Nigeria:Biometrics Will Replace ATM Code Soon - Central Bank

[Leadership] The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has disclosed that with the Bank Verification Number (BVN) in place, biometrics will soon be used for …


Vienna start-up tackles gaming stress with biometrics

Vienna start-up SimyLife has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its biofeedback game controller. Called SimyBall, it has been conceived as a …


Precise Biometrics AB 2017 Q3 - Results - Earnings Call Slides

The following slide deck was published by Precise Biometrics AB in conjunction with their 2017 Q3 earnings call.<p>115<p>Click to enlarge


Next Biometrics Group AS reports Q3 results

Next Biometrics Group AS (OTC:NXTBF): Q3 Revenue of NOK25.4M<p>Press Release<p>Now read: <b>Trifast Plc reports 1H results »</b>


Two-factor Biometrics Market Analysis, Growth, Size, Share, Trends, Forecast, Supply Demand

<b>Two-factor Biometrics market</b> report provides <b>actionable intelligence</b> on <b>factors</b> that have been driving demand; key <b>trends</b> that are impacting the market;</b> …


The DHS is buying a new database to store biometrics for 500 million people

The DHS's old "IDENT" database is full, with 240,000,000 records in a system designed to hold 200,000,000; so they're paying arms-dealers and …


Aadhaar-mobile linking: UIDAI says wait until December 1, don't give biometrics to telcos

It has become mandatory to link your Aadhaar number to a number of various services such as banking and telecom. Linking your Aadhaar to your mobile …


iPhone X Face ID a Facial Biometrics Catalyst?

<b>Face ID Faceoff</b><p>According to Bitglass's BYOD and Identity report released today - a survey of more than 200 IT and security professionals - 60% have …

Information Security

Blockchain and biometrics: The tech disrupting banking

As the banking industry changes at a rapid pace, one term is being used with increasing frequency — blockchain.<p>Put simply, blockchain refers to a …


Hexagon CEO's share trades were no crime, court hears

OSLO (Reuters) - Hexagon (ST:HEXAb) Chief Executive Ola Rollen did not commit insider share trading when he bought shares in Next Biometrics …

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Selfies, biometrics and smartphones: How personal banking is evolving

Contactless payments, instantaneous transfers, chip and pin — the way we bank and manage our money has changed dramatically over the past few …


MasterCard has finally realized that signatures are obsolete and stupid

For years, credit card companies have relied on an illegible squiggly line as the frontline of defense against credit card fraud. Customers are forced to use a pen (how retro!) to scrawl their signature on bills at restaurants and sign digitally at cash registers–as if somehow in the age of chips, …


Credit card applications and purchases likely to be authenticated by selfies in the future

The selfie is everywhere — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — and soon your bank could be asking for one in order to approve your purchase or credit card …

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Coming soon: a selfie with your credit card application

Payment processing giant Visa Inc. is launching a platform to allow banks to integrate various types of biometrics.


Coming soon: a selfie with your credit card application | The Province

NEW YORK — The selfie is everywhere — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — and soon your bank could be asking for one in order to approve your purchase or …


Applying for a credit card? Please take a selfie

NEW YORK (AP) — The selfie is everywhere — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter — and soon your bank could be asking for one in order to approve your purchase or credit card application.<p>Payment processing giant Visa Inc. is launching a platform to allow banks to integrate various types of biometrics — your …


Deployment of Biometrics & Password - NIST63B

When 'a physical authenticator PLUS password' is less complicated, less costly and more secure than 'a physical authenticator PLUS <password OR biometrics>', I wonder where there is a merit of involving the problem-ridden biometrics.

How does Behavioral Biometrics help financial institutions manage fraud risk? Download VASCO’s white paper now

<i>Graham Cluley Security News is sponsored this week by the folks at VASCO. Thanks to the great team there for their support!</i>More than 10,000 customers …


Color-changing tattoos monitor blood glucose at a glance

Tattoos are fast becoming more than just a means of self-expression: soon they could be used for more practical applications, like tracking blood …

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Digital revolution: the tech that could make banking safer

<b>Innovation in banking is shifting at warp speed with the latest smartphones bringing biometrics into the mainstream and a new wave of mobile-only</b> …


Grocery Store Introduces Pay-by-vein

In 2017, your wallet is no longer an essential piece of equipment when you go on a shopping excursion. You can pay with your phone. You can pay with …


Are we Safe to Bank on Biometrics?

<b>By Martin Walshaw</b>, Senior Systems Engineer at F5 Networks<p>Biometrics are quickly gaining momentum both in the global and local financial services …


SA biometrics firm aims to curb identity theft

Fingerprint reader with 'liveness' detection. (Duncan Alfreds, Fin24)<p>Johannesburg - A local company which has simplified personal identity …

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Like It or Not, Smartphones with Biometrics Will Soon Be the Norm

This week Apple unveiled a facial recognition feature called Face ID to be included on its high-end iPhone X. The company explained that the device …

Market Intelligence

Apple's Face ID security technology may not prove popular with consumers

Apple presented a facial recognition system as a way for users to unlock the newly unveiled iPhone X, but such security measures may not prove …


Biometrics: A Stepping-Stone To Eliminating The Password Forever

Once thought of as exotic and futuristic, the use of biometrics as a means of authentication is quickly becoming mainstream. The concept is based on the fact that each person is unique and can be identified by his or her intrinsic physical or behavioral traits. This premise can serve as a powerful …


Apple iPhone X Facial Biometrics May Stop Hackers From Stealing Your Information

The massive breach of the records of 143 million consumers from Equifax (EFX) highlights just how vulnerable consumers are in relying on companies to …

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Job Alert: Aadhaar opens vacancies for fresh engineering graduates, here's how to apply

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) recently had decided to shut down about 800 engineering colleges from the next academic year. …


Biometrics in Banking: Keep Your Accounts Safe

With more and more customers accessing their financial information on mobile phones, biometrics in banking, such as iris scanning technology, are …


Next Biometrics Group AS reports Q2 results

Next Biometrics Group AS (OTC:NXTBF): Q2 EPS of -NOK2.56<p>Revenue of NOK24M (-9.9% Y/Y)<p>Press Release<p>Now read: <b>Centron Telecom International Holdings</b> …