Carbon Tax

Nothing revenue-neutral about the PC carbon tax

Manitobans desperately need clarity about the Progressive Conservative government’s carbon tax. Instead, what we are getting is (to borrow from Sir …


EDITORIAL: Let Albertans vote on any changes to carbon tax

Come on, Premier Notley, give up the charade. Your carbon tax is never going to buy “social licence” to get pipelines built, so repeal it. Or at …


The Case for a Carbon Tax on Beef

Let me admit up front that I would rather be eating a cheeseburger right now. Or maybe trying out a promising new recipe for Korean braised short ribs. But our collective love affair with beef, dating back more than 10,000 years, has gone wrong, in so many ways. And in my head, if not in my …

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Letters: March 17, 2017

<b>Give us conservatives</b><p>Pallister will keep his promise and repeal the 1% increase in the PST before his first term is up, but what help is that when …

Justin Trudeau

Carbon tax to cost transit $1.16 million

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Bell: Where is Trudeau? Not helping us

You can almost hear Premier Notley’s voice.Where is Justin? Where is he? He said he would stand by us, fight for us. He told us the pipeline would be …


State lawmakers pushing for carbon taxes aimed at the poor

In state houses across the country, lawmakers are pushing to implement taxes on carbon-dioxide emissions, a move they say is necessary to slow global …


Manitoba government unveils details of its Climate and Green Plan

The Manitoba government unveiled some details of its Climate and Green Plan which involves an increased fuel tax for vehicles and output-based …


Large emitters could trade credits under Manitoba carbon plan

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government has revealed more details of its plan to cut greenhouse-gas emissions and charge a new $25 per tonne carbon tax as …

Natural Gas

GUNTER: NDP's addiction to carbon tax will ensure death of Kenney's bill

<i>By LORNE GUNTER</i>Jason Kenney, the UCP leader, introduced a private member’s bill on Thursday that would force the Notley government to hold a …


Transit users likely to pay price for province's new carbon tax

The province’s newly-minted carbon tax could lead to job cuts for Winnipeg Transit employees and more rate hikes for transit users, the Amalgamated …


Energy-intensive companies oppose carbon tax plan

The carbon tax will have no material impact on reducing carbon emissions from the electricity generation sector. Furthermore, the proposed tax is …

Carbon Emissions

No more carbon tax hikes until Trans Mountain expansion starts, Rachel Notley says

'Moving forward on additional hikes to the carbon levy will depend on the Trans Mountain pipeline'<p>Premier Rachel Notley is now tying the start of …


Braid: Kenney's first bill is doomed, but it stirs up tax debate


UCP Leader Jason Kenney wants referendums to decide carbon tax hikes

Kenney remains committed to repealing tax if he becomes premier<p>United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney wants to make it impossible for the …


Sibanye-Stillwater and ArcelorMittal SA ‘totally reject’ carbon tax plans

Big energy users including Sibanye-Stillwater and ArcelorMittal’s local unit opposed plans by SA to enact long-delayed carbon tax laws in 2019, …

Malusi Gigaba

Bell: Kenney tries to box in Notley on carbon tax

Jason Kenney, the United Conservative leader, is ready to rattle some cages in the capital city Thursday.<p>On that day, he will pitch a new law to the …

Canada | Fears that carbon tax could limit SA economy

Concerns raised in the public comments on the draft carbon tax bill include the adverse effect it will have on the SA economy.

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Federal minister saying Saskatchewan will have a carbon tax 'presumptuous': Sask. environment minister

Saskatchewan’s environment minister is calling a statement from the federal government that the province will have a carbon tax “presumptuous.” …


Budget trickery won't fool taxpayers

The Manitoba government is very concerned about Manitobans paying too much tax. It’s showing that concern in a rather unorthodox way. The Manitoba …


Who would win if Trudeau battled Ford over carbon tax?

Imagine all-out, no-holds-barred warfare between a Conservative government in Ontario and a federal Liberal government over a tax that Ottawa has imposed on the province. Imagine the heat of the language, the impact on political brands, the damage to national unity. We could face that reality in a …


Manitoba Offers Tax Cuts as Deficit Narrows to C$521 Million

Manitoba plans to offer tax relief as the Canadian province inches closer to its pledge to return to a budget surplus.<p>The province will increase the …


B.C. government won’t delay carbon tax hikes in face of sky-high gas prices

The B.C. government is not considering delaying an increase in the carbon tax by $5 a tonne on April 1, 2019.<p>The tax is set to move to $35 a tonne at …


Gas prices going up in Manitoba: budget

The budget will also put up more health-care funding so that ambulance fees can be further reduced, Pallister told The Canadian Press earlier this …


Taxes of all kinds big focus of Manitoba budget

WINNIPEG — The Manitoba government tabled its budget for the 2018-19 fiscal year on Monday. Here are some of the highlights.— A $25 per-tonne carbon …

Natural Gas

Carbon tax draws questions, concerns following release of Manitoba budget

The carbon tax will cost you more, but that's not the only reason the Manitoba government's plan is drawing criticism.


Manitoba carbon tax will hit drivers but many big emitters will be exempt

$25-per-tonne carbon tax will take effect Sept. 1, driving up gas prices by 5.32 cents/litre<p>Average Manitobans will pay an extra $125 per year at the …


Thank Colleges for Imminent Carbon Taxes (No Seriously, Thank Them)

We can all agree that taxes are no fun. But taxes are also what fund public education so our kids can read good, and what keep firefighters employed …

Federal environment minister says Saskatchewan will have a carbon tax


Carbon tax clear but Manitoba's environment strategy murky

Premier urges patience, promising 'the strategies are in place' for an emissions-reduction plan ... next year<p>On the first day of climate-change …