Charlie Parker

North Korea-Latest

Where are we with North Korea? The North has yet to return remains of U.S. servicemen, China has reportedly started increasing shipments to North …

North Korea

In 1979, the Chicago White Sox hosted the infamous Disco Demolition Night

12 hours ago<p>The infamous Disco Demolition Night between games of a double-header at Comiskey Park. Fans got in to the game for 98 cents if they …

Chicago White Sox

President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Choosing a Supreme Court Justice is among the most lasting things a President can do during his term. With President Trump making his announcement of …

Donald Trump

Blake Shelton And Other Artists Warn Fans About Fake Social Media Accounts

3 days ago<p>Artists like Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson and more are warning fans against fake social media accounts in a new PSA. In the …

Social Media

Exploding 4th of July Foods

49 minutes ago<p>David Ma is a director who specializes in food-related shows and videos. In honor of Independence Day he put fireworks like M80s inside …


Charlie Parker For Guitar – Licks, Patterns & Cliches

Charlie Parker (aka “Bird”) is one of the founders of bebop. He was the master of chord tone improvisation and that’s why his playing is so …

Trump-Kim Summit-The Aftermath

President Trump is back in the United States, after the Singapore summit. Where does he turn his attention now? Will he try to patch things up with …

Immigration Reform

Discover Weakly, Thinking About Charlie Parker, Elevator Music, XXXTentacion, Redefining... @MusicREDEF

While there would seem to be no reasonable argument for collecting CDs for their monetary value, collecting them for their intrinsic value—for the …


Charlie Parker's Tribute to the Flag

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Foreign Policy Issues Abound In Washington

30 Foreign policy issues abound in Washington as South Korea‘s president heads for talks in Washington. Secretary of State Pompeo has issued a list …

Foreign Policy

Episode 266

Originally aired May 11, 2018 on WGOT-LP Gainesville, FL


KFC "Kentucky Fine China" by Iris

Advertiser<p>KFC<p>Agency<p>Iris<p>Did you know Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle in front of a roasted chicken?<p>KFC joins the Royal Wedding fever with …

Advertising (UK)

Check Out the First Trailer for the Queen Movie, "Bohemian Rhapsody"

2 months ago<p>Freddie is played by RAMI MALEK from the TV show "Mr. Robot", and from the footage in the trailer, it looks like he really nails the …


Sports Betting In The U.S.

The U.S. Supreme Court acted Monday to end Nevada's monopoly on legal sports betting, allowing any state to get in on the action and reap the tax …

U.S. Supreme Court

Trump Pulls Out Of Iran Nuclear Deal

President Trump has made his decision on the Iran Nuclear deal. What impact will it have? We'll have reaction from around the world, and what the …

Iran Nuclear Deal

Iran Nuclear Deal

The strongest words yet on President Trump's pending decision on the Iran Nuclear deal. French President Emmanuel Macron says Trump could start a war …

Iran Nuclear Deal

North Korea Not Happy with President's Remarks

Has the North Korean initiative hit a bump in the road? North Korea is now warning the U.S. against taking too much credit for the current situation. …

North Korea

Stormy Daniels Saga Continues

Sunday morning news says a porn star could take down the President. Did Giuliani re-legitimize the Stormy story? What did Conway say to clarify the …

Stormy Daniels

The Weekend Joe Pags Show (5-5-18)

Hour 1- Boy Scouts admitting Girls, Tearing down Masculinity, Political Correctness from Left Hour 2- GUEST Alex Haynes, Kanye West Controversy …

New York City

$130,000 Paid To Stormy Daniels

According to Rudy Gulliani the President paid Attorney Michael Cohen Back and the latest on the prisoners in North Korea

Stormy Daniels

Trip Advisor/Ksat 12 Top Mexican Restaurants

Just ahead of Cinco De Mayo, what are the best Mexican Restaurants in San Antronio...Digital Journalist/Reporter Erica Hernandez from KSAT TV has the …

Cinco de Mayo

Washington Round Up

A lot of action in Washington with Donald Trump's doctor saying his office was raided without notice last year and all of the president's medical …

Donald Trump

Migrant Caravan-Latest

The journey for members of a Central American caravan seeking asylum in the United States is over, but their push for asylum has just started. What's …

New York City

The Weekend Joe Pags Show (4-28-18)

Hour 1- North and South Korea Peace Talks, GUEST Michael Malice, Kim Jong Un’s Intentions Hour 2- French President Meeting, Pags Parodies, GUEST Ted …

Kellyanne Conway

Inter Korean Summit

Preparations continue for the first inter-Korean summit in more than 10 years. SAFN Correspondent Bill Zimpfer have the latest in the run up to this …

Inter-Korean Summit

s05e17 | Perdido Mambo | Jazz

After this epic contribution to the HUMAN series hosted by Jellylegs ( ) - a bold attempt …


North Korea and Iran Nukes

Are the words coming from North Korea too good to be true? Is Iran the next country to roll out the nuclear threat? SAFN Correspondent Bill Zimpfer …

North Korea

The Weekend Joe Pags Show (4-21-18)

Hour 1- James Comey Memos, Comey Pags Parody, GUEST Marc Lotter Hour 2-National School Walkouts, GUEST Hunter Pollack, GUEST JT Lewis Hour 3- Comey …

James Comey

Russian Sanctions

30 President Trump has walked back the idea of Russian Sanctions after our UN Ambassador committed to them. Meantime House Speaker Paul Ryan supports …


Syria Quiet For Now

The situation is Syria is quiet for now, but there's another conflict that could be about to blow. Iran and Israel may be the next possible military …

New York City