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Names & Faces: Jimmy Garoppolo, Bethany Hamilton

<b>Jimmy Garoppolo</b><p>The 49ers quarterback was caught by TMZ Sports out on a date with adult film star Kiara Mia on Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, shortly after the ESPYs awards show in Los Angeles. Will this affect the clean image that the 49ers are trying to cultivate after years of controversy off …


Australian surfers Sally Fitzgibbons and Stephanie Gilmore during a recent Olympic training session at Kelly Slater's surf ranch

Australian surfers Sally Fitzgibbons and Stephanie Gilmore during a recent Olympic training session at Kelly Slater's surf ranch.

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Bethany Hamilton Gets the Nod to Compete in the Upcoming Surf Ranch Pro

<b>On Thursday,</b> the WSL announced that Bethany Hamilton would be granted the wildcard slot to compete against the world’s best women when the …

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'Finding Nemo' and 'Jaws' on the Warner Big Screen

It's Not Just a Movie... It's a Movie at the Warner!<p>It's Not Just a Movie... It's a Movie at the Warner!<br>FINDING NEMO<br>JAWS<br>August 11, 2018<br>Sponsored by …

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Lucy Campbell said, “Boardmasters is always my favourite event of the year so I’m really looking forward to returning to compete at the Roxy Open – …


Crashing a Surf Party Deep in the Heart of Texas

Damien Hobgood, Bethany Hamilton, Ryan Burch and more hit Waco<p>Chemistry Surfboards’ Jason Bennett and Will Smith assembled an eclectic crew of wave …

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How Do Asymmetrical Boards Fair in Wave Pools? Allow Ryan Burch to Demonstrate

<b>The difference between American Wave Machines’ wave pool in Waco and,</b> say, the Surf Ranch in Lemoore is analogous to a city bus and Elon Musk’s …


Paulo Costa is not using steroids so surf legend Kelly Slater and his ‘stupid’ opinion can go spit

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender, Paulo Costa, is tired of being accused of using performance-enhancing drugs simply …


Keala Kennelly Is the Role Model I Always Wanted as a Grom

Keala Kennelly, who has won three Big Wave Awards for women’s best performance, broke new ground at the 2016 award show, with a win in the tube …

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Shredding Monsters - Mavericks

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Albee Layer and the Jaws Obsession

<b>Albee Layer possesses what is perhaps the most rounded skill set of any surfer today.</b> Claiming Surfer Poll awards for 540's and blowing minds with …


Sharks Line Up at All-You-Can-Eat Angourie Buffet

Laurie Towner and bro Hughie inadvertently produce Angourie anti-tourism vids<p>Ah, bucolic Angourie, New South Wales. Remember the rolling, …


Mark Mester Rides ‘The Most Perfect Wave’ at Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Lemoore

<i>These segments aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News and the KTLA 5 News at 1 on July 16, 2018. Click here for more information on Kelly Slater's Surf</i> …

Kelly Slater

The Surfboard Shaper You Need to Know

Haydenshapes makes some of the most bespoke high-performance surfboards in demand right now.<p>A surfboard that not long ago spent several weeks being …

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Damien Hobgood Doing What He Does Best

<b>For the last few years there had been something lacking in my surfing diet.</b> I could never quite put my finger on what it was, but there was a …


what ‘normal people’ can learn from extreme sports

BASE jumping, wingsuit flying, big wave surfing, extreme skiing and solo rope-free climbing, when we think of someone who takes part in these extreme …

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New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees learns to surf at World Champion Kelly Slater's surf ranch

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees learns to surf at World Champion surfer Kelly Slater's surf ranch in California.

Drew Brees

Elite adaptive surfers offer an ocean of possibilities

+2<p>Isaac Coulapides, who was paralyzed after a car accident, surfs during the Challenged Athletes Foundation's Youth Adaptive Surfing Camp in Del Mar, …

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Andy Irons was a hero and role model to surfers all over the world. But his untimely death in 2010, aged just 32, opened up a darker side of his life …


Step inside an epic season of friendship, fear and triumph at Jaws

Nervous Laughter, now playing on Red Bull TV, follows Maui's best surfers as they take on the island's fiercest wave, Jaws, and shatter expectations …

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Watch Damien Hobgood and More in a High-octane Barrel Fest

Where's Damo been? Apparently around the world getting barreled<p>Damien Hobgood has never been one to shy away from a tube, and based on the edit …


Toledo Can Win the World Title

And just like that Filipe Toledo is on top of the ratings. With six events in the can he heads to Tahiti ranked number on the Jeep Leaderboard and is …

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Rob Machado and Co. Want to Show You Around Cabo for $10!

Now’s your chance to explore Cabo with Rob Machado. Photo: Omaze<p><b>The southeastern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula,</b> otherwise known as the Los Cabos …

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Marcelo Luna’s Nazaré Wipeout: ‘This Was Like Being Eaten Alive By a Monster’

<b>New Drone footage has emerged of intense carnage from Nazaré involving big wave surfer, Marcelo Luna.</b> Luna, a 33-year-old professional surfer from …

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Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton

Experience the white-knuckle thrill of big wave surfing through the eyes of Laird Hamilton, a living legend who conquers the world's mightiest tides.

Laird Hamilton

Big Wave Pioneer Ric Friar Has One of the Craziest Life Stories You’ve Ever Heard

<p><b>Ric Friar is,</b> without a doubt, one of the world’s most interesting men. It’s as though he sees the world through a different lens, one that’s …


10 Things Every Surfer Can Learn From Training Like A Big-Wave Surfer

Greg Long and Danilo Couto offer insight and education at the most recent Big Wave Risk Assessment Group (BWRAG) conference.<p>Let’s be completely …


Best Contest Ever: Puerto Escondido

<i>By Melanie Williams</i> @yogasurfmelWe are privileged to live at moment in history where the balance scales are tipping toward gender equality. The …


The psychology of surviving a big wave wipeout, then going back for more

A discussion on the psychology of big wave surfing and the aftermath of a treacherous wipeout, with Dean "Dingo" Morrison.<p>Dean “Dingo” Morrison needs …

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Josh Brolin Gets Corny with Laird Hamilton ... And Laird Surfs, Of Course

As if you haven't seen <b>Josh Brolin</b> enough on the big screen this summer, here he is again for the 4th of July ... getting his cornhole on with pro …

Laird Hamilton