Carbon Emissions

Dubai's $3.8bn solar park continues to break world records

The fourth phase of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park will feature the world’s tallest solar energy tower, according to officials, …

Renewable Energy

Scientists: Without Tough Climate Policies, Literally Everyone Everywhere Is Going to Die

The dire yet unfulfilled predictions of climate alarmists’ fever dreams must not be making much of a dent in the average person’s tendency to put …

Conservative View

Why buy an electric car? — when you can wash away your carbon footprint at the gas station

CALGARY – You could soon be able to wash away your carbon footprint at your gas station.<p>Royal Dutch Shell Plc is rolling out a program in Europe that …

Electric Vehicles

On the menu for McDonald's: Cut greenhouse gas emissions

The company behind the golden arches wants to get greener.<p>McDonald's on Tuesday announced a number of steps it will take to cut the greenhouse gases …


Ontario Government Bloat Keeps Killing Alternatives To A Carbon Tax

Bureaucratic impediments and regulations make simple, common-sense solutions to fight climate change a no-go in Ontario.<p>Let's get one important fact …

Carbon Tax

EESL arm acquires UK’s Edina Power for ₹493 crore

The Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL) on Tuesday announced that it has acquired the UK-based Edina Power Services for ₹493 crore. EESL is a joi


Molonglo Group commissions Chilean-designed experimental pavilion for Dairy Road

Two towers and a circular walkway to sit between the Jerrabomberra wetlands and new city development.

Taking serious action on climate change could save over 150 million lives

A new study suggests that holding the world to 1.5° Celsius of warming could prevent more than 150 million deaths.<p>Taking serious action on climate …

Liberal View

How your car is helping melt glaciers

IT’S too late.<p>That’s the finding of a new study into the rate of glacier ice loss.<p>The iconic Himalayas and the Rockies are going to be devastated. …

Global Warming

Wood-first initiative sought for NZ construction

The adoption of a 'wood-first' policy is starting to gain traction in New Zealand, and around the world, encouraging more businesses and government …

New Zealand

Energy sector urges higher emissions cuts

The country's largest electricity generators have urged the government to be more ambitious with carbon emissions reductions, saying they could play …

Josh Frydenberg

Carbon prices too low to protect SE Asian forests from rubber expansion - report

At current prices, carbon credits cannot compete with profits from felling forests and developing rubber plantations, study says<p>By Michael …


Paris climate debate reflected in Wisconsin divisions

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas omissions, We Energies has built an efficient coal plant in Oak Creek (pictured) and converted its power plants …

Barack Obama

Opinion: Fossil Fuels Aren’t Dead, and North Dakota Is Proof

Investing in coal and natural gas still pays dividends for our communities<p>One of the most important challenges we face as a nation is reducing our …

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

A scooter taxi service has launched in Melbourne

We’ve had Uber and oBike, and now a new transport service has arrived on Melbourne’s roads. It’s called Scooti, and it’s Australia’s first scooter …


Duke eyes building a gas-turbine power plant on campus. Environmentalists wary. Why?

Duke University ought to conduct a "bottom-up" review of its energy needs, one open to community groups, before deciding to do anything like allowing …

North Carolina

Can a city ever be truly carbon neutral?

Carbon neutrality, or "zero-carbon", is a curious term. NASA remarks that "carbon is the backbone of life on Earth. We are made of carbon, we eat …


Want to Stop Climate Change? Take 'Em to Court!

A novel case highlights the profound unfairness of global warming.<p>Climate change is profoundly unfair: By failing to address it, today’s leaders are imposing what could prove to be an unbearable burden on future generations. But how can they be made to recognize the danger and act? Using the U.S. …


Cutting carbon emissions sooner could save 153 million lives

As many as 153 million premature deaths linked to air pollution could be avoided worldwide this century if governments speed up their timetable for …


The unholy alliance that explains why renewable energy is trouncing nuclear

If recent trends continue for another two years, the global share of electricity from renewables excluding hydropower will overtake nuclear for the …

John Maynard Keynes

Lithium Seen as Lifeline for Oil Majors in Clean Energy Future

Lithium could be a lifeline for oil majors as the energy industry shifts toward lower-polluting alternatives to fossil fuels, said Jeff McDermott of …


Scientists predict catastrophic loss of forest fauna and flora with existing CO2 emissions

If we don’t do something to slow down carbon emissions, we could lose up to half of all the plant and animal species in the world’s forests. A new …


Roadshow: Effort to repeal gas tax hike enters final push

<b>Q:</b> Ever since the Arab oil embargo of 1973, I have favored raising the gas tax to $2 a gallon. There are many advantages: more funds for road …

San Mateo County

Lifeguards to do their part to help the planet by biking between towers

Encinitas lifeguards could soon be spotted biking on the beach instead of using their trucks for routine trips, in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas …

Camp Pendleton

Audrey Young: Banning oil and gas exploration a question of when, not if

The Government is taking the Rachel Hunter approach to banning oil and gas exploration.It may not happen overnight but it will happen.The only …

Oil & Gas Industry

Don't Lose Your Shirt To High Utility Bills: Energy-Saving Tips

The Minnesota Commerce Department is offering a number of energy-saving laundry tips that will keep more green in your pocket.<p>The typical U.S. …

U.S. Dept. of Commerce

Should oil companies pay for climate change? Yes, there is evidence

On Wednesday, a federal judge will hold a “climate science tutorial” as part of San Francisco’s and Oakland’s nuisance cases against five oil giants …

Clean Technology

5 Ways to Power Down

This week, we are powering down at Penn. Every year, the Power Down Challenge encourages Penn students, faculty, and staff to reduce energy usage and …

Renewable Energy

Glaciers are going to keep melting for decades, research predicts

March 19 (UPI) -- Even if carbon emissions are halted tomorrow, significant glacial mass loss is in the cards for planet Earth.<p>When researchers in …

Climate Change

With a rich energy mix, country can tame heated charcoal conflict

Charcoal is an extremely lucrative enterprise, estimated at a staggering Sh40 billion a year.