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18 Recipes That Prove You Can Turn Any Meal Into a Deviled Egg - Chowhound

One need only look to literature to understand that the humble egg is one of those sweet mysteries of life capable of inspiring rapturous emotions. …


Dry Rosé Pairings

The best dishes to pair with dry rosé, from ham, leek, and gouda soufflés to rosemary flatbread with blue cheese, grapes, and honey.

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Easy Breakfast Quiche Recipes - How to Make a Quiche —

1 of 18<p>Ethan Calabrese<p>Quiche Lorraine<p>The absolute best thing to wake up to.<p>Get the recipe from Delish.<p><b>BUY NOW: Glass Pie Dish, $10, …


Blue Cheese Burgers Recipe

Recipe by: QUIKSMYLE<p>"Hamburgers? Yes. But basic fare? Definitely not! What a treat they are, and the wise cook will make up a dozen or so for the …


What’s a St Patrick’s Day pizza? (Hint: it involves potatoes)

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Meanwhile, back on the ranch: 'Wing King' giving blue cheese its due

When life gives you ranch dressing, make blue cheese.<p>That's how "Wing King" Drew Cerza reacted to the tweet from Frank's RedHot that turned …


Juicy Lucy Burgers Recipe

Recipe by: Cooking Mama<p>"A favorite of Minnesotans! The famous Juicy Lucy! Mmmm. So good. You MUST use American cheese on this to achieve the …


Wing ding: Frank's RedHot tries to clean up a hot mess

Frank's RedHot has issued its mea Gorgonzola.<p>The hot-sauce maker on Monday tried to clean up the double culinary gaffe it committed on Saturday, when …

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Frank's commits cardinal wing sin in Twitter, and Buffalo erupts

They're chicken wings. And you eat them with Bleu cheese. Right?<p>Not if you ask Frank's RedHot.<p>Buffalo wings + Ranch = two peas in a pod. …


Asda is selling an Easter egg made entirely of cheese - and it's just as amazing as it sounds

Remember the days when everyone just used to have a nice and simple chocolate Easter egg?<p>Dairy Milk, Mars, Creme Egg or maybe even a Maltesers …

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What to Cook This Week

Good morning! I’d like to be cooking barbecue right now, setting out a big brisket or pork shoulder or haunch of lamb to baste in smoke for the better part of the day before it collapses into itself so I can use the meat later for sandwiches and tacos, on top of grain bowls, as the flavor in a big …


Buffalo Chicken Pizza

4 servings<p>A few tips: Letting the cast-iron pan preheat in a blazing hot oven will help ensure a crispy bottom crust, just be careful getting it in and out of the oven. You can use rotisserie chicken or your own leftovers. But what really makes this recipe stand out is the blue cheese dressing, …

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Mac and Cheese Eats Its Vegetables

When it comes to foods blanketed in cheesy béchamel, we Americans think of macaroni, not vegetables. But in Britain, pale, craggy chunks of cauliflower are as likely to be doused in cheese sauce as pasta is here. This recipe combines these two great things into one cozy, creamy bowl.<p>It’s a little …


This Ranch Dressing Recipe Is the Only Spring Condiment You’ll Need

Now is the time to plan your spring menus, and we have a condiment recipe that will brighten up all those lunchtime meals and dinner dishes.<p>The …

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Herbed Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Recipe

Herbed Buttermilk Ranch Dressing Recipe<p><b>Try These Twists:</b><p><b>Lemony Ranch:</b> Prepare Herbed Buttermilk Ranch Dressing as directed, adding 1/4 cup fresh …



Beer and wings are a classic pairing, but your choices don’t have to be limited to Buffalo style wings matched with a crisp lager. Jazz up your wing …

Endive, Blue Cheese, and Pear Salad

<i>Endive, blue cheese, and pear salad is a simple lunch or side salad made with everyday ingredients that come together in minutes for an easy and</i> …


Road Trip! The Rise Partymaster Tour

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Michael Smith's Best Chicken Recipes

<b>1</b> of <b>47</b><p>Pan Braised Moroccan Chicken Thighs<p><p>Served with a side of fluffy couscous, these Moroccan spiced chicken thighs are tender, rich with flavour …


How Blue Cheese is Made

Blue cheese is thought to have been invented by accident when a drunken cheese maker left behind a half-eaten loaf of bread in a moist cheese cave. …


8 Best Marijuana Strains that Act as Aphrodisiacs

Today is Valentine’s Day, and for many people that means going out to dinner with a loved one and spending a romantic evening together. But while …


10 Under the Radar Artists to Discover This Week

If there’s one thing that gets most of us through the day, it’s discovering new artists. Whether we’re scrolling through SoundCloud looking for mood …

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Caramelized Fennel Salad with Blue Cheese and Red-Wine Cherries

What do you get when you mix together fresh ingredients from all different seasons? This savory salad of overlapping textures and distinct</i> …


Suffering From a Night of Drinking? Let Weed Be Your Hangover Remedy

Many of us know the signs of a brutal hangover: headache, nausea, dizziness, and more. And the only "cure," aside from plenty of electrolytes and Advil, is really to tough it out. Where most people don't think to look, however, is weed. It may seem counterproductive — the last thing you want to add …


45 Easy Leftover Chicken Recipes

<b>1</b> of <b>45</b><p>Shortcut Chicken Enchiladas<p><p>A leftover chicken casserole recipe that comes together in a flash, thanks to store-bought helpers. Rotisserie …


Listen: Chez Ali - 'Blue Cheese'

Swedish solo project with a neat, jazz-tinged sound...Sweden's <b>Chez Ali</b> might well be a familiar face.After all, the solo project is the work of Elias …

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Why World-Class Mixologists Are Putting Blue Cheese in Cocktails

Have your blue cheese and drink it, too.<p>Like cilantro and anchovies, blue cheese is one of those foods you either love or hate. I fall squarely in …


Best Strains of Cannabis for CRPS Pain Management

Since we don’t entirely understand the cause of complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), we don’t know how to cure it completely. So, we instead focus …


Skip Valentine’s Day and Have a Feast With Friends

Forget romance and get your pals together for a menu with all the foods you’re supposed to avoid on dates: garlic, onions and spaghetti. And bring on …

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Chez Ali's "Blue Cheese" is a Catchy Indie Rock Song With an Old Soul

This is Scandinavian artist Chez Ali's first single, but there's an EP on the way too.