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15 lawsuits filed against Boy Scouts over 1980s molestations in Burbank troop

More than a dozen lawsuits were filed against the Boy Scouts of America Monday, alleging the 107-year-old organization was negligent in allowing a …


Around Town: Christmas Tree Elegance fundraiser celebrates 50 years

In December 1968, the volunteer women of the Valle Monte League rolled out a new fundraiser called Christmas Tree elegance, featuring spectacularly …

Christmas Trees

Boy Scouts of America host annual Christmas tree fundraiser

RALEIGH -- Christmas is just around the corner and, with just over a month until the big day, Boy Scout Troop 314, of Raleigh, is holding their …


Roy Moore Supporters Mistake Sandwich For Jesus

<b>Montgomery, Alabama –</b> Startling new research reveals supporters of embattled Republican senatorial candidate Roy Moore are unable to discern the …

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Boy Scouts of America and Ingles collecting food for the hungry

SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – Boy Scouts of America and Ingles have teamed up in Spartanburg to collect food for the hungry in an initiative named …

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What the Boy Scouts & the #Metoo Hashtag Have in Common

Both the Boy Scouts of America announcement and the #metoo phenomenon indicate a cultural problem: We have difficulty understanding the role …


Boy Scout is Kicked Out of Den After Questioning Politician on Gun Control

The 11-year-old wondered why the State Senator supported allowing domestic abusers to have access to guns.<p>By<p>Oct 23 2017, 10:49 AM<p>Ames Mayfield / …

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Family: Boy booted from Cub Scouts after questioning senator about guns, race

An 11-year-old Cub Scout was reportedly kicked out of the program allegedly for asking a Colorado state senator some tough questions during a meeting …


Boy Scouts of America works with family to find new den for booted Cub Scout

The Boy Scouts of America has found a new unit for the 11-year-old boy who was booted from his den after engaging in a tense exchange with a Colorado …

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Cub scout 'heartbroken,' kicked out of his den for asking CO state senator tough questions

A Cub Scout is now without a den after getting kicked out when he asked a Colorado state senator some tough questions.<p>"I know that they probably …

Cub Scouts

Cub scout 'heartbroken,' kicked out of his den for asking Colorado state senator tough questions

NEXT WITH KYLE CLARK - A Cub Scout is now without a den after getting kicked out when he asked a Colorado state senator some tough questions.<p>"I know …

Cub Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America Becomes Gender Neutral

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced their intention to make the entire organization gender inclusive by 2019. Girls and boys will soon be …


Cub Scout Kicked Out Of Den After Challenging GOP State Senator’s Racial Comments

An 11-year-old Cub Scout has been kicked out of his den after challenging a Republican state senator on her controversial racial remarks.<p><b>Ames …

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Reminder: This is JOTA Weekend

With nearly 600 stations in the US registered to take part in Scouting’s 60th Jamboree on the Air (<b>JOTA</b>) October 20-22, and many more planning to …

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Licensing Hotline: October 2017

<b>Macmillan’s Imprint Adds Mysticons</b><p>Macmillan Children’s Book Group has signed a licensing deal with Nelvana that gives it world English-language …

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No, We're Not All the Same

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 12:01 AM<p>"Liberty, equality, fraternity" was the watchword of the French revolutionaries. They'd never heard of the Boy Scouts of …

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Forget the Media Hype — Boys Scouts Will Still Be Boys

The decision to allow some participation by girls was made by families of current members, not activists or leftist lawyers.<p>When word went out late …

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The Uses and Abuses of Hate

Posted: Oct 17, 2017 12:01 AM<p>Given its prominence in current public discourse, one would think that hate, not love, is a many splendored thing.<p>The …

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A primer on the Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America’s recent announcement that it will soon begin accepting girls was met with surprise and some criticism. While many hailed …


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Renaming the Scouts<p>Re: "Boy Scouts to allow girls — Critics say gender-specific programs work better," Thursday news story.<p>Now that the Boys Scouts …


Boy Scouts of America votes to enroll girls, but will they sign up?

Sixteen-year-old Akima Khuong tried the Girl Scouts for several years, but the program didn’t quite fit.<p>“I didn’t like it because we didn’t get as …


Boy Scouts Still Shut the Door on Some Kids

The Boy Scouts of America has gotten more inclusive in recent years, but this makes its exclusion of atheist children all the more conspicuous.


The Boy Scouts’ War on Boys

This may sound cheesy to some, but to me as a very young teenager, I remember it being a very big deal. It was toward the end of Boy Scout summer …

Girl Scouts

Five Things You Didn't Know About the Boy Scouts of America

The Boy Scouts will begin admitting girls next year, just one of many changes the organization has undergone over the years<p>Comment on this Story


Boy Scouts’ admission of girls seen as expansion of ‘war on boys’

The Boy Scouts of America’s board of directors on Wednesday unanimously approved a plan to open Cub Scouts to girls next year and to establish a …

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Bye-bye Boy Scouts

On October 1, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced that it would accept girls into membership. Beginning next year, Cub Scout programs will …


There’s a place for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. Do the Boy Scouts really need to embrace girls?

Sitting at my usual corner table in the back of Buzzy’s 8-Ball Tavern and Pool Room, It occurred to me on Thursday night that there are any number of serious issues and current crisis that we could talk about for this week’s dispatch from the front lines.<p>But setting all those issues aside, let me …


The Girl Scouts’ Response to the Boy Scout News: “Meh”

The Girl Scouts will still provide what the Boy Scouts can’t: an exclusive space for girls to learn how to lead.<p>By<p>Oct 12 2017, 3:52 PM<p>ADVERTISEMENT<p>As …


Laura Ingraham Drops Hammer On Boy Scouts After They Make Stunning Announcement About Girls

Leaders of the Boy Scouts of America are receiving mixed reviews after their decision this past week to allow girls to participate in the …

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For the first time in more than a century, girls are allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America

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