Strategies to conserve mangroves discussed

While it is only environmentalists who usually attend biodiversity conferences, the National Conclave on Mangrove Conservation conducted on Monday at …


Birdhut's facade has integrated birdhouses to boost local biodiversity

Human habitats could do a lot more than provide shelter for humans; future sustainable, low-carbon buildings could also incorporate design elements …


World-first uses satellites, ocean models to explain Antarctic seafloor biodiversity

In a world-first, a research team has used data collected by satellites and an ocean model to explain and predict biodiversity on the Antarctic …


Ancient oxygen spike lined up with lots more biodiversity - Futurity

Scientists have discovered a rapid rise in oxygen during the Middle and Late Ordovician periods.

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Swiss nature not doing as well as perceived

An external review of Switzerland’s environment performance claims that the Swiss are mistaken in their assumption that wildlife and habitats are …

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Oxygen Surge 400 Million Years Ago Helped Trigger an Explosion in Biodiversity

The life-giving gas.<p>Scientists have linked a surge in Earth's oxygen levels some 455 million years ago with an explosion in biodiversity on the …


Biodiversity Protection - National Policy Platform Goes Operational

[Cameroon Tribune] The National Platform for the Science Policy Interface on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services was launched in Yaounde yesterday …

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The Design Flaw at the Core of Humanity's Malaise

What we need is the intention—and a design framework—that supports human and ecological wellbeing. Many of us—read: anyone paying attention—are …

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Biodiversity Conservation By ‘Opposition To Blind Progress’

As I did my Masters in Environmental Economics from Ashoka University, I am deeply interested and intrigued by the concept of sustainable economic …


Ecosystem And Biodiversity Services Worth Almost $125 Trillion Per Year: Dr. Randall Glaholt, IUCN International Biodiversity Expert

Biodiversity is currently being lost at an unprecedented rate due to human activities that degrade or encroach on habitats, increase pollution load, …


Mozambique:Deputy Minister Calls for Tourism Based On Biodiversity

[AIM] Maputo -Mozambique's Deputy Minister of Land, Environment and Rural Development, Celmira da Silva, argued on Thursday that tourism based on …


Sounding the alarm on the loss of biodiversity

WITH the United Nations’ climate change conference underway in Bonn, Germany, rising global temperatures are once again at the top of the world’s …

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Using planes and lasers for a biodiversity checkup

Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a new system to measure the diversity and health of forests with a laser scanner mounted on an …

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Biodiversity conservation in 2100

This was the theme of today’s panel-public discussion in Old Government Buildings at Victoria University. It was chaired by Kathryn Ryan – host of …


Could 'bio-banking' halt NZ's species loss?

has looked at whether "biodiversity banking" could help halt the ongoing decline of species in New Zealand's green backyard.<p>But the report, just …

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Study co-authored by UGA researchers finds past investments in conservation have protected biodiversity

A study co-authored by researchers at the University of Georgia provides a glimmer of hope to the conversation surrounding conservation.<p>The study, …


'Save the dung beetle!' Global science chief says biodiversity vital

OSLO (Reuters) - Governments should extend the protection of nature far beyond iconic creatures such as tigers and elephants to species including worms and beetles that are vital to human prosperity, the chair of a global scientific project said on Thursday.<p>FILE PHOTO: A dung beetle (Scarabaeus …


Logged tropical rainforests still support biodiversity even when the heat is on

Tropical rainforests continue to buffer wildlife from extreme temperatures even after logging, a new study has revealed.


The pond shortage threatening biodiversity

Ponds are nice to look at, but you might be surprised how important they are for the environment.

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Amazon Biodiversity Monitoring in Ducke Reserve

Monitoring of biodiversity is a challenge, but visiting Ducke reserve in the Amazon I am able to see one of the gold standards for long-term …


Natural capital underpins the economy

The Wild Atlantic Way relies heavily on the stunning natural capital of the west coast of Ireland

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CRISPR: can gene-editing help nature cope with climate change?

The new technology may have missed out on this year's Nobel prize, but its potential to shape the planet is growing by the day.<p>Could an ingenious new …


Global Demand for Meat Amounts to 'Appetite for Destruction,' Says New Study

Julia Conley, staff writerReport points to massive need for land to grow feed crops as an overlooked cost of industrial farming


Biodiversity Guide

Protect and encourage nature’s life-giving biodiversity in your very own patch of the Earth – your garden. And save money, time, your health, our …

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CNN - Low biodiversity key to Everglades survival - August 10, 1999

Low biodiversity key to Everglades survival<p><b>Low biodiversity is a unique part of Everglades ecology.</b><p><i>August 10, 1999<br>Web posted at: 3:50 p.m. EDT (1950 GMT)</i><p>Biodiversity may be the buzzword of the day, but there's far more to conservation than sheer numbers of species, say Florida researchers.<p>A report …


Biodiversity Makes Us Stronger and More Resilient

<i>Biodiversity – like having lots of different plants, bugs and wildlife in our pastures, some of which we might not even like – doesn’t always make</i> …


Conservation Summit | Innovating Canada’s approach to the conservation of fish, wildlife and biodiversity

National<br>Conservation<br>Summit<p>Innovating Canada’s approach to the conservation of fish, wildlife and biodiversity<p>We acknowledge the summit takes place on …


All About Biomes

Geography is interested in how people and cultures relate to the physical environment. The largest environment of which we are part is the biosphere. …

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Biodiversity just as powerful as climate change for healthy ecosystems

In the wild, diversity determines ecosystem production as much as climate and nutrients<p>Biodiversity is proving to be one of humanity's best defenses …


Why flowering meadows are better than lawns

Groomed, grassy fields can be good for certain uses, like sports or picnics. But for broader “ecosystem services” — things like plant pollination, …