Books12258, Fantastical, Magical, & Mystical in a story that will make you believe it is about a long-forgotten past, but in reality is a possible future! - The Divide Boxed Set: Darkness Descends & The Between Times by Marta Moran Bishop, fantastical-magical-mystical-in-a-story-that-will-make-you-believe-it-is-about-a-long-forgotten-past-but-in-reality-is-a-possible-future-the-divide-boxed-set-darkness-descends-the-b,,, Marta Moran Bishop’s Darkness Descends is powerful, gripping work! It’s a compelling, sometimes, #AlternativeHistory,#Dystopian,#fantasy,#ScienceFiction,#ScienceFiction&Fantasy,

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