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Paris Hilton’s selfie claim is a snapshot of the current assault on truth: Menon

Hilton’s idiotic claim she invented selfie once again suggests truth is no match for confident delusion.

Canadian News

Here’s what’s coming to Netflix Canada in December

In December, Netflix Canada is set to launch new Netflix Original film called Bright, starring Will Smith, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and …


Paris Hilton Roasted for Claiming She Invented the Selfie

Do you know who invented the selfie? According to Paris Hilton, it was...<i>wait for it</i>...Paris Hilton! On this day, 11 years ago, Paris claims that her …

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12 More Viral Photos That Were Totally Fake

We've been debunking fake photos at Gizmodo since 2013, but in the year 2017, the fakes seem to be spreading online faster than ever. Here are just a …

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New Film Reveals Bill Nye as Lifelong "Science Guy"—and Climate Guy

Inside the longtime Sierra Club member’s quest to end anti-scientific thinking<p>What happens when America’s favorite scientist takes off his “Science …


The New Museum of the Bible in D.C. Is Totally Connected to the Christian Right Agenda

Visitors to Washington, D.C. will now be able to add the Museum of the Bible to their sightseeing to-do lists. The museum, which cost $500 million to …

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“Bill Nye: Science Guy”: Host of ’90s kids show turns his crusade to climate-change deniers

<i>Three stars. Unrated.101 minutes.</i><i>By Lora Grady</i><i>Special To The Washington Post</i>Bill Nye, the lanky, bow-tied TV science advocate, is still a hero to a …


The Blessing and the Curse of Being Bill Nye

The zany scientist talks about his recent transformation into the public—and controversial—face for science<p>Comment on this Story


Netflix has 'Guardians 2' in Dec.



Considering the whimsical iconography of Bill Nye, a documentary on him should only expect to have the lighthearted charm of the zany, perpetually …


Wonder, Thelma and Paradise all hit the target: Reel Brief mini reviews

Quick takes on new theatrical offerings Wonder, Thelma, Bill Nye: Science Guy and Paradise, plus The Hitman’s Bodyguard on DVD.

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When astronaut Scott Kelly told Bill Nye about space

During his year aboard the International Space Station, the longest space mission in American history, astronaut Scott Kelly received a call from his daughter. Braced for bad news, he asked what was wrong.<p>Onstage at the Presbyterian Church in Pasadena on Tuesday night, Kelly recalled their …


Bill Nye, from Science Guy to Science Statesman

Advocate for science raising profile in policy and with new film<p>In one corner is a roster of climate change deniers who now run key congressional …


Need to know: Seattle

<b>Your reading list for Seattle</b><p>A historical novel that connects the Seattle of the present to the International District’s past and the persecution of …


'Science Guy' Documentary Shows That Bill Nye Still a Strong Voice

| No comments<p>Early in the documentary "Bill Nye: Science Guy," another celebrity figure in science, the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, says that …


Chicago Art Book Fair kicks off its first edition tonight

If you were an elementary student in the ’90s, your school’s book fair probably ranked up there with Bill Nye episodes and in-class pizza parties. There were the scented erasers, the early copies of Harry Potter and, among the most privileged, those blank checks made out to Scholastic ahead of time.<p>…


85 People A Shit Ton Sexier Than Blake Shelton

No offense but I'm disgusted.<p>1. Mahershala Ali<p>2. Ryan Gosling<p>3. Idris Elba<p>4. Jake Gyllenhaal<p>5. Ryan Reynolds<p>6. Milo Ventimiglia<p>7. Zac Efron<p>9/10/11. Any of the Hemsworths<p>12. Liam Hemsworth's right ear<p>13. A cell of a Hemsworth<p>14. A piece of gum one of the Hemsworth has chewed<p>15. Phlegm (from a …

Super Mario

Skepticism of astrology isn't particularly smart

Two types of people are incredibly passionate about astrology: Those who love it, and those who love to hate it.<p>Astrology skeptics scathingly dismiss the field as false and facile, and those who buy into it as stupid. Certainly it’s easy to mock the notion that the entire universe is aligning …


Touring the solar system with a new book of NASA photos

It's easy to get jaded by images of our solar system, especially when NASA probes like Cassini make it look so routine. A new book called <i>The Planets</i>, written and curated by Nirmala Nataraj with a forward by Bill Nye and featuring hundreds of stunning NASA images, should cure you of your cynicism. …


What’s next for the guy who has spent the most time of any astronauts living in space?

Who cuts your hair? What do you do when there's an orbital debris collision? These are some of the questions Scott Kelly, a veteran of four space …

Judd Apatow

15,000 Scientists Urge Legislators and Citizens to Issue Save Humanity and this Planet

More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries have issued a warning: Mankind must take immediate action to reverse the effects of climate change, …


Don't worry, Twitter has a million uplifting celebrity stories to soothe your soul because not everything is bad

With all of the sexual assault and harassment allegations hitting the airwaves, the industry, including Twitter, has been a total wreck. And to make …

Mindy Kaling

If the sun is so hot, why is space so cold?

Apparently, this is a question people ask, and they don’t like it when you make fun of them.<p>On Nov. 8 Bill Nye, America’s iconic “Science Guy,” was torn to shreds on Reddit while holding an online discussion to promote his TV show on Netflix. The show, modestly titled <i>Bill Nye Saves the World</i>, has …

Friday Funny: Bill Nye’s ‘ask me anything’ explodes in his face

<i>Redditers Rip Apart Bill Nye’s Totally Incoherent Answers In AMA</i><p>Clip from this Bill Nye Video:<p><b>By Mike</b> …


Bill Nye's 'Ask Me Anything' Forum on Reddit Didn't Go So Well

Bill Nye held an open, “Ask Me Anything” forum on Reddit Wednesday as part of a “quest to end anti-scientific thinking,” but he was met with a …


Bill Nye, The Not-So-Science Guy, Gets Slammed, And It's Pretty Great

One critic decided to slam Bill Nye, The Fake Science Guy, and it was quite a take-down.<p>Holy shit Bill Nye is just getting destroyed by this AMA. …

Conservative View

"Science Guy" Bill Nye Got OBLITERATED During His Recent Reddit Q&A

Celebrity in a lab coat Bill Nye might be one of the most ridiculous figures to rise to prominence in our modern era. Between his near-religious …

Conservative View

The Nature of the AR-15

Back in the early 1980s, I described the origins of the AR-15 rifle, and its military counterpart the M-16, in an Atlantic article called “A Bureaucratic Horror Story” and a book called <i>National Defense.</i> This week I did an item about the AR-15’s role as the main weapon in America’s modern mass …


First-ever Flat Earth International Conference is taking place in Cary

CARY -- The first-ever Flat Earth International Conference is happening this week in Cary.<p>Both flat Earth believers and skeptics are converging on …

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Johnny Depp Is Not The Biggest Star Of 'Murder On The Orient Express'

20th Century Fox’s <i>Murder on the Orient Express</i> earned $1.6 million in Thursday previews last night, which means that we could easily be looking at a $20-$25m debut weekend for the star-studded mystery. That’s a solid start for Kenneth Branagh’s star-studded adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel, …