In the age of DIY bionics: Engineer 3D prints cheaper prosthetic arm

After losing his right forearm in a factory accident, Chang Hsien-Liang tried several artificial limbs but he was never satisfied.

News (South Africa)

Announcing the winners of Eleven's “Biomimicry” ideas competition

Inspiration never runs out when it comes to Nature — the best designer there is. In the “Biomimicry” competition, Eleven Magazine challenged …


'Seeing' Prosthetic Hand Could Revolutionise Bionics

'We have developed an ‘intuitive’ hand that can react without thinking.'<p>Scientists have created a bionic hand that can spot and grab objects automatically.<p>The revolutionary prosthetic uses computer vision to assess an object’s shape before adjusting its grip accordingly.<p>Existing bionics require …


Rex Bionics to leave Aim after struggling to hit its stride

Meditech pioneer walks away from UK investors to work on new designs for robotic legs<p>Viewed through one lens, Rex Bionics, the meditech pioneer of …

Organic Crypto Money vs. Debt Zombie’s Fiat: Lessons of Biomimetics

Money is a mystery.<p>Some claim money is an invention by man. But has man really ever invented anything original, something that did not exist before …


Biomimicry in Design — Takeaways for a designer. – Muzli -Design Inspiration

A lot discussion is being done today, on coming up with new designs which are sustainable and functional. The designs which can adapt the harsh …


Open Bionics is building “superheroes” – and a better world

Open Bionic's Samantha Payne: "We turn science fiction into science fact."

Science Fiction

Suddenly, Biomimetics is Suggested as Solution for Bitcoin’s Scaling Problem

Biomimetics, the discipline devoted to the bio-inspired engineering of things and processes, could potentially hold the keys to solving Bitcoin’s …



<b>What is Biomimetics?</b><p>Biomimetics, also known as bionics, biognosis, or biomimicry, is the use and implementation of concepts and principles from …


Ekso Bionics Holdings (EKSO) Presents At Cowen and Company 37th Annual Health Care Conference

The following slide deck was published by Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. in conjunction with this event.<p>124<p>Click to enlarge

Health Care

Self-Shaping Shelters Could Revolutionize Emergency Housing

A new emergency housing innovation tears down box architecture<p>Haresh Lalvani, the co-founder of the Pratt Institute Center for Experimental …


Amherst school to teach biomimicry, study of technology imitating nature

AMHERST, Ohio - Amherst's Marion L. Steele High School is believed to be the first public school in the state to offer students a course in …


From Legos To The Iron Man Suit And Now Mr. Bionics: Meet Jay Martin

Jay Martin is the CEO and Founder of Martin Bionics, the first fabric-based prosthetic socket in an industry full of carbon fiber-based products.<p>Through the course of my work, I come across other entrepreneurs that inspire me. Often they teach me more about my company and the process of innovation …

Meet the cyborgs with real bionic arms and eyes

A man uses his robotic exoskeleton to walk onto the soccer pitch. A woman sees the world using her bionic eye. Sound like science fiction? No, these …


Biomimicry versus Biophilia: What's the Difference?

<i>Learn more about our work and services in biophilia and bioinspired innovation by emailing us at</i> <i>Follow the conversation on</i> …


The Reciprocal Biomimicry Initiative – Opens March 7

Posted by Greg Stuart, Public Programs & Outreach Manager on Monday, February 13, 2017 · Leave a Comment<p>Downtown GalleryMarch 7 – June 4, …


Biomimicry Looks To Nature To Inspire Invention

Instead of consuming nature's resources, the burgeoning field of biomimicry looks to the natural world for innovation inspiration, resulting in …


The best of biomimicry: Here’s 7 brilliant examples of nature-inspired design

Sometimes the best solution to a problem isn’t alway the most complex, and, similarly, the best answer isn’t always a new one one. While us humans …


Bionics, green cred and parties on wheels: VW's I.D. Buzz and what people think

Volkswagen Bus-inspired concepts at auto shows are not that rare of sights. What would be rare, however, would be one of those concepts making it all …


Biomimicry keeps hope alive despite the new regime

What a year! Such exultant highs and crushing lows. Here we stand, on the brink of a sixth wave of extinction, staring down the barrel of a 10 …

Sunflower Project Heliotrope by Jonathan Ota at

Sunflower Project - An in progress study of biomimicry, I mimicked the phototropic qualities in sunflowers and created a device that once mounted …


David Suzuki: How Biomimicry Can Save Us

If you fly over a forest and look down, you'll see every green tree and plant reaching to the heavens to absorb the ultimate energy source: sunlight. …


Why bionic eyes could transform sight

Claudia Hammond speaks to a researcher in Australia developing a whole new form of vision.<p>The field of bionics has transformed medicine for centuries, as far back as the ancient Egyptians who created bespoke toes from wood and leather. During the 20th Century mechanical and electronic advances made …


BIOMIMICRY International Challenge: Call for Entries!

<i>“Look deep into Nature and then you will understand everything better.”</i> – Albert Einstein<p>In our latest competition, we celebrate Nature as the …


Bionics advanced in leaps and bounds in 2016

Melding the body with technological advancements gave paralysed patients movement, restored touch and helped regrow damaged spinal tissue in mice.


Center for Extreme Bionics

by Stacie Slotnick<p>May 6, 2016<p>Topics<p>#robotics<br>• #health<br>• #human-machine interaction<br>• #wearable computing<p>Groups<p>Center for Extreme Bionics<p>Skip to:<p>Hugh Herr<p>Ed …


Why hippos don't get sunburned (and what that has to do with business innovation) - The Business Journals

The applications for biomimicry in design, engineering and manufacturing are tremendous.<p>iStock (nattanan726)<p>Biomimicry — copying nature’s greatest …

Could we soon 'upgrade' our bodies? Extreme bionics will create modular superhumans

MIT's Center for Extreme Bionics it trying to eliminate human disabilities and push us beyond the limits of our own bodies<p>From peg legs through hook …


The scientists drawing on nature’s expertise

Nature has been innovating for much longer than humans have, but in different ways. Using an approach called biomimicry, scientists can save time and …