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The Boy Scouts’ slow crawl into the 21st century

Thirty seven years after being kicked out of scouting for being “homosexual” during his freshman year of college, Tim Curran still gets choked up …


Trump told a GOP senator she could only ride on Air Force One if she voted for the healthcare bill

President Donald Trump reportedly told West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito that she could join him on Air Force One when he addressed boy scouts in her state only if she voted in favor of Senate Republicans' healthcare bill, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.<p>Capito turned down the offer …

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No Wall, No Embassy Move, And, Oh Yeah, We’re Staying In Afghanistan

Trump adds continuation of Afghanistan war to the growing list of broken promises.<p>WASHINGTON ― To the wall that Mexico is not going to pay for and the Iran nuclear deal that hasn’t been torn up, to China still not being labeled a currency manipulator and an embassy in Israel still not being moved …

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The Girl Scouts Have Accused The Boy Scouts Of Secretly Trying To Recruit Girls To Appeal To Millennial Parents

In a strongly-worded letter, the Girl Scouts board alleged that Boy Scouts of America was carrying out a "covert campaign" to open their programs to girls.<p>The strongly-worded letter — obtained by BuzzFeed News — alleged that BSA was "surreptitiously testing the appeal of a girls’ offering to …

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The MPAA’s eternal struggle to make piracy uncool

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) is used to backlash for its own campaigns against copyright infringement. But when it got heat for a …

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Defending Obamacare, cheering President Trump, opposing animal cruelty: Here’s who rallied in July and why.

<i>This is the seventh installment in a monthly series reporting on political crowds in the United States. Each month the</i> <i>Crowd Counting Consortium</i> <i>will post updates about trends and patterns from the previous month as recorded by our volunteers. (For our counting methods, please see our</i> <i>first post in</i> …

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Post-Charlottesville: What, if anything, comes of it?

As shattering to the American psyche as Charlottesville was (and is), its aftermath is equally impactful.<p>While the sights and sounds of marches, …

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Back to school: 3 reasons clubs and teams are great for kids

We've all heard the horror tales about the overscheduled kids.<p>They have soccer and Scouts on the same afternoon. They go to bed at midnight and get up at dawn, with never a free moment to play or read or breathe.<p>We have no doubt these kids and their crazy parents walk among us. Lost in all the …

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12 events that defined the last 4 weeks for Trump

For much of America, the past four weeks of Donald Trump's presidency have been a wild roller coaster ride.<p>A wave of top-level hirings, firings, resignations, and public feuds have nearly dominated headlines over the last month. And though not all of the Trump administration's travails were of …

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Make Your Own Solar Eclipse Viewer [VIDEO]

Can't find a pair of solar eclipse glasses? Don't worry! You can make your own viewer!

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Here's a Good Recap of the Nightmare of a Month Trump Dragged Us Through

As you embark on your weekend and rejoice over the ouster of Steve Bannon, a racist meat cleaver, take a minute to reflect on the utter insanity …

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Add these people to the list of those Trump has alienated

President Trump has already alienated a handfull of people.

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The fabled golf teacher Bill Strausbaugh Jr. used to say, “I may bore you, but I hope never to confuse you.” In other words, he may have repeated …

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Rob Corddry Is Terrified of Being Abandoned by His Children

<i>In Early Works, we talk to artists young and old about the jobs and life experiences that led them to their current moment. Today, it's actor and comedian Rob Corddry, who's in the most recent season of HBO's</i> Ballers, <i>which airs every Sunday evening at 10:15.</i><p>I had a very typically American, …

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NanoRacks Brings Over 30 Payloads to ISS, Including Landmark Kaber Satellite and First-Ever Boy Scouts of America Experiment

NanoRacks Brings Over 30 Payloads to ISS, Including Landmark Kaber Satellite and First-Ever Boy Scouts of America Experiment


Throwback Thursday: Video of British Scouts Earning Cyclocross Badges

The Boy Scouts of America require scouts to demonstrate a mastery of skills to earn merit badges that go toward becoming an Eagle Scout. Although …


Out of Eden walk essay contest deadline for Jamboree, Philmont participants is Sept. 1

National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek’s 21,000-mile walk around the world is about slowing down to appreciate what’s around you.But if you want to …

Life Inside The Young Pioneers: The Soviet Union’s Answer To The Boy Scouts

Whether practicing with grenades or shooting Germans, the Young Pioneers of the World War II era were forced to grow up all too fast.The post Life …

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Perry recalls Trump's divisive Scouts speech as '50,000 kids chanting that they love Donald Trump'

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's overtly political speech last month at the Boy Scouts of America's national jamboree broke presidential norms, …

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Trump's off-script moments

Some of the most controversial moments of Trump's presidency happened because he went off script, most recently when delivering remarks after …

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UFO's and other curious finds in 50 years of Elkhart County Parks

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Elkhart County Parks, I rooted around for its oddest, most mysterious parts. So, when you come to the parks’ free …

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S.E. Cupp: The terrible company Trump keeps

The past few days have been among the darkest of Donald J. Trump’s nascent presidency, as well as the most disturbing.It’s hard to wrap our brains …

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How World War I Put Boys on Bikes

It would be hard to find a find a product and a demographic more tightly tied together in our cultural imagination than boys and bikes. Robert J. …

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Boy Scouts Launch Science Project To International Space Station

<b>CHICAGO (CBS) —</b> A Boy Scout troop from the northwest suburbs got a chance to see their dreams and more lift-off into space on Monday.Andrew Frank, …

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10 ways to maximize your solar eclipse viewing experience with your Scouts

You might have heard there’s a total solar eclipse coming on Monday, Aug. 21.In the contiguous United States, the eclipse begins at about 9 a.m. PDT …


The Humble Suburb For Employees Of One Of The World’s Richest Companies

Welcome to Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, a small town built for workers at the Saudi Arabian Oil Company.<p>Boy Scouts, baseball, blue jeans, and abayas. A new book of photography captures facets of life in Dhahran, the gated community for employees of the Saudi Arabian Oil Company, popularly known as …

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Palatine boy scouts send science experiment into space via SpaceX rocket

A SpaceX rocket that launched Monday toward the International Space Station is carrying an experiment from a boy scouts troop in Palatine.

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Those Donald Trump condemnations in full

Those Donald Trump condemnations in full.Trumps thoughts on:<br>Obama – disaster<br>Paris – shithole<br>White House – dump<br>Boy Scouts – liars<br>Neo-Nazi rally – many …

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Father of white-nationalist Charlottesville marcher: He 'is not welcome at our family gatherings any longer'

More<p>(Peter Tefft was identified as a participant in the white-nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.Twitter/Unicorn Riot)<br>The father of a …


Trump’s Boy Scout Speech Betrays His Profound Lack of Common Decency

Michael Dorf writes that Trump's inability to articulate coherent thoughts seems to be evidence of dementia.

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