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Cougar Mom, Cubs Captured On Video To Make Humans Better Neighbors

"Living with Lions" project hopes that the more people know about the apex predators, the more they'll respect them.<p>A Northern California animal project has captured a mother mountain lion and her chirping 11-day-old cubs in their den on a breathtaking video in an effort to make humans more …


Friday Five: Thomas Abban, Chance York & Big Cats!, and more new Minnesota music videos

Thomas Abban – “Sinner”Fresh off news that he’s signed with RCA, Thomas Abban releases an acoustic live video of “Sinner,” the only track from <i>A</i> …

Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Motordromes Pitted Daredevils Against Lions And The Wall Of Death

Motordromes<p>Today, Motordromes, circular board racing tracks to put the popularity, speed, and power of motorcycles on the map, are nearly extinct. …


Dubai cafe that filmed a cheetah eating, condemned by UAE government

Dubai: The UAE’s top government official responsible for animal welfare has reprimanded a café in Dubai that used a captive cheetah to promote its …

Middle East

Alan Rabinowitz — We Are All Wildlife

Remembering “the Indiana Jones of wildlife conservation.” The wildness that we don't feel during our everyday lives. “I was a fluent stutterer and …


Wildlife officials seek mountain lion that broke into home

Wildlife officials in Colorado are warning residents to be aware of mountain lions after one of the big cats broke into a home.


Jenny Diliberti has got me stoked for Zoo a la Carte!

Just Now<p>Zoo a la Carte kicks off tomorrow, August 16th, and goes through the 19th! I'm pretty excited for my first one, and Jenny Diliberti, Public …


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Any other name<p>There is no animal across the Americas that has been given more names than the hemisphere's dominant hunting cat often known as the …


Now, Drones To Enable Big Cats In Rajasthan To Roam Free (And Safe) In The Wild

All-inclusive growth is the way to holistic, sustainable progress, especially when it comes to digital transformation. We’ve talked about the …



<b>Bhutan: a hotspot of wild cat diversity</b><p>Did you know that Bhutan is a hotspot of wild cat diversity? It is home to 11 species of wild cats which is …


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Blue hair and big cats: Meet Niners rookie Dante Pettis

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Whether it's his hair, his hobbies, his gait or his athletic talent, San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Dante Pettis has grown …


Tourists to South Africa warned 'orphan' lion cub farms are a scam driving big cats to extinction

Holidaymakers are being warned against scam “orphan” lion cub attractions that are a front for the lucrative trade in shooting the animals dead.<p>Parks …


Lion-Hunting by Trump Donors Is Awful, but the Trade in Lion Bones Is Worse

Experts worry this booming trade could doom the big cats in the wild


Multnomah County bans traveling animal circuses

View Comments<p>The prohibition applies to displays of exotic animals for fun or profit within County limits.<p>Lions and tigers and bears — nope.<p>The …

Portland, OR

This Iconic Wildlife Photographer Is Determined to Save Big Cats

Culture & ExplorationPhoto Gallery<p>In honor of World Lion Day, Beverly Joubert shares how she's working to protect these crucial predators and the wild spaces they call home.<p>Beverly Joubert’s ceaseless passion and talent have made her a heroine in the field of wildlife photography. She is a National …


Mountain Lion Spotted Prowling Peninsula Backyard: SEE

Police shared home security footage of the animal.<p>SAN MATEO, CA — A San Mateo resident uncovered a large prowler in their property this week when …

Bay City

Snow leopard cubs make their zoo debut at 9 weeks old

Dozens of parents and children filed excitedly behind a glass enclosure at the San Francisco Zoo on Thursday to watch two snow leopard cubs discover …

San Francisco Bay Area

Photo of Drugged Tiger Exploited as a Prop Is a Reminder of Why We Must Protect These Magnificent Big Cats

Tigers are one of the most regal animals on the planet, enchanting humans with their beauty, grace, mystery, and strength for centuries. However, …


Mischievous White Lion Cubs Steal Zookeeper's Hat

Rare white lions may be may be predatory big cats, but for now, these two tiny cubs just want to cause some mischief.<p>One of the cubs could be seen at …

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Battle Of The Big Cats: The Ridiculous Contract Panthers Officials Are Expecting Ivan Cleary To Sign

<b>The Penrith Panthers v Wests Tigers saga sounds as though it has only just started.</b><p>The Daily Telegraph's Dean Ritchie joined Triple M's The Rush Hour …

Wests Tigers

Meet Bodhi, Omid and Zara

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The three snow leopard cubs at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo have been named Bodhi, Zara and Omid.<p>The zoo last month sought the …


Cougar spotted in Streamwood? Here's why more could be on the way

"I think there's a good possibility that we will see more cougar sightings going forward," one expert says after a possible cougar was spotted late …


Alan Rabinowitz, Wild Cats' Champion and Protector, Dies

Animals<p>Famed conservationist Alan Rabinowitz spent his career studying and advocating for the big cats that he credits with giving him a voice.<p>Alan Rabinowitz, one of the world’s leading experts on wild cats, died of cancer on August 5. He was 64. Rabinowitz stuttered badly as a child, but found …


Female cheetah in heat fends off four males

Safari-goers in Botswana, Africa, got to witness a group of male cheetahs harassing a lone female. Fortunately, she was able to escape, but only …


Do Big Cats Get Hairballs?

<b>Jay Bazzinotti:</b><p>Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy, spent two years shackled to a wall in a Virginia prison. He had many unlikely …


LOOK: Clemson D-line featured on cover of Sports Illustrated

by Tony Crumpton - Assoc. Editor - Tuesday, August 7, 2018 9:28 AM<p>The regional College Football Preview magazine for Sports Illustrated will hit …

College Football

Despite Bullhook and Whip Ban, Venue Plans to Host Cruel Wild-Animal Act

Last year, the city of Sebring, Florida, passed a law banning the use and display of bullhooks—sharp steel-tipped weapons that resemble a fireplace …

Animal Rights

Cat fight! Female cheetah fights off four amorous males during mating season in Botswana

These cheetahs were caught on camera locked in a fierce battle with one another in South Africa.<p>A female cat was captured being harassed by four male …


Watch Secrets of the Zoo: "Run Cheetah Run" Online

S1 E2 Run Cheetah Run<p>The zoo doctors help an injured cheetah, and then rescue 16 macaws....<p>7-30-2018 • TV-PG • 44m<p>Secrets of the Zoo Episodes (1)<p>SERIES PREMIERE<p>07-30-18 • TV-PG DLV • 44m<p>• • •<p>Trademark & Copyright Notice: ™ and © 2018 National Geographic Partners, LLC. All rights reserved. Use of …