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Proposed class-action lawsuit filed after blood pressure medication recalled

A proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed against five Canadian pharmaceutical companies alleging the firms may have been negligent in their …

Class Action

Want to calculate your risk of heart attack or stroke online? This new tool will help

Ottawa researchers say they've developed a new online calculator that can predict a person's chance of having a stroke or a heart attack within the …


What Louie Anderson Can’t Travel Without

The comedian and actor Louie Anderson has been traveling the country doing standup almost weekly since the early ‘80s. He plays Christine Baskets in the Zach Galifianakis-led comedy “Baskets” on FX1, for which he won an Emmy in 2016, and his book “Hey Mom: Stories for My Mother, But You Can Read …


6 Scary Signs that Mean You Are In the Wrong Relationship

<b>Love is supposed to bring you up and make your life better, not worse.</b><p>I am amazed how many stories I read online, stories told by friends and people …

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Stroke: Know What Puts You at Most Risk

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7 Awesome Facts About Coffee That Will Make You Want to Grab Yourself a Cup

Every day, Beethoven made himself a coffee out of 60 coffee beans, while Voltaire drank up to 50 cups a day and lived until the age of 83. So perhaps …


Monitoring your health from your living room

NEW ORLEANS - There were termites in the garage and a $2,100 bill to get rid of them. The mechanic had called to say he didn’t know when the car …

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Can You Take Potassium With Amlodipine Besylate?

Amlodipine besylate is a long-acting calcium channel blocker prescribed for lowering blood pressure and for preventing occurrences of certain types …


Study Ties Autism to Maternal High Blood Pressure, Diabetes

Children born to women who had diabetes or high blood pressure while pregnant are at an increased risk of autism, two new studies suggest


​Temperatures rising to dangerous conditions

Temperatures in New Orleans are rising to dangerous conditions. Health experts say there are steps people need to take to stay safe, as the national …

New Orleans

6 ways to lower blood pressure without medication

If just reading about blood pressure is raising your blood pressure, a doctor may have mentioned you need to keep your numbers in check.<p>Chronic high blood pressure — higher than 130/80 — takes a toll on your arteries, heart, kidneys and brain. Lower it, and you reduce your risk of heart attack and …


What Do Those Blood Pressure Numbers At The Doc's Office Even Mean?

I need some specifics here.<p>Let me set the scene: You're in the doctor's office with a blood pressure cuff around your arm. The doc does a few quick squeezes, reads the numbers, writes them down in his or her <i>Very Important Doctor's Notes</i>, then goes on with the appointment.<p>Uh, hold on a sec—what were …

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Ketamine for Parkinson's? Clinical trial in the works

The drug used to manage some of the most salient symptoms of Parkinson's disease is known to expose patients to more motor issues, as part of its …

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12 Amazing Power Foods to Build Muscle and Burn Fat to Keep You Healthy For Life

If you add these 12 power foods into your daily diet, your body will work effectively to build lean muscle mass and burn fat more efficiently.<p>Not …


Supplemental oxygen eliminates morning blood pressure rise in sleep apnea patients

July 20, 2018--Supplemental oxygen eliminates the rise in morning blood pressure experienced by obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) patients who stop using …


Preventing Heart Disease and Stroke

Almost one million Americans die of heart disease each year making it the leading cause of death in the U.S., but this does not have to be the case. …

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Zydus Cadila gets USFDA nod for high blood pressure, heart failure treatment drug

Zydus Cadila has received final approval from the US health regulator to market Spironolactone tablets, used to treat high blood pressure and heart …

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Track your vitals with this band

Photo: iStock<p>Goqii Vital belongs to the new breed of fitness bands which provide a more holistic heart health monitoring system. They come with …

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New study shows certain video games can improve health in children with obesity

A new study showed for the first time that video games, in combination with fitness coaching and a step tracker, helped overweight children lose …


4 Ways To Enhance Your Teenager’s Fitness

Teenagers have a lot on their plates. No, they don’t have to worry about paying a mortgage or setting up their 401k, but they do have to learn to …

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Anaphylactic Shock: What You Should Know


Valsartan recall: 4 things patients should know

<b>(CNN) —</b> Several common drugs that contain valsartan, used to treat high blood pressure and heart failure, were recalled in the United States on Friday due to an "impurity" in the drug that poses a potential cancer risk.<p>That impurity, N-nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA, is classified as a probable human …


Are There Different Kinds of Preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a pregnancy-related disorder that can be dangerous for both the pregnant woman and her unborn baby. The disorder is not very common, …

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In the U.S., most blacks may have hypertension by age 55

(Reuters Health) - African American men and women are more likely to develop high blood pressure in middle age than their white counterparts, a U.S. study suggests.<p>Approximately 76 percent of black adults may have high blood pressure by age 55, compared to 55 percent of white men and 40 percent of …


Walmart to host back-to-school health screenings in Houston

Image 1of/1<p>Caption<p>Close<p>Walmart plans to host health screenings at its Houston-area stores on July 21.<p>The free event will give families and children …

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3 Companies Recall Blood Pressure Medications Over Cancer Fears

Some drugs used to control high blood pressure and prevent heart failure were voluntarily recalled this past week due to an impurity that could …

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20 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally

You may be able to manage your blood pressure without drugs.

High Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure Drug May Help with Diabetes Treatment

Researchers say verapamil may help prevent the loss of beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. This could lead to earlier treatment for the …


What is sepsis? The signs, symptoms and treatments that could save your life

Sepsis is a bigger killer than heart attacks, lung cancer or breast cancer - but just 28% of Irish people actually know what it is.<p>With more and more …


Recall Issued on Common Blood Pressure Medication

2 hours ago<p>Time to check your medicine cabinet.<p>1200 WOAI news reports the FDA has issued a recall of one of the most commonly prescribed hyper …