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Robots won't take as many human jobs as you may think

• <b>Automation will upend life as we know it.</b>• <b><br>But that doesn't all of our jobs will be completely eliminated.</b>• <b><br>If anything, technology has not liberated people from the drudgery of work. It has created new constraints.</b><p>Can you imagine travelling to work in a robotic “Jonnycab” like the one predicted in the …

Bertrand Russell

French weekly magazines review 21 January 2018

On the day after the first anniversary of his inauguration, there's a lot about Donald Trump in this week's magazines, but not as much as we might …


Ohio Prep Results, Saturday Jan. 20

<b>Girls’ Basketball</b><p><b>Wyoming 43, Finneytown 26</b><p><b>Wyoming (8-5) -</b> Hatcherson 1 0 2, McCullumsmith 4 1 9, Stewart 2 0 4, K. Lyons 2 0 5, Thomas 5 1 11, Storm …

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The Brexit-sized hole in the future EU budget

<i>The UK is a net contributor to the EU budget. Following Brexit, the loss of UK contributions will therefore likely require either a reduction in</i> …


Why philosophers should hang out with people who read books (and vice versa)

Philosophers can learn a lot from books. Strange as that may sound.<p>We all know what the humanities are. They are the branches of learning that have …

Jane Austen

2017 Ohio Fall All-Stars: Football

CLOSE<p> journalists discuss this week in high school sports<p>The Enquirer announces 2017 All-Stars for Ohio Football:<p>Division I<p><b>Offensive</b> …


Rented Rooms and What We Do Within Them: Talking to Yasmine Shamma – BLARB

<i>If the term “stanza” can stand for an apartment in English or for a room in Italian (but derives from something more like “stopping place”), then how</i> …


Liberalism is the child of Christianity. So why are Catholics turning against it?

An increasing number of Catholics are turning against liberalism – as you will know if you have read the recent essays on this site from Adrian …


Beyond Falsifiability | Not Even Wrong

Sean Carroll has a new paper out defending the Multiverse and attacking the naive Popperazi, entitled Beyond Falsifiability: Normal Science in a …


Skepticism About Moral Responsibility

[New Entry by Gregg Caruso on January 18, 2018.] Skepticism about moral responsibility, or what is more commonly referred to as moral responsibility …

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What is 'Unperceived existence' in Philosophy?

This refers to a philosophical question regarding the nature of reality and human perception. It asks whether something that is obvious to the human …

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National Problems Need Local Solutions

Spiritualizing political ideologies produces what we might call a “politics of abstraction” in which adherents join an ideological tribe and defend …

Foundation for Economic Education

Wallace Shawn’s Late Night

<i>Troy Jollimore |</i> Zyzzyva <i>| Winter 2017 | 30 minutes (8,142 words)</i><p>More than a decade ago, in the aftermath of the release of the Abu Ghraib …

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Diary of an Orphan: Information-Based Effects in the U.S. Military

NOTES:<p>[1] Fred Dretske, <i>Knowledge and the Flow of Information</i> (Stanford, CA: Center for the Study of Language and Information, 1981), vii.<p>[2] Claude …

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OH prep results, Wednesday Jan. 17

OH prep results, Wednesday Jan. 17

Western Philosophy

2017 Ohio Fall All-Stars: Boys Soccer

Division I, II, III All-Stars for the Greater Cincinnati fall boys soccer season have been named.


OH prep results, Tuesday Jan. 16

OH prep results, Tuesday Jan. 16

Western Philosophy

2017 Ohio Fall All-Stars: Volleyball

CLOSE<p>Ursuline Academy won the school's sixth volleyball state championship on Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017, over Saint Joseph Academy at Wright State's …

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Science in flux: is a revolution brewing in evolutionary theory? – Kevin Laland

When researchers at Emory University in Atlanta trained mice to fear the smell of almonds (by pairing it with electric shocks), they found, to their …


Philosophy just got its biggest-ever donation—from Wall Street

The measure of a man, according to Plato, is what he does with his power. Wall Street’s Bill Miller has taken the adage to heart, donating $75 million to philosophy—a branch of study that has been critical, he says, to decisions he has made in his career.<p>Miller (officially William H. Miller III), …

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A Wall Street Giant Makes a $75 Million Bet on Academic Philosophy

The quants and their algorithms may have taken over Wall Street. But one investment legend is making a big bet on a more old-fashioned mode of analysis: philosophy.<p>Bill Miller, the value investor who famously beat the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index for 15 consecutive years (and whose faith in …

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Nonfiction Book Review: The Ashtray (Or the Man Who Denied Reality) by Errol Morris. Univ. of Chicago, $30 (192p) ISBN 978-0-226-92268-3

The Ashtray (Or the Man Who Denied Reality)<p>Errol Morris. Univ. of Chicago, $30 (192p) ISBN 978-0-226-92268-3<p>More By and About This …

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The wails of righteous indignation are often far removed from the site of struggle

‘<i>What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out, which is the exact opposite’</i> – Bertrand Russell<p>There’s no consensus, of course, …

Bertrand Russell

What real liberalism looks like

By Richard V. ReevesA great tragedy of American political etymology is the fate of the word “liberal.” Although the liberal philosopher John Locke …

John Locke

9 Stories About Different Kinds of Prisons

We’re releasing short fiction from Ottessa Moshfegh, Helen Phillips, Gabe Habash, Jensen Beach and more about the ways and places we find ourselves …


Discover more of the ideas of tomorrow

2nd Edition<p>Philosophy of language explores some of the most abstract yet most fundamental questions in philosophy. The ideas of some of the subject's …


John Stuart Mill Showed Democracy as a Way of Life

This year we’ve been so besieged by Donald Trump’s shriveled nature that we sometimes forget what full and courageous human life looks like. And so today I’d like to hold up John Stuart Mill, the second in our Heroes of Democracy series. Mill demonstrated that democratic citizenship is a way of …


It's the (Democracy-Poisoning) Golden Age of Free Speech

For most of modern history, the easiest way to block the spread of an idea was to keep it from being mechanically disseminated. Shutter the …

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The real Adam Smith

He might be the poster boy for free-market economics, but that distorts what Adam Smith really thought<i>By Paul Sagar</i>Read at Aeon

Ludwig von Mises

How not to think

Few if any books ever published can have promised the reader as much as <i>How to Think</i>, by Professor Alan Jacobs.<p>I hope I am not giving too much away if …

Ta-Nehisi Coates