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'We're playing with fire': New world's hottest chili makes ghost pepper taste like a cucumber

At more than three million Scoville heat units (SHU), Pepper X has ousted the Dragon’s Breath chili as the world’s spiciest pepper, Tasting Table …

Couple Has Sex In Domino's Pizza, Then Justice Is Served

According to the Telegraph, Hirst covered her eyes during the more graphic moments. The court rejected her lawyer’s claim that the video was not …

Domino's Pizza

‘This guy was crazy’: Vancouver road rage incident caught on dashcam

An incident of road rage in North Vancouver Tuesday ended with a woman’s rear windshield shattered and her young daughter in the back seat covered in …


Woman charged in child’s gruesome death in hot car released on bail: DiManno

Snap of the fingers bail. Released on her own recognizance.<p>And then - entirely without precedent, flanked by court constables as she exited the …


Warren Buffett is about to win ‘The Bet’ — and there’s a lesson there

Do you want to bet with or against Warren Buffett?<p>That is a simple question. Yet it has surprisingly complex meanings and ramifications. It comes up …


Non-Americans barred from U.S. for smoking pot — even in states where it’s legal

Colorado seems like a vision of post-prohibition tolerance for marijuana.<p>You can buy pot for smoking, dozens of different kinds of edibles, grow your …


Justin Trudeau issues response to Mark Hamill about his Star Wars underwear

While some other world leaders are known for their Twittering, Justin Trudeau has been trending on the social platform for a few days.<p>Why? His socks, …

Mark Hamill

Four-year-old looking for candy in grandmother's purse finds gun and accidentally kills herself

When the four-year-old slipped her hand into her grandmother’s purse, she was searching for something sweet, her father told the Tampa Bay …


Toronto’s Indigenous consultant resigns, files human rights complaint

The woman hired to help city hall improve its relations with Indigenous communities has resigned and filed a human rights complaint against the city, …

Indigenous Peoples

Paris is dead. The global warming deniers have won

Paris came to New York this week, with leaders of countries signing the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement coming to the United Nations to chide, nudge or …


Russia threatens retaliatory strikes against U.S. troops and their allies in Syria

Print<p>MOSCOW – Russia on Thursday raised the threat of a direct confrontation with U.S. forces in Syria, saying that the Russian military would target …


Trudeau’s pot plan goes up in smoke

Remember back when Justin Trudeau was cool?


Are you having an emotional affair? Cuz, yeah, it's still cheating

Living06:52 AM by Lisa Bonos The Washington PostHamilton Spectator<p>Jacklyn Collier, a 32-year-old actor in New York, remembers the moment she realized …


Suspect in fatal Hope crash in police custody, RCMP say | The Province

A suspect in a fatal crash near Hope on Monday is now in police custody, B.C. RCMP say.<p>A man, whose name has been withheld by police, became the …


Man charged after $524,000 in store lotto payouts deemed fake

A 31-year-old man has been charged after police determined $524,000 in lottery payouts at a city convenience store were fake.<p>The lottery fraud …


Is North Korea starving and killing its own people? Here’s the evidence

Donald Trump said that Kim Jong Un doesn't mind killing or starving his people. North Korean executions, prison camps and famines are well-documented.

North Korea

Pattie Lovett-Reid: The big job interview mistake you may not know about

CTV's Chief Financial Commentator Pattie Lovett-Reid outlines the biggest mistakes a job applicant can make during a job interview. Many job seekers …

Business (Canada)

'It's absolutely scandalous': Alberta man fined $13,000 for killing threatened grizzly bear

EDSON, Alta. — An Alberta man charged with killing a collared grizzly bear that was being tracked for research will pay nearly $13,000 in fines, but …


Gardening: Sea buckthorn a superfood you can grow yourself

Although many “super-fruits” (high in antioxidants, vitamin C, carotenes and amino acid) have arrived relatively recently on the Canadian prairies, …


Montreal's famous bagel shops under fire for wood-burning ovens

Montreal residents are going before city council on Monday to demand a ban on wood-burning ovens at several famous bagel shops because they say not …

Canadian Literature

City hopes to minimize Deerfoot disruption during BRT bridge work

Traffic on Deerfoot Trail will likely see some disruption as the city pushes over the freeway a bridge to carry bus rapid transit passengers from …


Have most kids diagnosed with ADHD really just been suffering from a sleep disorder?

Print<p>Over the past two decades, U.S. parents and teachers have reported epidemic levels of children with trouble focusing, impulsive behaviour and so …


Couple asks guests to pay to attend wedding

Attending weddings can be expensive – with the gift, the outfit, travel and overnight accommodations - but this British couple is taking things a …


Quebecers spot buffalo wing poutine on Reddit, scream bloody murder

Cultural ownership of poutine is a fraught subject. Is it a Canadian dish or does saying so count as “cultural appropriation” of a québécois …


Parking stall sells for $75,000 in Ice District

A downtown underground parking space has sold for $75,000, condo developer Westrich Pacific says.<p>Westrich believes the stall price is because of low …


The ballyhooed 'war on homebuyers' isn't real

Regulators have finally realized that Canada is addicted to debt, and are trying to limit the fallout. This is not a bad thing.<p>Canada’s real estate …


Police force expects budget deficit by year's end

Ottawa police are expecting to be $7.4 million in the red by the end of the year, but plan to find ways to make back $5.9 million to “offset” the …

Budget Deficit

Bowman plans to set up cooling-off period for departing elected officials

Mayor Brian Bowman wants to put the chill on lobbying by former councillors once they’ve left city hall.

Winnipeg Sun

'I won't lose': Jagmeet Singh's swagger is nothing like the NDP has seen before

"I happen to be younger, cooler and better-dressed, so actually it's not fighting fire with fire…"<p>Jagmeet Singh trailed off. He was responding to a question about concerns from other New Democrats that he shares too much of Justin Trudeau's flash to strike the right contrast with him. "It's …


Social housing eyed for former City Motor Hotel site

Hamilton's social housing agency is proposing to build close to 100 affordable apartments and townhouses atop the property that once hosted the …