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Netflix's 'Carmen Sandiego' Film Brings on Writer

Netflix's Carmen Sandiego movie could be as funny as Game Night, since the streaming giant hired writer Mark Perez to write the Gina …

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12 Stress-Free TV Shows You Should Watch Before Bed

If you've had a stressful day, sometimes it's easiest to go home, put on a face mask, have a glass of wine, and then go right to bed. But what if you're having trouble falling asleep and that sketchy sleepy tea you bought on a whim at a farmers market a few weeks ago just isn't cutting it? (It said …

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John Wall loves him some Bill Nye the Science Guy

John Wall loves him some Bill Nye the Science Guy and so do Josh Norman and Wale<p>USA Today Sports Images<p>The 2018 MLB All-Star celebrity softball game …


What is Bill Nye the Science Guy's favorite thing about baseball?

There were a wide array of celebrities in attendance for Sunday night's All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball game, but no one got a bigger cheer …


Bill Nye, the Softball Guy?

There’s a buzz building at the Home Plate Gate just outside of Nats Park. It’s humid. Hands are getting clammy and foreheads are slick with sweat. …

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John Wall participates in MLB Celebrity Game

One former Kentucky basketball player tried his hand on the baseball diamond this afternoon, and the BBN will be able to see the results tomorrow …

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Bill Nye Speaks Via Skype At STEM Scholars Graduation

STEM Scholars is a 14th Congressional District youth leadership program encouraging HS students to become ambassadors in their communities.<p><b>From</b> …

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Science Guy Bill Nye 'Changes' the Facts on Gender

Maybe we should call him “Bill Nye, the Liberal Pseudo-Science Guy.”<p>Nye, a scientist and somewhat goofy show host, once taught the biological facts …

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From Adele to Bill Nye the Science Guy: See All the Stars Flocking to Taylor Swift's Reputation Stadium Tour

TODRICK HALL<p>“So proud of my girl,” the Broadway star wrote on Instagram.<p>ROMEO BECKHAM<p>“Such a fun night,” the teen captioned his photo with Swift on …

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Bill Nye has faith students will turn the tide on climate change

Bill Nye says he expects climate change policy to shift quickly -- as soon as the next generation of young students becomes eligible to vote.

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NASA reveals 7 Earth-size planets orbiting dwarf star

Closed Captioning<p>ON<p>OFF<p>apply | reset x<p>font<p>size<p>color<p>Play Video - 3:10<p>We apologize, this video has expired.<p>February 23rd, 2017<p>Seven planets that could possibly sustain life have been found around a single star, NASA has announced, and scientists are excited. “Are we alone in the universe?” Bill Nye …

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Watch Tech Support | Best of Tech Support: Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and More Answer Science Questions from Twitter | WIRED Video | CNE

Best of Tech Support: Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and More Answer Science Questions from Twitter<p>Bill Nye, James Cameron, Ken Jeong, Neil DeGrasse …


Old Baseball Cards: Bill Nye The Science Guy opens 1979 Topps and shares baseball memories

Bill Nye knows a lot of things. Science, of course, is what we most often associate him with. But as you’ll learn on this week’s episode of “Old …

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Bill Nye opens old baseball cards [Video]

Bill Nye, Host of "Bill Nye Saves the World", joins Yahoo Sports' Mike Oz to open a pack of 1979 Topps baseball cards.

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Bill Nye FINALLY Has A Solution For Climate Change: Tax Cow Farts

Bill Nye, who is not, in fact, a scientist but rather an engineer with no formal instruction in climatology or meteorology, has finally hit on what …

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Bill Nye vs Ken Ham - (instrumental) Produced by 🌴Koopa High🌴

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Bill Nye is a scientist, because you’re not your college major

Nye has spent almost his whole career teaching kids, but he's hated by right-wing ideologues for spreading the word of science.<br>Read More


'Science Guy' Bill Nye: Fight climate change with tax on cow flatulence

Television’s “science guy” Bill Nye has a suggestion for combating climate change: Impose a tax on cow flatulence.<p>Mr. Nye, who hosts the Netflix …


2018 Environmental Media Awards

Jaden Smith, Jenna Dewan and Bill Nye explain their connection to the 2018 Environmental Media Awards, celebrating eco-friendly products and green …


Bill Nye Wants to Tax Cow Farts

1 week ago<p>RUSH: Bill Nye. Now, this is an example proving once again the things that we used to joke about are now actually coming to pass. You know, …

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LISTEN: Bill Nye The Science Guy Talks 'Saving The World'!

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Taylor Swift hung out with Amber Rose, Julia Roberts, Rebel Wilson, and Bill Nye, and we're loving this next iteration of her #squad

You remember Taylor Swift’s #squad, right? Her girl gang consists of celebs like Selena Gomez, Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid, Martha …

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Bill Nye (‘Bill Nye Saves the World’) on 1st Emmy win: ‘Really great but I was also very tired! [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW]

“You want to find out how a person feels and I felt really great but I was also very tired,” reveals <b>Bill Nye</b> about his inaugural Emmy win two decades …


Bill Nye takes us inside season 3 of his geektastic Netflix series

Bill Nye is a celebrity scientist who doesn’t so much act like the celebrity part. Or rather, who doesn’t seem to care about the celebrity part.<p>I’ve …

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Bill Nye will visit Portland to discuss volcanoes and climate change

PORTLAND, Ore. – Bill Nye the Science Guy will be in Portland Friday to talk about climate change and the volcanic eruptions.<p>KATU’s news partner The …


Bill Nye Talks Back About BILL NYE SAVES THE WORLD Season 3

In a world without superheroes, there’s only one thing stopping the Earth from total annihilation–science! On today’s very special edition of <i>Nerdist</i> …

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Bill Nye The Science Guy Explains Why You’re Hearing ‘Yanny’ Or ‘Laurel’ After Viral Audio Clip

Bill Nye to the rescue! Hollywood’s favorite scientist revealed the reason why people are hearing either ‘yanny’ or ‘laurel’ after the audio clip …

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Bill Nye discusses new book and Netflix’s ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’

Bill Nye

Will 'Bill Nye Saves The World' Return For Season 4? There's Plenty More Science Where That Came From

When it first premiered in April 2017, <i>Bill Nye Saves The World</i> was met with mixed reviews, but Netflix still managed to lock down America's favorite …


Bill Nye Saves the World season 3 recap and review

Bill Nye returns with more world-saving ideas in Bill Nye Saves the World, everything from bringing religion and evolution together to how to live …

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