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'Real Live:' Will horror movies save the box office?

"Real Live" guests discuss celebrities who are opening up about Hollywood's expectations about body image, and whether horror films could potentially …


'Boo 2! A Madea Halloween' Haunts Thursday Box Office With $760,000

Sony’s “Only the Brave” earns $305,000, while Michael Fassbender’s “The Snowman” grosses $270,000<p>Tyler Perry’s “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween” scared up …


Box Office: Tyler Perry's 'Boo 2!' Tops Friday As 'Geostorm' And 'Snowman' Flop

This was an ugly, ugly Friday for new releases, both regarding (alleged) quality and box office strength. After last weekend’s run of four good-to-great wide release titles (<i>Happy Death Day</i>, <i>The Foreigner</i>, <i>Marshall</i> and <i>Professor Marston and the Wonder Women</i>), this weekend sees five new wide-ish …


Last Jedi Box Office Won't Top Force Awakens

The earliest box office predictions for <b>Star Wars: The Last Jedi</b> have the anticipated sequel pegged for $215 million in its first three days, which …

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Ahead Of 'Thor: Ragnarok,' The Opening Weekend Of Every Movie In Marvel's Cinematic Universe Ranked

With <i>Thor: Ragnarok</i> garnering spectacular reviews, the threequel is set to hammer its way to the top of the box office becoming the latest smash hit for Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.<p>Marvel has already had three of the top 10 biggest opening weekends of 2017 at the domestic box office thanks to</i> …

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Is this summer’s box office a sign that women will be better represented in film?

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 13: Patty Jenkins speaks onstage during the 2017 Forbes Women's Summit at Spring Studios on June 13, 2017 in New York City. …


Move Over, Kevin: 'Home Alone' Loses A Box Office Record After 27 Years

For 27 years, the $285.7 million in domestic theatrical gross earned by family comedy hit <i>Home Alone</i> has stood as the world’s biggest single-territory total for a live-action comedy, but now another picture has finally come along to snatch away its box office record.<p>By the time you read this, the …


‘Annabelle: Creation’ Crosses $300M At Worldwide Box Office | Deadline

Horror pics continue having their day at the box office as New Line/Warner Bros’ doll, <i>Annabelle: Creation</i>, has topped the $300M mark worldwide. The</b> …


The RedState Box Office Report

<i>Happy Foreign Death Day-er</i>It’s that time of year when everything from coffee creamers, to moonshine, to hollow-point bullets are being sold with …


Denis Villeneuve Reacts to ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Bad Box Office, Stands By Spoiler-Phobic Marketing

The highly anticipated sequel will struggle to turn a profit at the box office after opening to only $32.7 million.<p>“Blade Runner 2049” landed over …


‘Thor: Ragnarok’ to Ragna-Rock the Autumn Box Office

Who will rescue the less-than-stellar 2017 box office? Why, <b>Thor: Ragnarok</b>! The early tracking on the next Marvel movie is promising, hinting at yet …

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Why cinema isn't doomed after all: The industry is in rude health, despite the occasional lurid headline, says UK Cinema Association

In an article published last week, City A.M.’s Bespoke magazine laid out an apocalyptic view of the future of cinema, which made for lurid reading …

How Stephen King's 'It' Has Fared At The Overseas Box Office

When it comes to horror movies, especially the R-rated kind, the United States is the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world, both in making them and also in consuming them. No other country comes close to producing the number of scary pictures the U.S. makes, to spending the amount of money …


‘Blade Runner 2049’ Struggles At Box Office Despite Winning Critics And Fans, Should Casting Be Blamed?

<i>Blade Runner 2049</i> is struggling at the box office, even though critics and fans seem quite impressed with the film. The sequel to the 1982 classic …


Box office results for the weekend

Top 10 films<p>“Blade Runner 2049” opened at the top but still flopped. The number of weeks in release is in parentheses.<p><b>Source:</b><p>THE WASHINGTON POST


Why Produce Great Content?

The movie, Newton’s box office collection stands at Rs. 15 crores, while Judwa 2, which released a week later (and is very average / not even close …

Aamir Khan

‘Blade Runner 2049’ Opens With $6.8 Million in Early International Box Office

“Blade Runner 2049” has opened with $6.8 million in its first two days at the international box office and is on track for a launch weekend of $48 …


The Best Action Movies Of 2017 (So Far)

New instalments in beloved action franchises, some timely and gritty reboots, and the requisite superhero movies<p>The action genre is no longer made up …


UK box office breaks a new record – at the same time as the US has a terrible year

*Grabs popcorn*<p>It turns out that the British public are still huge fans of going to the cinema, even if you do need to remortgage your home to get a …


The 13 Highest-Grossing Horror Film Franchises Of All Time At The U.S. Box Office

2017 has been a terrifyingly good year for horror at the box office.<p>Thanks to the likes of <i>IT</i> ($291.18 million and rising), <i>Get Out</i> ($175.75 million), <i>Split</i> ($138.14 million) and <i>Annabelle: Creatio</i>n ($101.27 million) among others, fans looking for a fright are flocking to theaters.<p>Halloween is the …


'The Insult' tops box office in Lebanon

Ziad Doueiri’s latest film has been out three weeks and it’s at the top of the box office ever since, taking almost 50% of total film admissions.

Middle East

Chinese Theaters Are Shortchanging Hollywood: What Does This Mean For Box Office Numbers?

China’s influence on Hollywood in the past few years is palpable, with major blockbusters inserting storylines and characters to specifically cater …


China Skimmed 9% Of Hollywood Studio Box Office Takings In 2016 – Report | Deadline

In June, it emerged that the MPAA had hired an accounting firm to audit Middle Kingdom box office on a select number of films. This was the first …


Hollywood's MPAA Uncovers Significant Box Office Under-Reporting By Chinese Theaters

The Hollywood studios’ international trade organization has confirmed its members’ suspicions that China’s movie exhibitors have been bilking them out of millions of dollars in box office revenue.<p>Auditors from the accounting firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP recently concluded an audit on behalf of …


Tom Cruise's 'American Made' Locked in 3-Way Box Office Race With 'It,' 'Kingsman 2'

All three movies tracking for $17 million for the weekend, with “It” holding a slight edge<p>Box office analysts were expecting “Kingsman: The Golden …


'It' edges out Tom Cruise's 'American Made' at box office

"Kingsman: The Golden Circle" and newcomer "American Made" essentially tied for second.


Disney Has Reportedly Recruited Fox, Warner & Universal to Create Downloadable Film Service

Waging a war against poor box office numbers and streaming services.<p>According to a recent report published by <i>Bloomberg</i>, it appears as though Disney has successfully recruited other such high-profile Hollywood studios, including Fox, Warner Bros. and Universal to join its Movies Anywhere initiative. …

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It passes $500 million at the global box office to become the biggest horror of all time

Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema’s Stephen King adaptation <b>It</b> has continued its stellar box office run, passing the half billion dollar mark at the …


'American Made' Neck-and-Neck With 'Kingsman' and 'It' for Weekend Box Office Crown

All three R-Rated offerings are on pace to make $16 million this weekend<p>Universal’s “American Made” is currently in a tight race against “Kingsman: …


‘IT’ Continues To Float Past Box Office Milestones

Despite an uneven summer at the box office, there have been a few surprise hits along the way. Perhaps the biggest surprise has been the overwhelming response to the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s <i>IT</i>, which managed to combine genuine terror, nostalgia, and dark humor into a film that was …