Studies downplay threat that dams pose to primates in Guinea and Indonesia, critics say

A pair of proposed hydroelectric dams that will encroach on the habitats of critically endangered primates—in Guinea and Indonesia—are receiving …

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Monkeys benefit from the nut-cracking abilities of chimpanzees and hogs

To investigate the scavenging behaviour first author Bryndan van Pinxteren of the University of Amsterdam analysed all video material from the camera …


Why Jane Goodall Wants A Permit To Hunt Grizzly Bears In Wyoming

Chimpanzee researcher Jane Goodall and elephant conservationist Cynthia Moss join protest of Wyoming's first grizzly bear hunt in 44 years.<p>JACKSON …


Top 5 ecotourism projects in Africa

From helping boost mountain gorilla numbers in Rwanda to fostering better relations between locals and wildlife in Mozambique, eco@africa has visited …


Portrait of a seven-year-old state-run child

The waiter and I goggled at Atticus’s dispassionate analysis and the Orwellian language in which it was couched<p>Saturday morning. Quarter to 12. Sit-down fish and chips at the Silver Grill: me, Oscar and Oscar’s cousin Atticus. Atticus lives with Oscar because his life is arranged by social workers …


Why bad animal behaviour isn't as brutal as it looks

Science and Wildlife presenter Liz Bonnin returns to our screens with her new series Animals Behaving Badly – we ask where the naturally naughty …


Zoo's days-old chimp might debut Wednesday

Young Jane still could remain sight-unseen, however, as zookeepers proceed with caution


Seek out mountain gorillas on tour of Uganda's national parks

Trek through the jungle of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in search of endangered mountain gorillas on a 10-day excursion offered by Classic Escapes.<p>Other highlights include a two-night stay in Kibale Forest National Park, known for its chimpanzees and 325 bird species, and two days of …

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The Robots That Teach Each Other

Two robots traverse the desert floor. Explosions from a decades-old conflict have left a pockmarked and unstable territory, though many more …


We Didn't Know Hairless Chimpanzees Existed, But They Are Super Disconcerting

Here they are, super ripped, and slapping the crap out of other, regular chimpanzees.<p>In the 1960s, experts drew on the best science of the time to …

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City zoo teaches kids about red-listed chimps

WHEN chimpanzee expert Jane Goodall did her study on the social and family interactions of wild chimpanzees for over 55 years, she certainly wanted …


Baby Chimp, Named After Jane Goodall, Born at Zoo on World Chimpanzee Day

In maybe the most adorable ape thing ever, a baby chimpanzee was born at Michigan’s Detroit Zoo on the first-ever World Chimpanzee Day.<p>In the early …


Inside Kim Kardashian's Teenage Romance with Michael Jackson's Nephew

Long before her family became household names, Kim Kardashian dated a member of one of America’s most famous families.<p>When she was a young teen, …

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Liz Bonnin: My 7 most amazing wildlife experiences

1: Three-toed sloth, Panama<p>I’ve always been desperate to see sloths with my own eyes, and I finally got the chance to meet one in Panama when when we …


Going cruelty-free

Time to replace animal trials with modern, humane alternatives

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Chimp Society Resembles Cocktail Party in Remarkable Study on Grooming

If it all seems a bit Machiavellian, that's because it kind of is.<p>Socializing is hard work, no matter what species you are. Just like humans, …


Baby Chimp Refuses To Stop Laughing Even After All He's Been Through

"Look at this amazing boy."<p>When a man had the opportunity to get a tiny baby chimpanzee as a pet, it was difficult for him to say no. After all, the …


That Viral Video Of A Chimp Hugging His 'Rescuer' Isn't What It Seems

Poor baby 💔<p>Inside a home, a baby chimp wearing a onesie jumps up and down as he wraps his little arms around a man’s neck for a hug.<p>He nestles his …


OMNIVORE: Evolution is not a slow dance

The evolution revolution


Great apes in Biosphere Reserves | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Biosphere reserves, home of great apes<p>Chimpanzees:<p>© GRASP<p>Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) can be found from southern Senegal across the forested belt …

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NEWS AND VIEWS<p>High-quality genome sequences for some of the great apes have been assembled using state-of-the-art sequencing tools. The assemblies …

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Victorian-style chalk slates help GCSE children get ahead by two months

Forget tablets and laptops! Victorian era chalk slates help teenagers get ahead by two months because they get instant feedback, scientists</b> …

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Tanzania:5-Year Action Plan for Safety of Chimpanzees Designed

(Photo: Delphine Bruyere/Wikimedia Commons)The government has come up with a five-year action plan that seeks to protect chimpanzees and save them …


Primates adjust grooming to their social environment

Researcher show that wild chimpanzees and sooty mangabeys, two primate species who live in complex social groups, choose their grooming partners …


St. Louis Zoo welcomes Kijana, a 26-year-old male chimpanzee

The St. Louis Zoo has good reason to celebrate World Chimpanzee Day on Saturday: Kijana, their newest chimpanzee.<p>Kijana (pronounced kih-JAH-nah) is …

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Manage your professional, social and viral videos

38s<p>Animals really are great companions. They even have your back in tough situations! This is highlighted in this amazing video where a 17 year-old …

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Mice vying for females have 'thicker' penises: study

Male mice develop a thicker penis if they grow up around other males, a study has revealed.<p>The exact reason is not known, but it is thought that …


Groundbreaking! Indian State Grants Animals Same Rights as Humans

The fight for legal personhood of non-human animals has been long and arduous with many obstacles. However, thankfully, the tides seem to be …


Chimpanzees overcome the tragedy of the commons with dominance

Article |<p>Open | Published: 10 July 2018<p>Rebecca Koomen ORCID: &<br>• Esther Herrmann<p><i>Scientific Reports</i><b>volume 8</b>, Article …

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Lion Shaped Mountain: Madman at the Zoo

What if our conventional understandings about chimpanzee behavior are inaccurate?<p>This is the first monthly instalment of a 12-part series on the …