Brian Stelter

Jason Miller Steps Away from Role at CNN

CNN commentator <b>Jason Miller</b> is out at CNN.<p>Miller announced the news on Twitter Saturday night.<p>The statement reads, in part: “I have decided to step …

Family Court

Julie Chen Is Leaving The Talk After Husband Les Moonves Ousted from CBS

This article originally appeared on <i>Entertainment Weekly</i>. For more stories like this, visit<p>Nice timing?<p>While the 70th annual Emmy Awards were …

Julie Chen

Julie Chen reportedly leaving The Talk after husband Les Moonves' exit from CBS

Julie Chen is not returning to <i>The Talk</i>, and will announce her decision via a video message set to air on the show Tuesday, people close to Chen told …

Julie Chen

Marc Benioff buys Time Magazine for $190 million

Marc Benioff, the co-founder of, and his wife Lynne bought Time Magazine from Meredith Corp. for $190 million, reports the Wall Street …

News (U.S.)

Trump's trick: He keeps repeating false info

"It's pretty astonishing," Washington Post fact-checker columnist Glenn Kessler says, now that Trump has uttered 5,000 false or misleading statements since inauguration day. "Even after it's been repeatedly fact checked as false, he continues to say these things," Kessler says. Brian Stelter asks …

Fact Checking

WATCH: Weather Channel Reporter Caught Allegedly Dramatizing Hurricane Winds, Gets Slammed Online

A Twitter user captured the moment a reporter for the Weather Channel appeared to fake the severity of the winds caused by Hurricane Florence on …

U.S. Politics

Stelter presses Avenatti on 'Trumpian tactics'

CNN's Brian Stelter tells Stormy Daniels' attorney Michael Avenatti he is concerned that Avenatti sometimes uses "Trumpian tactics" when dealing with members of the media.

Stormy Daniels

NYT called on carpet for curtains correction

Oliver Darcy and Amanda Carpenter join Brian Stelter to discuss the media lows and highs of the week, from The New York Times' highly misleading story about Nikki Haley and curtains, to the record-breaking sales for Bob Woodward's book.

Nikki Haley

‘Trumpian Tactics’ — CNN’s Stelter Calls Out Avenatti For Daily Caller Criticism

4:14 PM 09/16/2018<p>CNN host Brian Stelter called out Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti for using “Trumpian tactics” in his criticism of …

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Cable’s Trump Obsession, Liberal Bias, and Knocking Fox: Eight Stelter Takes on NRO Podcast

Published on Wednesday, the latest edition of National Review Online’s <i>The Jamie Weinstein Show</i> podcast featured a lively, hour-plus conversation with …

Conservative View

CBS reporter reveals Jeff Fager text message

CBS News fired "60 Minutes" producer Jeff Fager over a text message he sent to reporter Jericka Duncan. CNN's Brian Stelter reports.

Jeff Fager

CNN’s Brian Stelter Longs For The Days Of Roger Ailes

1:54 PM 09/13/2018<p>To his credit, CNN’s anti-<b>President Trump</b> correspondent <b>Brian Stelter</b> gave a pretty candid interview to podcaster <b>Jamie Weinstein</b>.<p>In …

Sexual Harassment

Episode 70: Brian Stelter

Download Subscribe<p>Subscribe For Free:<p>iTunes<br>• Google Play<br>• Stitcher<br>• Tunein<p>Brian Stelter is CNN’s media critic-in-chief.<p>In the latest episode of <i>The Jamie</i> …

Conservative View

Look who’s covering Apple’s special event today for CNN

“Right now I’m flying west… Wednesday will be my first time attending an Apple product unveiling…” —Brian Stelter’s Tuesday night e-mail …


George Conway retweets slew of polls showing Trump approval in decline

George Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne ConwayKellyanne Elizabeth ConwayThe Memo: Kavanaugh firestorm consumes political world …

Donald Trump

GET THE MOP! Brian Stelter can’t stop DROOLING over Bob Woodward’s new Trump book

Is Brian Stelter getting a cut of the sales of Bob Woodward’s decidedly unflattering new book about the Trump presidency? Because he’s pimping “Fear” …

Bob Woodward

Reuters reporters facing 7 years in prison. Now what?

Reuters reporters Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo have been sentenced to seven years in prison in Myanmar. Reuters editor in chief Stephen J. Adler tells Brian Stelter that the "whole trial showed an entire lack of due process and rule of law."

Turner Broadcasting

CBS chief Les Moonves to step down

CNN's Brian Stelter reports that CBS CEO Les Moonves will announce he is stepping down amid an investigation into sexual assault harassment charges and on the heels of losing an internal corporate battle.

Media Industry

Is White House producing Fox News segments?

CNN's Brian Stelter talks about White House deputy chief of staff Bill Shine, and whether he works with Fox News to 'produce' segments involving President Trump.

Donald Trump

CNN’s Brian Stelter gets HUMILIATED on his shameless pro-Obama bias…

CNN’s wannabe media critic Brian Stelter once again embarrassed himself with his own unflinching pro-Obama bias, and then he got humiliated in debate …

Conservative View

Woodward: Hope to God we don't have a crisis

In an interview with CBS, journalist Bob Woodward discusses his new book 'Fear' and how people who work for President Trump are worried that the President will sign something or give orders that threaten the national security of the country. CNN's Brian Stelter has more.

Donald Trump

‘Merger between Fox News and the Trump presidency’ on display at latest campaign rally: CNN media analyst

The trend of Fox News looking increasingly like official state TV during the era of President Donald Trump was highlighted during a Wednesday …

Donald Trump

Jeff Zucker - V500 |

Jeff Zucker, the guiding force behind AT&T's well-known CNN news operation, will take a six-week leave from the company to deal with heart surgery.A …

Jeff Zucker

NYT’s Phone Lines Blow Up After Sanders Tweets Number

5:35 PM 09/06/2018<p>White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted out the phone number for the New York Times opinion desk Thursday, and according …

Sarah Sanders

New Yorker Festival rescinds Steve Bannon invitation after multiple celebrities drop out in protest

Multiple actors and celebrities announced on Monday that they would be dropping out of this year’s New Yorker Festival over its decision to invite …

Steve Bannon

BIRTHDAY OF THE DAY: Brian Stelter, host of CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ and senior media correspondent

<b>How/where are you celebrating your birthday and with whom?</b> "I love having a Labor Day weekend birthday. My wife Jamie always gets an ice cream cake. This year we tried something new -- we rented a house in the woods north of East Hampton with some friends. So we're taking our 15-month-old Sunny …

Media Industry

Les Moonves Stepping Down As Head Of CBS Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

CNN's Fredricka Whitfield and Brian Stelter report on the breaking news that Les Moonves is stepping down from CBS as six more women have come …

Sexual Harassment

Trump Ghost Writer: You Don't Need To Be A Doctor To Know Someone Who Tells 6000 Lies Is Unstable

While discussing all the recent chatter about whether the 25 Amendment should be invoked for Trump, his ghost writer Tony Schwartz explains to CNN's …


CNN’s Brian Stelter Promised Us He’d Be On Vacation This Week – What Happened?

1:03 PM 08/30/2018<p>CNN’s alleged media reporter <b>Brian Stelter</b> is on vacation this week. We don’t know this because he’s suddenly missing from the …

Media Industry

Trump losing one of his allies: the Enquirer

Through Michael Cohen's guilty plea, "we know much more about the Enquirer's practices of catching and killing stories" to benefit Trump, Margaret Sullivan says. David Zurawik says he thinks "Trump is in bad, bad trouble on this." And Brian Stelter wants to know what secrets the Enquirer is still …