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How Scott Carter Spends ‘Real Time’ With Bill Maher and Charles Dickens

He is the executive producer of ‘Real Time With Bill Maher,’ and Scott Carter’s play, ‘Discord,’ featuring three great minds, arose from a near-death experience.<p>Thirty years ago, Scott Carter came close to dying after an asthma attack. And so it is that the three famous men featured in his play <i>The</i> …

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Rachel Maddow Connects the Dots Between Russia-Linked Lawyer and Trump's Bill Maher Lawsuit

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow wants to know what's going on with lawyer Scott Balber. The lawyer linked to the infamous Trump Tower meeting between Donald …

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Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, October 13th, 2017?

via HBO<p>It’s Friday the 13th in October of 2017, and fans of Bill Maher are asking if there is going to be an all new episode of Real Time on HBO …


Bill Maher: 2A About Keeping Black Slaves In Check

Last Friday, on HBO's <i>Real Time</i>, Bill Maher framed the Second Amendment as composed by the Framers for the purpose of controlling slaves.

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GOP MSNBC Pundit Blasts Pence: 'Utterly Appalling, Disgusting Behavior' at NFL Game Insider

<b>Tucker: Media 'Putting Thumb on the Scale' Instead of Explaining DACA Policy</b><p><b>Officer: Note Found in Las Vegas Gunman's Room Contained Shooting Calculations</b><p>MSNBC pundit Steve Schmidt blasted Vice President Mike Pence's decision to walk out on his hometown Indianapolis Colts after the visiting 49ers …

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Watch: Bill Maher Torches Democrats For Sucking At Politics, What We Do 'Makes People Hate Us'

Overall, he's not wrong


A Vicious Virtue

When tragedy strikes, you probably deserve it — if you’re a conservative.<p>Not long ago, late-night comedian and would-be philosopher Steven Colbert …

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5 Huge Public Outrages (That Changed Absolutely Nothing)

By JM McNab Published: October 10th, 2017 Along with porn, videos of kittens riding turtles, and the occasional bit of valuable information, the …


Friday cable ratings: MLB Division Series leads, ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ ticks up

TBS landed on top in the Friday cable ratings last week, with its coverage of the MLB division series games. The network’s broadcast of the Cubs vs …

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Bill Maher, Colin Jost and Michael Che on gun control in the Best of Late Night

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Bill Maher sums up the difference between blacks and whites on guns: If you can’t see it ‘you’re probably racist’

Bill Maher sums up the difference between blacks and whites on guns: If you can’t see it ‘you’re probably racist’<p>website<p>News Republic


Watch: Bill Maher Attacks Democrats For ‘Meddling’ and ‘Overbearing’ Hot Car Legislation

Bill Maher seized on the so-called Hot Cars Act – a legislative proposal that would require automobile sensors reminding drivers of kids left in rear …


Maher rips Republicans over 'thoughts and prayers' after Las Vegas shooting

Liberal talk show host Bill Maher ripped Republicans on Friday for extending "thoughts and prayers" to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, calling …

Las Vegas

MSNBC Analyst Claims It Is 'Harder To Buy Cough Medicine' Than An AK47

"I will bet you $10,000 I can ..."<p>Advertisement - story continues below<p>In the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, a panel on HBO’s <i>Real Time</i> …

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Bill Maher wants Democrats to stop ‘babyproofing’ everything

via HBO<p>Bill Maher took to Real Time to plead with Democrats to focus on the issues that matter rather than just babyproofing everything else, in his …


Bill Maher blasts Dems: ‘Democrats don’t want to help people,’ and ‘it makes people hate us’

Bill Maher went off on Democrats during Friday’s “Real Time,” accusing them of both overregulation and not being focused on the right things in order to actually help people.<p>What did he say?<p>During one of HBO’s “Real Time” segments, Maher began by addressing a bill introduced by Senate Democrats who …

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Bill Maher: I'm So Sick Of 'Thoughts And Prayers' After Mass Shootings

"Thoughts and prayers are the Republican way of saying 'tough s**t.'"<p>“Real Time” host Bill Maher says he is done with people who respond to mass shootings by sending their “thoughts and prayers.”<p>“I’m so sick of all the reactions,” he said while talking about the recent Las Vegas massacre during the …

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Russell Brand Schools Bill Maher on Heroin, LSD, Marijuana: 'I'm Only Describing One Evening'

Now, the only drug the British comedic actor is interested in is “the drug of connection, of unity, of love”<p>Russell Brand stopped by “Real Time with …


“Worst responder”: Bill Maher slams Trump for Puerto Rico response

Maher joked that once Trump visited the island the Puerto Ricans were asking for the hurricane to come back<p>The U.S. had a rough week and let's just say Bill Maher was not impressed with President Trump's response to everything. The "Real Time" host immediately went after the president in his …

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Watch Russell Brand Go on a Fascinating Rant About Drugs and Addiction

Appearing as the mid-show panelist on Friday night’s broadcast of HBO’s <i>Real Time with Bill Maher</i>, comedian/actor/activist <b>Russell Brand</b> made quite an …

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Billy Crystal and Bill Maher riff on the decline of America, from guns to Betsy DeVos

Crystal takes down the education secretary in a sit down with Maher<p>Billy Crystal has a unique take on American culture as the comedian has toured around the country telling jokes and observing his audiences. He told Bill Maher and his "Real Time" audience that he has performed in clubs where people …

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Video: Exclusive sex club, rumored to have Bill Maher as a client, gives back to Las Vegas | New York Post

Exclusive sex club, rumored to have Bill Maher as a client, gives back to Las Vegas<p>October 5, 2017<p>Sanctum, a members-only sex club in Los Angeles, …

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What to Watch: Once Upon a Time‘s ‘Reset’ Begins, MacGyver and More | TVLine

08:00<p>P<br>• M<p>ABC<p>Once Upon a Time<p><b>Season 7 premiere</b> (new night, semi-new cast): In a distant realm, grown-up Henry Mills (<i>The Walking Dead</i>‘s Andrew J. West) …


TV tonight: ‘Once Upon a Time’ hits the reset button

TV picks for Friday, Oct. 6<p>WATCH THIS:<p><b>“Once Upon a Time” (8 p.m., ABC):</b> The fairytale drama moves to a new night, with new characters and stories in …


Facebook's dirty dance with Russians demands regulation

For decades, I have argued against any media regulation that might infringe on free expression and First Amendment guarantees.But what we are …

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Liberal guests to Bill Maher: Assault Nazis and scrap the First Amendment

American liberalism is increasingly comfortable with authoritarianism. That's my only conclusion from last Friday's free speech discussion on HBO's …

'Discord' Theater Review: It's Bill Maher's 'Religulous' for the Thinking Man

Scott Carter of “Real Time With Bill Maher” conjures up a seance with Dickens, Tolstoy and Jefferson to shred the Bible<p>One can only imagine what Bill …


Bill Maher: It doesn't take courage for a liberal to punch a Nazi, that's not freedom of speech

'You have to go by principles, just not how you feel'

Maher nails why only white people get away with gun violence: If you can’t see it ‘you’re probably racist’

Bill Maher couldn’t help but note that the way Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock is being treated differently than other terrorists that have …

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Bill Maher Nicknames Trump Sons 'Donny Douchebag' and 'Short Bus'

“Real Time” host takes on White House-Russia connection in Friday’s “New Rules”<p>Bill Maher’s got this whole Trump-Russia connection figured out, and …