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Sizing Up the Bond Market’s Signals

Longer-term yields stall, curve flattens ahead of corporate earnings reports<p>Investors will take a fresh look at U.S. government bond yields this week, after a tame inflation report and concerns about trade frictions helped push the yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note to a fifth consecutive …

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US Stocks Flourish, While Emerging Markets Falter

<b>By Mark Haefele, Jason Draho, Kiran Ganesh, and Justin Waring</b><p>Asset class returns during the first half of this year range from okay to negative. …

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Foundations of Global Growth Still Appear Solid

<b>By Mark Haefele, Jason Draho, Kiran Ganesh, and Justin Waring</b><p>As we look ahead to the second half of this year, the economic and earnings outlook …

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How International Observers Undervalue the Chinese Bond Market

Media biases in financial matters have the potential to harm investors worldwide. The Chinese bond market is a case in point.The post How …


These Key Developments Help Explain Stock Market Turbulence

By Mark Haefele, Jason Draho, Kiran Ganesh, and Justin Waring<p>This year started well, with a continuation of the 2017 environment of accelerating and …

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Uncertainties Cause Bull Market’s Volatility

By Mark Haefele, Jason Draho, Kiran Ganesh, and Justin Waring<p>Volatility returned in the first half of 2018, driven by multiple factors: less …

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Investors Batten Down Hatches Ahead of Trade War Storms

<b>By Jon Gordon, Christopher Swann, and Vincent Heaney</b><p>Most equity investors are unlikely to look back on the first half of 2018 with great fondness. …

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Biswas’s Take: PHI’s Debt-Raising Troubles Hint At Softening High-Yield Bond Market

Helicopter transport services company has twice amended a planned refinancing in recent weeks, but investor interest is tepid<p>Sign in or subscribe for access to peerless insight & analysis, curated data & interactives, and networking events.


Britain should use Brexit to rebuild a proper bond market for ordinary investors

When I came into the London Stock Exchange (LSE) in the late Sixties, around 50pc of the listed securities were bonds, actively traded by private investors for a variety of financial planning needs.<p>The word "bond" is heavily overused. It is effectively a loan, made for a given period, at a fixed …


Chinese Currency Weathers Trade War For Now

The Chinese yuan has weakened by around 2% this year versus the US dollar, from 6.50 at the start of 2018. The depreciation has occurred mainly since …

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SEBI may require firms to raise 25% of financing needs from bond market

Regulator to issue consultation paper; norms will apply to large corporates

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A Flatter Yield Curve Isn't Cause for Panic

<b>By Jon Gordon, Christopher Swann, and Vincent Heaney</b><p>On July 3, the gap between yields on US two-year and those on 10-year government bonds narrowed …


The Glass Looks Half Full for Bank Stocks

The stock performance of US financials has stalled in recent months as the market has taken a wait-and-see approach to the group following solid …


Property Prices Look Cheaper Than Real Estate Stocks

<b>By Thomas Veraguth, Sandra Wiedmer, and Maciej Skoczek</b><p>Due to slightly deteriorating rental growth expectations, listed real estate is not benefiting …

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China Expands Lending to Avoid Economic Slump

<b>By Dominic Schnider, Philip Wyatt, Kathy Li, and Elaine Zhou</b><p>Investors' perception of risks linked to China has worsened since the US administration …

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Trump Calls For Privitization of the Postal Service

The Trump administration last week called for the privatization of the US Postal Service, as one of many proposals to overhaul the post office and …

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US bond market especially vulnerable to QE retreat | Financial Times

The ending of a decade of easy money provided by central banks to support global financial markets will result in a profoundly challenging adjustment …


Supreme Court Decision Bans Agency Fees for Unions

In a long-awaited decision, the US Supreme Court has decided that public sector unions are not entitled to impose mandatory agency fees on employees …

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Here Are Some Mega Trends That Are Driving Financial Markets

Financial forecasters should start by taking a look at their surroundings. “The most reliable way to forecast the future is to try to understand the …


The Fed (Finally) Meets Its Inflation Target

The preferred inflation measure of the Federal Reserve is the year-over-year change in the core PCE, that is, the personal consumption expenditures …

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Canadian banks return to domestic bond market for record debt transactions - Article - BNN


Vancouver airport eyes Canadian bond market to fund $9.1B expansion - Article - BNN


Today’s Flat Markets Could See Fireworks Later This Year

The light trading week of the July 4 holiday provides time to review first-half investment performance and consider the outlook for the rest of …

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Investors Worry That Trade War Fear Is Undermining Confidence

Trade threats remain mostly rhetoric rather than reality, and we believe strong fundamentals can still push global stocks higher. However, we …

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Fed Allows Banks To Resume Paying Dividends

The Federal Reserve’s 2018 Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) results were released on Thursday, 28 June and the broad conclusions are …

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LiquidityEdge CEO on Bond Market, Fed, Yield Curve – Bloomberg

LiquidityEdge CEO on Bond Market, Fed, Yield Curve<p>LiquidityEdge CEO on Bond Market, Fed, Yield Curve<p>LiquidityEdge CEO on Bond Market, Fed, Yield Curve<p>…


Debt relief deal to help smoothen Greece's bond market return- cenbank | Reuters

ATHENS, July 2 (Reuters) - Relief measures agreed with Greece’s official creditors to help render its debt load sustainable will help smoothen the country’s return to market financing, the Bank of Greece said in a monetary policy report on Monday.<p>But it warned that in the longer term, debt …


US Growth Overtakes Europe and China

Synchronized global growth appears to have given way to a more US-biased global expansion. For the rest of the year, the divergence should moderate …

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Tradecraft Is Replacing Statecraft in Today’s Trade Cold War

With the recent back-and-forth between the United States and China, the trade dispute has caught the attention of even the most sober-minded market …

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How You Can Earn A Greener Income

<b>By Jason Draho, Andrew Lee, and Justin Waring</b><p>Green bonds are conventional fixed income instruments whose proceeds are earmarked specifically for …