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9 Thoughts About Chris Cillizza's 9 Thoughts About That Epic Pic Of The Trumps And Macrons

[Pedro Martinez / AP]CNN's most genius political hire ever, Chris Cillizza, had a lively day Tuesday. He did veryimportant political analysis like …

Donald Trump

Rudy Giuliani Isn't Making Much Sense

What has occasioned Giuliani, never one for understatement, to crash through even his own high standards for hyperbole, you ask? The 500-plus-page …

Rudy Giuliani

Chris Cillizza: "No Evidence" Strzok "Biased The Investigation In Any Meaningful Way"

Chris Cillizza responded to Rudy Giuliani's call to suspend the Mueller probe and to prosecute FBI agent Peter Strzok and that the investigation into …

Donald Trump

Democrats holding onto hope for the House - CNN Video

CNN's Chris Cillizza breaks down the midterm elections, explaining how Democrats can still angle for a majority after 2018. Subscribe to "The Point with Chris Cillizza"

Hillary Clinton

A Short History of Trump's Extreme Diplomatic Flip-Flops

When it comes to Donald Trump’s “great” relationships with world leaders, only one thing is certain: the man changes his mind about who his buddies …

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CNN's Chris Cillizza Has a Painfully Dumb Analysis of That G7 Photo

Alleged “pundit” Chris Cillizza appeared on the TV channel CNN today to reiterate a very terrible non-argument he’d made earlier on about how …

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The 30 Most Eye-Popping Numbers Chris Cillizza Can Count To

Here are some numbers with which CNN's editor-at-large is familiar.


This Is What Chris Cillizza Got Paid More Than You To Do Yesterday

Every so often we must take a break from the real news, because something comes across Twitter that makes us scream at clouds about HOW THE FUCK did …

Donald Trump

Kathy Griffin gets into Twitter scrap with CNN's Chris Cillizza over Samantha Bee controversy

Comedian Kathy Griffin got into a shouting match on Twitter Thursday with CNN political editor-at-large Chris Cillizza over Griffin's …

Sarah Sanders

These are the highlights of Trump's Twitter habit - CNN Video

It's no secret that President Trump is a fan of Twitter. CNN's Chris Cillizza breaks down the President's highs and lows on the platform.

Turner Broadcasting

Trump Lied 11 Times in 5 Tweets Sunday Morning

Between 9:04 am and 9:37 am, Trump sent 5 tweets -- all around the same basic theme: He is being unfairly persecuted by special counsel Robert …

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CNN’s Chris Cillizza says it was a TOTAL ACCIDENT that he tweeted Trump in GUN CROSSHAIRS

And I believe him. His explanation kinda makes sense. But that doesn’t matter because everyone has to scream in outrage all the time. Here’s what he …

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CNN Personage Chris Cillizza Tweets Image of President Trump in Crosshairs

No one ever, as far as I can tell, accused CNN’s Chris Cillizza of being particularly bright or astute. But just as in the land of the blind the …

Conservative View

CNN’s Cillizza Tweets GIF Of Crosshairs Over Image Of President Trump

8:23 PM 05/15/2018Amber Athey<p>CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza posted a gif containing crosshairs over the image of President Trump on Tuesday.<p>The …

Donald Trump

CNN analyst Chris Cillizza posts, deletes tweet showing Trump in crosshairs

A political analyst with CNN came under fire Tuesday after tweeting out a graphic depicting President Trump in crosshairs.<p>The commentator, Chris Cillizza, tweeted out a GIF with the visual just before 9 a.m., along with the caption “Donald Trump, pointing to heavens to commemorate police officers …

Donald Trump

CNN’s Chris Cillizza under fire for posting image of Trump in crosshairs

A CNN senior political analyst put out an image of President Trump in crosshairs — exactly what Sarah Palin did and which caused liberal commentators …

Donald Trump

CNN's Chris Cillizza Tweets GIF With Crosshairs On President Trump

On Tuesday, CNN's Chris Cillizza tweeted a GIF that appeared to have crosshairs from a rifle scope set on President Donald Trump and then deleted it, …

Donald Trump

CNN analyst Chris Cillizza deletes tweet showing Trump in crosshairs

Chris Cillizza, a political analyst for CNN, deleted a tweet he sent out Tuesday that included an image appearing to show President Trump in …

Donald Trump

‘You. Are. A. CLOWN.’ Chris Cillizza takes beating from ALL sides for this ‘EMBARRASSING’ post

As Twitchy told you yesterday, Chris Cillizza suggested that Hillary Clinton could really “shake up the New York AG race”:Here's a name that would …

Chris Cillizza

3 names you need to know today - CNN Video

CNN's Chris Cillizza tells you who to watch in West Virginia and Indiana's Republican primary races.

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A growing list of competitive GOP seats - CNN Video

Chris Cillizza discusses vulnerable House seats, according to CNN's new key race breakdown, released on April 30.

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You Can't Bully These Motherfuckers

When I write that CNN politics writer Chris Cillizza is the rankest assbrain in the Western Hemisphere, I am not being nice to him. When I write that …

Donald Trump

Cillizza's thoughts on picture of Trumps, Macrons - CNN Video

CNN's Chris Cillizza analyzes a photo of the Trumps and the Macrons outside the White House.

The White House

How to succeed as Trump's comms director - CNN Video

President Trump went through four communications directors in 14 months. CNN's Chris Cillizza explains why it's such a tough job to fill.

Turner Broadcasting

James Comey Just Went to War With Donald Trump

Washington (CNN)No one -- probably not even Donald Trump -- expected former FBI Director James Comey's memoir about his life and times with the …

Donald Trump

Panic in the Newsroom: CNN, MSNBC Spend 211 Minutes Trashing Sinclair as ‘State-Run TV’

Since Sunday night, the liberal media have been haranguing network affiliate owner Sinclair Broadcast Group (SBG) for a new “must-run” promo that …

Conservative View

Don't panic: Republicans should remain calm about 2018

In case you haven’t noticed, Democrats and their cohorts in the anti-Trump media are giddy about 2018. After Conor Lamb’s victory in Pennsylvania’s …


1 Big Thing Revealed by Chris Cillizza's List of 3 Big Things Revealed by Donald Trump's Tweet That He Could Knock Out Joe Biden

What is CNN? It’s the kind of place that will call an apple an apple, an ad campaign explains, not a banana. Which is to say: It is <i>real</i> news.<p>There is …

U.S. Politics

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Uses Trump’s Biden Tweet To Comment On His ‘Mental State’

Chris Cillizza took President Trump’s recent tweet in response to former Vice President Joe Biden as a cue to begin commenting on the president’s …

Donald Trump

Ben Shapiro Volunteers To Announce A Biden/Trump Prize Fight

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro waded into the verbal battle between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday<p>Trump …

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