Doctors Are 3D Printing Ear Bones To Help With Hearing Loss

By printing custom bone prostheses, researchers hope they can better fix a certain kind of hearing loss<p>Comment on this Story


Indonesian startup goes eco-friendly with edible cup

Ever wondered what it would be like to literally eat your cup while drinking from it?


Remedial Education: How to Recycle

You're recycling wrong—Mr. Green will show you how<p><b>Q: Hey Mr. Green! My city has curbside recycling, but I'm confused about what should be recycled</b> …


How to Grow Chickpeas : A complete Guide

Chickpeas are not merely tasty but are also power packed with protein. These are also called garbanzos and can be grown with minimum cost. Here is a …


Natural composite for stronger bone grafts

A novel nanocomposite developed by researchers from CSIR-National Metallurgical Laboratory (CSIR-NML) has shown potential to be used as a …


10 Beauty Gifts for People Who Hate Spending More Than 5 Minutes Getting Ready

Beauty gift sets are ideal holiday gifts: They're easy to pick up last minute (hello, Sephora!), have beautiful packaging, and are something you'd …


These ‘Shark Tank’ Entrepreneurs Need Your Help to Launch an Eco-Friendly Straw

<i>Shark Tank</i> is changing the world one invention at a time. Whether the show is launching our new favorite products with the help of the sharks or giving visibility to worthy brands that are already out there, it’s definitely giving entrepreneurs a leg up, including some that might do some real good. …


'Man flu' is now a thing. We're not so sure about it

A man named Sue — or to be more accurate — an academic named Kyle Sue, assistant professor of family medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland …


DNA Tattoos: I’ve Got You Into My Skin

How much do you love your kid? Your dog? Your mom? Your best friend? Enough to have their DNA tattooed into your skin? Welcome to the 21st century, …


5 eco-friendly ways to recycle your Christmas tree

A real Christmas tree can be an eco-friendly alternative to artificial equivalents, but only if you remember to recycle it properly. Nicky Roeber, …

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Why rats are chewing up hybrid cars

Some mechanics theorize that rats are attracted to soy-based insulation on the wires of newer cars. They’re biodegradable and more appetizing to …

Portland, OR

An Incomplete Timeline of What We Tried

Working back from human extinction.<p><i>Human extinction.</i><p>The coordinated release of various strains of a human sterilization virus.<p>The no-child laws.<p>The launching of the Colony into space, no final destination in mind, for those able to afford the journey.<p>Retraction of health care services for the ill …

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Link About It: This Week's Picks: From flushable pregnancy tests to pizza awards and more, our look around the internet

1. New Art Books for Kids<p>The team at Artsy has put together a list of 11 new art books for children—that adults will certainly enjoy too. From biographical-style stories to illustration-driven narratives and even cookbooks, these creative titles can teach kids about Yayoi Kusama, Keith Haring, …

Keith Haring

Tourism launches charm offensive to keep Kiwis on-side

With another record summer ahead, the tourism industry is fighting to keep Kiwis on-side.


Hans Kim- CEO and Co-Founder of Aqua Wetclean

Try and try again. Often, people give up too easily after attempting something just once or twice. Success is an ongoing continual process.”<p>For the …

Albert Einstein

AkzoNobel, Bio-on Announce Continued Collaboration On Biobased Coatings

Article By<p>Lauren M. Graham, Ph.D.<p>Bergeson & Campbell, P.C.<p>Brag Biobased Products Blog<p>Biotech, Food, Drug<br>• Environmental, Energy & …


Rendez-Vogue: Amber Valletta

<i>21 September 2017, Baglioni, Milan.</i><p>The day before Donatella Versace would reunite four of the original supermodels on her September runway, I am at …

Donatella Versace

4 Holiday Gift Ideas For That Person Who’s Obsessed With Fitness

Fitness gurus and workout addicts are a dime a dozen nowadays. We can barely scroll through our Instagram feeds without watching someone doing yoga …


Driving sustainability at Mauna Kea Golf Course

Emerging leaders within the golf industry are starting to align with sustainability because it makes good business sense and benefits the local …


Airbnb of the Week: $418 per night for a designer semi across from Stanley Park

<b>Address:</b> 12 Stanley Avenue <b><br>Neighbourhood:</b> Trinity Bellwoods <b><br>Price:</b> $418 per night<p>The place<p>A bright, mid-century-inspired semi directly across from …

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Should Needham ban the retail use of plastic bags?

<b>YES</b><p><b>Robert Fernandez</b><p><i>Plastic Bag Ban Team chair, Green Needham Collaborative</i><p>Single-use plastic shopping bags have several attributes that retailers …


The truth about bioplastics

Full Cycle Bioplastics in California is also producing PHA from organic waste such as food waste, crop residue such as stalks and inedible leaves, …


34 Super Fun Gifts That Basically Guarantee A Good Time

'Tis the season to have a lot of fun.


Burial law should be reformed to stop family rows, says Law Commission

The law must be changed to stop families ignoring the burial wishes of the dead, the Law Commission has said.<p>Currently someone's wishes have no legal standing even if expressed in a will and family members can overrule them after death if they decide to do something different.<p>The body which reviews …


You Can Flush This Pregnancy Test After You Take it

If you have sex, you’ve probably used a pregnancy test at least once in your life—or way more than that. Honestly, some people may be peeing on a …


Protocol U for U

Diabetic macular edema (DME) is a complex condition attributed to loss of pericytes, alterations in blood flow and perfusion, ischemia, release of …


With NYE on the way, let’s remember to keep our favourite festivals eco-friendly

Throwing a festival comes with roughly a million considerations. Beyond the obvious concerns like a strong lineup, the perfect venue, the right …

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10 Mind-Blowing Technologies That Most People Don't Know Exist in Real Life

As we move forward into the future our need for new technologies that make life better, easier, and efficient increases too. Innovative ways to …


Top 10 Great Moments in Egypt 2017

<b>We are about to turn the page on another year, but before we say our adieus to 2017 with all its ups and downs, let’s look back, embrace all the</b> …


Christmas tree shortage will be felt for a long time

<b>When it comes to live Christmas trees, we're still feeling the effects of the Great Recession ten years ago.</b><p>If you had difficulty finding a Christmas …