‘Black Panther’ Box Office Halo Heats Up Exhibition Sector In Trading

With the second best 4-day opening ever of $241.96M at the U.S./Canada box office, the rays of Wikanda were felt far and wide this weekend, further …

Entertainment Industry

Crep Protect presents ‘Big Trouble in Little Chinatown’

The video features the NMD R2’ Chinese New Year’

Year Of The Dog

Owners solicit bids for now-shuttered Chinatown hospital site; one group proposes an urgent care center

A group of San Gabriel Valley physicians and hospitals have submitted a bid to open an urgent care and health center on the site of the shuttered Pacific Alliance Medical Center in Chinatown.<p>The hospital — Chinatown's only one — closed last December after 157 years, prompting alarm from the …

Los Angeles

Past and future of Vancouver's Chinatown showcased at new restaurant

'Everything doesn't need to be old and traditional but ... everything can't be new and different'<p>At the height of the Lunar New Year celebrations, in …

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16 Of The Very Best Places To See In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia is one beautiful country to explore, with some world-class beaches, beautiful scenery and vibrant cities… and guess what, Kuala Lumper is no …

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Year of the Dog: Lunar New Year kicks off, in pictures


In Photos: Chinese Across Asia Ring in the Year of the Dog

China shut down for a week to celebrate the Chinese New Year on Thursday, 16 February. Year 2018 marks the year of the dog in China.<p>All the …


New York City's Chinatown celebrates Year of the Dog

Year Of The Dog

Review: ‘Detective Chinatown 2’ underwhelms

The public-service aspect of the boisterous genre mashup “Detective Chinatown 2” is simplicity itself. If the film encourages a few newcomers to …


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Greater Noida

Six exciting things to do for Chinese New Year across the UK

On the 16 February, people around the world will be celebrating the Chinese New Year. So if you're looking for an exciting way to join in (without …

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As the Lunar New Year celebrations begin, CNBC looks at Chinatowns across the world

Forget January 1. For proponents of Far Eastern culture, the new year in 2018 begins on February 16.<p>The celebration of Lunar New Year has spread …

Chinese New Year

Lunar New Year festivities set to begin

The Lunar New Year is set to be welcomed in China and across South-East Asia with street festivals and family dinners.


Ethnic harmony in Surakarta Chinatown

Sudiroprajan village in Surakarta represents the harmony of two cultures living side by side, as seen in the annual Grebeg Sudiro celebration.

Chinese New Year

Adrian Kay Wong mixes the simplistic and sentimental in his nostalgia filled paintings

Artists regularly use their creative skills to reflect and reinterpret something from their personal past. It could be someone they knew or somewhere …

Chinese New Year 2018 in London: Three different ways to celebrate the Year of the Dog

We talk about going for a “Chinese” as if it was one cuisine but China encompasses so many different styles of eating that lumping them together …


These Are The Best Songs Written About New York

New York City is electric, awe-inspiring, and magical. Just think about the bevy of NYC-based movies and TV shows, or some of the iconic moments that …

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Discover Chinatown's Secret Sweet Spots

If you've been heading to Chinatown purely for the delicious crispy duck, dim sum dumplings and sweet'n'sour morsels, then you are missing out on an …


Indonesia remains lucrative market for Singapore tourism

Singapore saw tourist arrivals grow by a modest 6.2 percent to 17.4 million visitors in 2017, with Indonesia ranking second after China as the …


Chinatown leaders 'left behind' in Northeast False Creek plan

Western Canada

Karachi Murder Raises Red Flag on China's $50 Billion Projects

Chen Zhu finished lunch last week at Karachi’s China Town restaurant before driving to buy groceries opposite Zamzama Park, an upmarket area in …

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

What next for Liverpool Chinatown? The ups and downs of a legendary Liverpool area

From the Yuet Ben restaurant, you get a panorama of Liverpool Chinatown’s past, present and maybe even its future.<p>Right ahead of you is the Chinese …


Oakland hosts public neighborhood planning sessions

The City of Oakland's Planning and Building Department today hosted its first of four, public Neighborhood Design Sessions to help advance the …


Chinese New Year 2018: Where to celebrate the Year of the Dog in London

This year the Chinese New Year falls on Thursday, February 16. You can celebrate the Year of the Dog in many different places across London both on …


10 hotels in Birmingham city centre with parking

Birmingham has plenty of hotels and more emerging each year but which ones should you choose when you need a place to bed down?<p>We've covered cheap …

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3 Week Thailand Itinerary | Food, Culture, History, Cities & Nature

<i>This post contains affiliate links to</i> <i></i>.On a snowy day at the end of December, we took off from London for a three week trip to Thailand, a …

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Discover London's Chinatown

As the Year of the Dog begins (16 Feb, 2018), we find out how you can join in London’s Chinese New Year celebrations.<p>London’s first Chinatown was far …


Chinatown Nonprofit Donates $150K To Offset Construction Impacts

On Tuesday, the newly formed Rose Pak Community Fund (RPCF) announced its inaugural donation of $150,000 to Shop Chinatown 2018—a program that aims …

San Francisco

The Forgotten Chinatown in Downtown Chicago

Chicago’s Chinatown is one of the city’s densest and busiest neighborhoods. Located on the South Side, it’s the beating heart of Chicago’s Chinese …

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20 Amazing Places In Asia You Must Visit At Least Once in Your Life Time

When you think about going on holiday, Asia may not be the first place you think of. Yet, it has many beautiful places you must visit! Here is an …

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