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How Australia stars in Attenborough hit

It's the nature documentary that's got the whole world talking.<p>Planet Earth II is the follow-up to Sir David Attenborough's Planet Earth, which …

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My 2016 Airline Awards and the Airlines I Flew On

Here’s for the AvGeeks.<p>I don’t use any flight logger or seek out new airlines or airplane products. I book what gets me where I need to go and book …


Millions of red crabs migrate on Christmas Island

A sea of red crabs was seen on the Australia territory of Christmas Island as the crustaceans made their annual migration from the forest to the …


Christmas Island 'World's Best Fishing' on Alaska or American Miles

Let’s get in the Christmas spirit with Christmas Island, Kiribati.<p>Kiritimati as the locals call it, which doesn’t sound so Christmassy until you get …


Millions of red crabs migrating is the right kind of Christmas rush

Crabs are not the spiders of the sea. They are majestic creatures that are living their best life.<p>Just try not to be impressed by the majestic sight of millions of Christmas Island red crabs dashing to the Indian Ocean. Come wet season, the creatures make their annual migration out of the forest to …


VK9XGJ - Christmas Island - News - Information

Lance, W7GJ will be active from Christmas Island, IOTA OC - 002 in October 2017 as VK9XGJ.<br>He will operate mainly on 6m EME.<br>QSL via home call …


Here Comes Santa Claws

Santa isn’t the only long-distance traveler in a red suit—every winter, the <b>Christmas Island red crab</b> (<i>Gecarcoidea natalis</i>) makes an impressive annual …


Crabs go crazy on Christmas Island in stunning footage

A Christmas Island photographer has captured incredible footage of the migration of thousands of red crabs.<p>Kirsty Faulkner, of Faulkner photography, …


How tiny wasps could save the Christmas Island red crab from invasive crazy ants

Conservationists are hoping for a Christmas (Island) miracle.<p>Christmas Island is known as "the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean," a reference to its …


The Crab with the Kung Fu Grip | Blog | Nature

A coconut crab (<i>Birgus latro</i> ) on Christmas Island, an Australian Territory in the Indian Ocean . | Source: Rebecca Dominguez/ Wikimedia<p>Poking around …


This Pristine Blue Paradise Has Been Named as Australia's Best Beach

Where is it, you ask? Good question.<p>We don't know what you have to do to be considered a 'beach expert', but after Australia's best beaches were …


10 Top Places Around the World to Celebrate Christmas

Holiday destinations are a great way to treat yourself and your loved ones during the festive Christmas season. Make an exciting trip, to the most …


A tiny wasp is going to all kill the yellow crazy ants to save Christmas Island's red crabs

Biological control has failed in the past, but conservationists believe the 2mm wasp will work.<p>Susan Lawler, <i>La Trobe University</i> and Peter Green, <i>La</i> …


A tiny wasp could save Christmas Island’s spectacular red crabs from crazy ants

In what could be the most closely scrutinised biological control project in Australia, a 2mm wasp is being released to control a deadly ant infestation<p>Have you heard the one about the wasp that kills the bug that feeds the ants that kill the crabs that keep the forests healthy on Christmas …


How a tiny wasp could save Christmas Island's spectacular red crabs from crazy ants

Parks Australia will release a tiny wasp on Christmas Island in coming weeks to control the island's yellow crazy ant infestation.

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Two remote island beaches off WA coast ranked among Australia's top 10

Cossie's Beach in the Cocos Islands is ranked number one in Australia, while Dolly Beach on Christmas Island comes in seventh.