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Why Hickenlooper wants to give some charter schools $5.5 million

If Mike Epke, principal of the New America School in Thornton, had a larger budget, he would like to spend it on technical training and intervention …


Nashville Teacher Fired Over 'Lack Of Judgement' For Video Of Student's Hijab Being Ripped Off

A Nashville teacher from New Vision Academy Charter School was fired Thursday for a "lack of judgment" due to a video posted on Snapchat showing a …

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Gregg Eisenberg

Gregg Eisenberg said he does his volunteerism “under the radar.”<p>Although he named volunteering with Friends of Israel Defense Forces, the U.S. …


Rocketship gets OK to launch Antioch charter school

ANTIOCH — Applause erupted among an overflow crowd Tuesday as Antioch council members unanimously approved a proposal to build a $14.4 million …


Could this be Kentucky’s first charter school? It just took a big first step.

Could Eastern Kentucky University’s semi-private Model Laboratory School become Kentucky’s first charter school?<p>The Eastern Kentucky University Board …


Walters: California’s school war flares up on three fronts

Three recent and seemingly discrete events neatly frame California’s political and legal war over whether the state’s six million K-12 students are …


N.Y. education officials approve 5 new charter schools for city

State education officials voted Tuesday to approve the creation of five more charter schools in New York City.


Essential Education: Charter schools push back at L.A. Unified and win some concessions

Welcome to Essential Education, our daily look at education in California and beyond. Here's the latest:<p>Charter schools in L.A. got some, but not all, of the rule changes they wanted from the district.<br>• Cal State trustees took a public stand on standing up for "Dreamers."


Behind the debate: Read the changes to rules for L.A. charter schools

Los Angeles charter school leaders won changes to the rules under which they operate last week after they put pressure on the Los Angeles Unified School District.<p>Students, they say, will benefit. But some district officials say that it is better for students that the charters did not get everything …


Oklahoma awarded 16M federal grant for charter schools

A federal grant of more than $16 million is expected to increase the number of charter schools in Oklahoma over the next several years.<p>The Oklahoman …


Where are all the students going?

As the Hillsborough County School Board prepares to vote on four new charter school applications, we thought we would share some data from the …


New York City: Parent Leader Seeks to Block Release of Student Info to Charter Schools

Johanna Garcia, a New York City public school parent and president of her district’s Community Education Council, has lodged a formal complaint to …


Liberia bet big on charter schools. One year in, what's it learning?

Few educator experts disagree that the West African country's education system needs an overhaul. But many are skeptical about the pilot program, …


TUESDAY: Notice of Public Hearing/Meeting on Fort Greene Park-Parks Without Borders and Unity Preparatory Charter School

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING/MEETING (TUESDAY)<p>Fort Greene Park – Parks Without Borders<br>November 14, 2017<br>Tuesday, November 14, 2017 at 9:30 AM, a public …


In a first, New York officials reject 2 proposed charter schools, but sign off on 5 for New York City

New York’s top education policymakers voted Monday to approve five new charter schools in New York City – but, for the first time, rejected two …


Charter School Teachers

<b>To the Editor:</b><p>Re “Charter Schools Deserve Leeway on Hiring” (editorial, Nov. 4):<p>The teaching profession rests on a longstanding, rapidly growing body of research from multiple disciplines, including educational pedagogy, social science, economics, cognitive and developmental psychology, and …


Greitens appointee balking at move to fire state school chief

<b>JEFFERSON CITY</b> • One of Gov. Eric Greitens’ appointees to the state school board is balking at the Republican newcomer’s effort to oust Missouri’s …


The Proselytizers and the Privatizers

At the Heritage Academy, a publicly funded charter school network in Arizona, according to a lawsuit in U.S. District Court, high school students are …


Making Puerto Rico the New New Orleans – Steal the Schools and Give Them to Big Business to Run For Profit

Charter school backers can’t help it.<p>They see a bunch of black or brown kids displaced by a natural disaster and they have to swoop in to help…<p>Help …


Both GOP Tax Plans Could Jeopardize School Funding, Teachers' Pocketbooks

Proposals being considered in Congress could end up shrinking revenue available for state and local leaders to spend on public schools, advocates …


The charter school breakthrough doesn't work for boys

Whenever schools introduced innovation to boost boys’ school outcomes, the girls embraced it more than the boys, once again outpacing them.<p>What is it about boys that makes them so allergic to schooling, even the best schooling?<p>Recently, I wrapped up a reporting project on graduates of the top …


Our Editorial: Too many teachers skipping class

A quarter of Michigan public school teachers miss 10 days or more, twice the number of charter teachers


Common, South Side megachurch backing plans for a new charter school

Chicago rapper Common has pledged financial support for a government-funded, arts-focused charter school being proposed by members of a South Side …


This week in the war on workers: How North Carolina charter schools stay 'whiter and wealthier'

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Hynes, Audubon Charter schools join city's OneApp enrollment system |

Parents eager to enroll students into high-performing schools Edward Hynes Charter and Audubon Charter no longer have to apply using applications …


Virtual charters offer real access to NC students

The intent of North Carolina’s Charter School Act was to create public school options for families and expand learning experiences for students, …


The $1m school-board race

A FEW weeks ago, flyers appeared around Denver in anticipation of a school-board election that was held on November 7th. At first glance, they …


Chicago charter school teacher investigated for sexual relationship with student

An investigation is underway at Horizon Science Academy in Chicago's Gage Park neighborhood after a female teacher was accused of having a sexual …


Arizona sent $85 million to wrong schools for special-education, low-income students

CLOSE<p>How does Arizona's method of funding special education impact all students? Reporter Alia Rau explains.<p>Financial miscalculations by state …


Public, Charter, and Private Schools: What's the Difference?

Public, private, and charter schools all share the same mission of educating children and young adults. But they're different in some fundamental …