Charles Bukowski

An Author Photo Is Worth a Thousand Words

Your book jacket photo will follow you for years. What do you wear? How do you look?<p>On August 4th, 2017, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Colson Whitehead tweeted, “Saw lady reading my book & was gonna say hi but I'm wearing the same shirt as in author photo & didn't want her to think I only had 1 …

Jonathan Franzen

Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week?

Your space to discuss the books you are reading and what you think of them<p>Are you on Instagram? Then you can be featured here by tagging your books-related posts with #GuardianBooks Scroll down for our favourite literary links Read more Tips, links and suggestions blogs<p>Welcome to this week’s …


Charles Bukowski Wrote So Fast His Publisher Couldn’t Keep Up

It’s no news that Charles Bukowski was a one-of-a-kind writer: womanizer, boozer, Dirty Old Man, two-bit ignorant who couldn’t tell Hercules from …


How to be Cool in Junior High (or a Great Writer, now).

Whether you're an aspiring or seasoned writer, you need to read this.

Mija Is EDM's Last Great Hope

The self-made 25-year-old DJ is poised to become one of the biggest names in contemporary dance music, as well as a one-woman art factory.<p><i>This story appears in VICE magazine and Noisey's 2017 Music Issue. Click HERE to subscribe to VICE magazine.</i><p>The story most often told about Mija finds her at …

Honda Accord

Big Chicken Puts US Eating Habits Under Microscope

Maryn McKenna doesn’t want the world to stop eating chicken — she just wants to show how our current poultry farming may be connected to the rise in antibiotic-resistant illnesses. Speaking to NPR about her new book <i>Big Chicken</i>, McKenna describes the hazards we’ve created for ourselves, but there’s …

Bukowksi’s poems were mangled by editors after his death. Now you can read his originals

When Abel Debritto first started researching and writing about Charles Bukowski, he knew that the prolific underground poet, short story writer and …


What to Read This Month: Three Different Dystopias, and Oliver Sacks’s Final Book

Megan Hunter’s The End We Start From is just one of the debut novelists you’ll find on this month’s hot list.<p>They are building their homes by headlight so that, come morning, the government can’t tear them down. So begins the first story in <b>Daniel Alarcón’s</b> polished and poetic <i>The King Is Always</i> …


Success has nothing to do with self-improvement

Charles Bukowski was born about two hours from where I grew up, in Andernach. Sadly, his resting place is a slightly longer trip, for it holds the …


Ask Anna: I'm consumed by a woman. How do I deal?

<i>Ask Anna is a sex column. Because of the nature of the topic, some columns contain language some readers may find graphic.</i><p><b>Dear Anna,</b><p><b>I've become possessed by a woman. Like the Santa Ana wind, she arrived in the fall. Like the Santa Ana, it's not entirely clear whether she's named for a saint or for</b> …

Santa Ana

Legendary Virgil Village Dive Bar The Smog Cutter To Close Sunday

Say goodbye to neighborhood karaoke. [ more › ]

Los Angeles

The Simulacra Democracy

Photo by William Brawley | CC by 2.0… a nation in which 87 percent of eighteen- to twenty-four year olds (according to a 2002 National Geographic …

Liberal View

How to Spend a Literary Long Weekend in Boston

Each fall, hundreds of visitors flock to Boston to watch the leaves along Beacon Hill’s iconic cobblestone streets erupt into various hues of orange, …


20 Rib-Tickling Book Dedications That Will Ensure That You Never Skip the First Page Again

There are a lot of books that leave us wheezing with laughter, be it with the words, the imagery, or the general tone of the writing; but then there …


Forrest Walker – This American Photographer Inspires Us With A Unique Vision For Street Photography

One of the best street photographer interview recent times. Forrest shoots the real flavor of street photography in a unique style and it’s …

Street Photography

Eyehategod Interview

Given a new lease on life late last year with a brand new liver, we caught up with Mike IX and the boys before a recent Eyehategod gig at Brick By …


Where the Fires in Northern California Came From, and What Lies Ahead

Since the fires in Northern California began, on a dry and windy night two weekends ago, they have charred nearly a quarter of a million acres of land, destroyed an estimated fifty-seven hundred structures, and killed more than forty people. Most of the immediate damage has been limited to wine …


Dating as a Woman in Recovery Means Always Being Judged

"I wasn’t seen as a survivor, but as a ticking time bomb, a woman with an unsavory past that haunted me like a lengthy criminal record."<p>You're a guy at a bar. You've had a fight with your wife. Your boss is on your ass. You're two months behind on your mortgage. You need to unwind at a place where …

Hunter S. Thompson

Loyalty to Place Can Renew American Towns

<i>Editor’s Note: This article is based on an address delivered by Bill Kauffman at “Revitalizing Jackson’s Main Street,” an event held by</i> The American …

Conservative View

'How to Be Creative: How an Artist Turns Pro': Inspiring Video for All Creatives

Have you ever heard of the poem by Charles Bukowski that questions what it means to be a creative, and how to answer to that calling you have within? …


Moto Lifestyle Keeps Me Sane | Lieback’s Lounge

Three Reasons Why Motorcycles Are So Vital To My Sanity<p>A day without motorcycles is a miserable one.<p>A day without riding is surely horrible, but so …

Jack Kerouac

In The Sixties: Memoir of British counterculture features rare photographs of the Beatles

If I could time travel to any other era, my number one destination of choice would be Carnaby Street in the 1960s. Mini skirts, sharp suits and bobs …

Frank Zappa

The Charles Bukowski Guide to Effective Copywriting: 5 Tips

Copy is writing that compels.It connects with a specific audience, inciting emotions that drive action. It reads like a comfortable, personalized …


How to Have Great, Productive Photo-Walks

Planning on your next photo-walk? Whether you're doing it with your friends, acquaintances or on solo flight, you might want to atch and read …

The Instagram Poet Outselling Homer Ten to One

Walking the Manhattan blocks near NYU, the poet Rupi Kaur wears a loose cream-colored suit and an air of easy self-assurance. Her hands rest in her …

Long-form Journalism

Learning to Fly

Read this letterby Margo Price from the October 2017 issue of <i>Poetry</i> Magazine.


Where Can the Literary Documentary Go From Here?

At this year’s New York Film Festival, a number of non-fiction films with literary subjects appear within the event’s sprawling lineup, marking …


FBI Interns Asked Twitter For Questions, And It Soon Got Out Of Hand

These probably weren’t the type of queries that the Albuquerque branch was expecting.<p>People online took amusing advantage of a live Q&A hosted by interns at the FBI’s branch in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on Wednesday.<p>The session on Twitter was supposed to center around the agency’s Honors Internship …


Does New York City Really Have Better Sichuan Food Than Los Angeles?

Plus a big switcheroo in Orange County, and another shutter in Santa Monica<p><b>Fiery rhetoric</b><p>The San Gabriel Valley has for years been a hotbed of Chinese and Chinese-American culinary activity, but only in the past few years as the massive swath of land east of Downtown seemingly attracted national …

Los Angeles

After 50 Years At Musso & Frank's, Ruben Rueda Might Be L.A.'s Longest-Serving Bartender

Rueda talks about the time Charles Bukowski kicked in his windshield (Bukowski needed a ride home), five decades at Musso's, and more. [ more › ]

Los Angeles