventure That Sought to Confirm the Theory of Relativity

It took 35 tons of equipment and a lengthy voyage to remote Western Australia.<p>On August 30, 1922, astronomer William Wallace Campbell arrived at …


Ali Hussaini eyes wrestling gold for Australia

He's undefeated and considered one of the best wrestlers in the country.<p>"I'm very happy in Australia," Ali Hussaini said.<p>"There's no fighting, no …


Who's afraid of the giant African land snail? Perhaps we shouldn't be

The giant African land snail is a poster child of a global epidemic: the threat of invasive species. The snails are native to coastal East Africa, …