'Plant blindess' is a real thing: why it's a real problem too

If you lived in London at the height of William Shakespeare’s fame, in the 15th century, you probably knew a fair amount about plants. The famous …

Technology (Africa)

‘Glasshouse’ dining makes for a cosy new spot in Maryhill - our first look inside The Botany

Glasgow’s canalways are an underrated attraction - but it’s not often you think of them as dining hotspots.<p>Sure, you have Speirs Wharf, but beyond it …

Dining Rooms

Royal Botanic Garden seeks respect for world's fungus

The scientists at the renowned Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew are trying to correct an injustice: They don't believe fungus gets the respect it …


Thought experiment: What if humans had chlorophyll in their skin?

We’d still need to eat<p>Photosynthesis is only 3 to 6 per cent efficient. If you stood naked outdoors all day, you would generate less than 240 …


10 illustrations from Chris Thorogood's Weird Plants

English Gardens

How Do Fungi Reproduce?


This illustrator’s sketches of South India’s wondrous plants are lessons in art and botany

Bengaluru-based artist Nirupa Rao’s painstakingly detailed illustrations are a combination of her fascination for nature and love for painting.<p>As a …

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Researchers study how a hormone helps plants build leaves' ventilation system

As the world heats up, plants face a dilemma - the same tiny holes they have to open to exchange gases also let out water. They can close the holes, …

Stanford University

'Anti-Probiotics' Could Suppress Weeds and Invasive Plants

(Inside Science) -- You could call it biological warfare against weeds. But rather than using diseases, researchers are developing ways to disrupt …


Westport Library To Host Historian, Author Victoria Johnson

The event is free and open to the public, and copies of the book will be available for purchase.<p><b>From The Westport Library:</b>The Westport Library is …

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Elucidating the Chara genome: Implications for emergence of land plants in Paleozoic era

<b>[Background]</b><p>Land plants dominate terrestrial flora, and our foodstuff heavily depends on them. How land plants evolved from aquatic algae has been a …


How much insects eat: Study uses Herbarium samples to understand link between climate change and insect herbivory

Study uses Herbarium samples to understand link between climate change and insect herbivory<p>A first-of-its-kind study used herbarium specimens to …


Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the author of “The Botany of Desire” chose to experiment with and write about psychedelic drugs. They are edible after all. Still, like many people, Michael Pollan wasn’t exactly keen to fool around with mind-altering experiences.

Curiosity about the history of these drugs led him to test their effects firsthand. His discoveries supported a case for the mind-expanding, …


Non-targeted metabolic profiling of BW312 <i>Hordeum vulgare</i> semi dwarf mutant using UHPLC coupled to QTOF high resolution mass spectrometry

Abstract<p>Barley (<i>Hordeum vulgare</i>) is the fourth crop cultivated in the world for human consumption and animal feed, making it important to breed …


New ‘foodie haven’ restaurant opening in Maryhill glasshouse setting - say hello to The Botany

Maryhill is the site of Glasgow’s newest restaurant, promsing a ‘foodie haven’ inspired by the banks of the nearby Forth and Clyde Canal.<p>Alan …


Mandurah creative highlights region’s diverse flora in exhibition

Creating: Helen Coleman in Studio B at the Contemporary Art Space in Mandurah. Photo: Roz D'Raine.<p>A Falcon creative has intertwined chemistry and art …

Mandurah, Australia

Phytochrome and Phytohormones: Working in Tandem for Plant Growth and Development

Introduction<p>Plants growth and development is controlled by simultaneously identifying and responding to both the external and internal signals. One …


Lego Hogwarts: Go inside the 6,000-piece Harry Potter school


Santos Museum of Economic Botany

A wealth of plants and horticultural curiosities fill this charmingly antique museum.<p>For more than a century, the Santos Museum of Economic Botany …


Poisonous Plants

<b>Q.</b> I read about something called Datura in an old mystery novel. Mixed with honey, it was used as a hypnotic drug to keep a kidnap victim in control. What is it, and how does it work?<p><b>A.</b> The kidnappers were playing with fire if they used any of the highly toxic species of night-blooming flowers in …


Strong succession in arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities

1.<p>Smith SE, Read DJ (2010). <i>Mycorrhizal symbiosis</i>, 3rd edn. Academic Press: London.<p>2.<p>Taylor JD, Helgason T, Öpik M (2017). Molecular Community Ecology …


Orchestrating the proteome with post-translational modifications

Phenotypic traits, phosphorylation, post-translational modification, protein cleavage, proteome, redox-based modifications, SUMOylation, translation, …

Molecular Biology

Difference Between Mimosa and Acacia Trees


Silica Angel’s new single Faustian Botany is an all-out assault of experimental noise

New York producer Evan-Daniel Rose-González has unveiled his new single <i>Faustian Botany</i> under the alias <b>Silica Angel</b>. It’s bizarre, jarring, and …

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Estatísticas de Corinthians 2x1 Colo-Colo | Números da Bola | LANCE!

Corinthians venceu, mas acabou eliminado (Foto: Marcello Fim)<p><b>NÚMEROS GERAIS DE CORINTHIANS 2×1 COLO-COLO:</b> <br>– Dados Footstats<p>Posse de bola do …


Uriel Orlow, Theatrum Botanicum, POOL, 23 Voorhout St, Ellis House, Johannesburg, September 4–November 3, 2018 // Uriel Orlow, Grey, Green, Gold, Market Photo Workshop, 57 Margaret Mcingana St, Johannesburg , September 7–October 21, 2018 // Uriel Orlow, Imbizo Ka Mafavuke Other Plant Stories, Durban Art Gallery, Durban City Hall, Smith St, Durban, September 14–October 28, 2018

<b>Uriel Orlow</b><b><br>Theatrum Botanicum</b><br>POOL, 23 Voorhout St, Ellis House, Johannesburg<br>September 4–November 3, 2018<p><b>Uriel Orlow</b><b><br>Grey, Green, Gold</b><br>Market Photo …

South Africa

An ocean apart, carnivorous pitcher plants create similar communities

After a six-hour ride over increasingly treacherous roads, it took a full day's hike up almost 3,000 feet for Leonora Bittleston to reach Nepenthes …


Author Correction: Genomic diversity and macroecology of the crop wild relatives of domesticated pea

Department of Botany, Palacký University in Olomouc, Olomouc, Czech Republic<p>Petr Smýkal<br>• & Iveta Hradilová<p>Agricultural Research, Ltd., Troubsko, Czech …

Washington State

You're Not the Only One Stressing About Climate Change - Shorelines

By Philip Kiefer<p>Stress is universal – possibly the most constant aspect of life on Earth. And it’s not just for things with a brainstem. Plants are …

Climate Change

Council opposes Botany cruise terminal

A NSW government push to build a new cruise ship terminal in Port Botany has been attacked by the local council which fears any development would …