Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan’s advice for working doggy parents

Dog owners who work all day can feel a little less guilty by following these tips from the 'Dog Whisperer,' Cesar Millan.


Are pit bulls really harder to train?

Pit bulls get a bad rap for being notoriously hard to train. But is it really justified or just a misconception? Cesar Millan stopped by <i>Mashable</i> to …


Cesar Millan explains doggy emotions

The "Dog Whisperer," Cesar Millan stopped by <i>Mashable</i> to explain if dogs feel the same emotions that humans do. When dogs have a guilty look on their …


When Kathy Griffin's jokes crossed the line

Kathy Griffin is no stranger to being under fire for her jokes that have crossed the threshold from funny to straight up offensive.<p>Here is a list of the comedian's most controversial punchlines:<p>1. Trumpgate<p>Griffin lost a lot of supporters with her off-colored Tyler Shield's photoshoot showing her …


Here Are a Bunch of Trump Inner Circle Amazon Wish Lists

In the ongoing drama that is the Trump presidency, secondary characters constantly float in and out as new storylines and Special Counsel inquiries …

Donald Trump

Wives of Rauner, Madigan closer than their husbands

It’s a tale of two women.<p>Two very different but powerful women married to men who manage the very contentious state of Illinois.<p>Both men, Gov. <b>Bruce</b> …

Bruce Rauner

Dogs, Cats and Scapegoats: Messes We Make With Companions

<b>The state of companion animals (a.k.a pets) in the United States</b>A new film by Hugh Dorigo (a Sandgrain Films production) called <i>Dogs, Cats and</i> …


20 Audiobooks To Download Before Labor Day Weekend

In need of some entertainment during your holiday weekend travels? These audiobooks are currently topping the charts.


The 'Dog Whisperer' reveals if punishments are effective for doggy training

Celebrity Dog Behaviorist, Cesar Millan, stopped by <i>Mashable</i> to explain whether or not punishments are an effective way to train dogs.


The top 10 audiobooks on Audible.com

Audible.com best-sellers for week ending August 18:<p>Fiction<p>1. A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, narrated by Roy Dotrice (Random House Audio)<p>2. Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote, narrated by Michael C. Hall (Audible Studios)<p>3. All These Worlds: Bobiverse by …


Famous people's quotes on jewelry!

Bitesize chunks about jewelry<p>Quotes are easily quoted out of context. We usually get to see them without the whole story around them and this makes …


Link AKC is Your Dog’s Fitbit

Cesar Millan‘s famous formula for a happy dog is built on three things in this order: exercise, discipline, affection. I do my best to make sure my …


Finally, You Can Buy Audiobooks for Your Dog

Plus, the ACLU will defend Milo Yiannopoulos’ right to free speech and ‘Dawn’ and ‘Neuromancer’ are coming to TVThe weekend is looking up for pups, …

Milo Yiannopoulos

Amazon And Cesar Millan Have Collaborated On An Audiobook For Dogs

Audible partnered with Cesar Millan to have him curate specific audiobooks for dogs to listen to while their owners leave them at home


Harried San Francisco couple posts ad for personal assistant — emphasis on personal

Who among us doesn’t relish the opportunity to clean up after a dog’s explosive excremental events? Who isn’t proud to call Google their best friend? …


Cesar Millan steals 50 Cent’s spotlight at Bowery Hotel

TV’s “Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan caused a bigger commotion than 50 Cent in front of the Bowery Hotel on Tuesday.<p>“Paparazzi swarmed [Millan] outside …


There Are Now Audiobooks for Your Stressed Out Pets With Cesar Millan

Now your pets can have book club too! Audible announced the launch of Audible for Dogs, a new offering aiming to “foster calm, relaxed behavior” in …


Is Your Chihuahua a Jane Austen Fan? You're (Both) in Luck

Expanding his ability to put dogs into a state of Zen, dog whisperer Cesar Millan has partnered with Audible.com to launch Audible for Dogs, an …


Audio Books….for Dogs!

Jodi is SO excited for these audio books for DOGS!!! Perfect for when fur babies are home alone.<p>Hear all about them at 27:29 minutes into today’s …


Alexa Can Now Read Audiobooks to Your Pets So They Feel Less Lonely

On April Fools’ Day this year, Amazon spoofed itself with an introduction to PetLexa, an animal-friendly version of its Alexa voice assistant. Now, …


Are audiobooks the secret to a calmer dog?

Cesar Millan and Audible have partnered to offer narration for pups.<p>When I leave the house and my anxious dog has to tough it out alone, I usually …


Audible for Dogs Keeps Your Pets Company

The Dog Whisperer (via Audible)<p>When the humans are away, the dogs willplayfeel lonely, bored, and despondent.<p>To combat doggy depression, Audible and …


Cesar Millan thinks Pride and Prejudice could cure your dog's anxiety

Cesar Millan, better known as "The Dog Whisperer," thinks a reading of <i>Pride and Prejudice</i> might be the cure to dogs' separation anxiety. That's why …


Audiobooks for dogs is now a thing, but will you buy one?

Why it matters to you<p>If you think your dog feels sad and lonely whenever you leave the house, a recommended audiobook may be the answer, or you can …


Audible Launches 'Audible for Dogs' to Help Pet Parents Calm Their Stressed Canines

In addition to a mutual love of hamburgers and lazy sunny afternoons in the backyard, dog owners can now share their affinity for audiobooks with …


Amazon and Cesar Millan Present: Audiobooks for Dogs

Cesar Millan, a famous "dog behaviorist" and star of the TV Series <i>Dog Whisperer,</i> has a new offering for your pooch: Audiobooks. Millan has joined …

A Genius Amazon Audible Move Shows Why It's the Head of the Pack

Forget whether you think it's a good idea. The question is whether Amazon's pet-owning customers will.<p>Amazon may stumble from time to time and also pull down bad publicity, but its instincts and execution are often stunningly good.<p>We're seeing the latest example in this week's announcement of a new …


Amazon and Cesar Millan launch audiobooks for dogs

<i>Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.</i><p>I am going to get through this without any literary dog puns.<p>No, you're not even going to bait me into suggesting that the new audiobooks for dogs series -- launched on Monday by Amazon subsidiary …


'The Dog Whisperer' curated an audiobook collection for your pup

Have you ever been listening to an audiobook and thought, "I love this, but I wish they had more offerings for dogs"? If so, you might be the only person, but Cesar Millan still wants to help you. The dog whisperer is teaming up with Audible to launch an audiobook service directed at your furry …


Audible and Cesar Millan have a barking plan for you to play audiobooks for dogs

Audible, having identified a new area for growth in the canine market, is to host a series of audiobooks intent on calming dogs when they are home …