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Trump's cabinet members are flying private jets like pampered Hollywood celebs — on your dime

Nothing says “elite” quite like having a private jet ferry you to work. Unless it’s having a government plane shuttle you to a prime viewing spot for the solar eclipse. Or summoning an Air Force jet to fly you and your new wife to Europe for your honeymoon.<p>Evidently, the utter contempt that …

Steven Mnuchin

This Male Sexual Assault Survivor Has A Message For Betsy DeVos

<b>Update:</b> On Friday, the U.S. Department of Education rescinded Obama-era guidance on how schools must investigate and resolve reports of sexual …


Evidence standards changed for campus assault investigations

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Trump administration on Friday scrapped Obama-era guidance on investigating campus sexual assault, replacing it with new instructions that allow universities to require higher standards of evidence when handling complaints.<p>Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has said that …


Trump's and Obama's Education Secretary Both Charged the Government for Travel. Here's the Difference

The travel preferences of education secretary Betsy DeVos came under scrutiny this week when multiple reports surfaced that DeVos travels to …

U.S. Secretary of Education

Obama-era school sexual assault policy rescinded

The Trump administration announced today that it is now rescinding Obama-era school sexual assault guidance and issuing a question-and-answer document while a formal review is undertaken.<p>Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has said a new direction is needed to balance the rights of the victims and the …


Nearly 30% of Public School Teachers Are ‘Chronically’ Skipping Classes, Study Says

Almost 30 percent of public school teachers are “chronically” skipping classes, according to a Wednesday study.<p>Over 28 percent of public school …


Betsy DeVos just rolled back protections for college victims of sexual assault

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has done what many campus safety advocates have been fearing for months: She has decided to roll back Obama-led guidance for universities to more aggressively investigate and adjudicate instance of sexual assault on campuses.<p>Under the Obama rules, colleges were asked …


Price's private-jet travel more extensive than previously reported

We knew HHS Secretary Tom Price’s private-jet travel was bad. We didn’t know it was <i>this</i> bad.<p>Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has taken …

Tom Price

A Look Inside The Private Jets Of Trump Administration Insiders

While the private jet charter habits of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price is under fire alongside a trip by Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to view the solar eclipse and a separate request to use a government aircraft to go to Europe for his honeymoon, a number of administration …


Betsy DeVos reverses Obama-era policy on campus assault

Donald Trump’s education secretary has just made it harder for victims of campus sexual assault to seek justice<p>0 Comments<p>Matthew Rozsa<p>Matthew Rozsa is a breaking news writer for Salon. He holds an MA in History from Rutgers University-Newark and his work has appeared in Mic, Quartz and MSNBC.

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The Senate Will Vote on an Obamacare Replacement Within the Next Week

<i>Welcome to This Week in Women's Health Care—the round-up for women who care about what's going on in Washington and around the country, and how it</i> …


Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is Coming to Bellevue Next Month

Protesters are ready. by Ana Sofia KnaufUgh. WIN MCNAMEE / STAFFUnited States Education Secretary, billionaire, and charter school proponent Betsy …


DeVos should keep rules targeting for-profit colleges

For-profit colleges have their place in higher education, but too many operators have proved to be incredibly bad actors over the years, making …


Today's Paper 09/22/2017

Front page September22, 2017<p>Aaron Hernandez suffered from advanced Stage 3 CTE, said experts at Boston University who examined his brain.<p>Nestor …

Lisa Murkowski

Tom Price Flies Blind on Ethics

Who taught the health secretary it's OK to spend $25,000 for a 270-mile round-trip flight? Oh, right...<p>Under the lax ethical standards President Donald Trump brought to the White House, rampant conflicts of interest are treated with casual indifference. This disregard has sent a message to his …

Tom Price

Former Obama officials launch legal group to challenge DeVos

WASHINGTON (AP) — A group of former Obama education officials on Thursday launched a legal aid organization to challenge the Trump administration's policies on student lending and civil rights.<p>The National Student Legal Defense Network will partner with state attorneys general and advocacy groups …

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Joe Biden Responds to Betsy DeVos’ Title IX Stance in Latest ‘It’s On Us’ Ad

In the new “It’s On Us” PSA, former vice president Joe Biden delivers what may be his most emotional plea yet.<p>“It’s On Us” began as a sexual assault …


The Trump Administration Is the 'Most Male-Dominated Government' in Over 2 Decades

<i>Welcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.</i><p><b>Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover …

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Upton inches closer to GOP Senate race

Rep. Fred Upton nears a decision to run for U.S. Senate as GOP donors and activists meet this weekend on Mackinac Island

U.S. Congress

Betsy DeVos Approves Massachusetts Plan for ESSA Implementation

« Your One-Stop Shop for ESSA Info on Teachers, Testing, Money, and More | Main<p>U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced Thursday that she …


Washington approves revisions to Massachusetts’ school accountability system

The US Education Department approved a revised system to judge school performance in Massachusetts, federal officials announced Thursday.<p>State …


Napolitano Riffs on DeVos, Free Speech, and DACA

Chronicle photo by Julia Schmalz<p>Janet Napolitano, the U. of California system president, told a group of reporters on Wednesday that she left a …


Betsy DeVos Is Headed to Bellevue. Protesters Surely Are As Well.

It was going to happen eventually.<p>A top-shelf member of President Donald Trump’s administration is coming to Washington to share her convictions, …


Former Obama officials form group to combat Trump rollback of consumer protections in higher ed

A cadre of attorneys and policy advisers from the Obama administration is teaming up to do what they say Education Secretary Betsy DeVos seems incapable of doing: protecting students.<p>They have formed a coalition, called the National Student Legal Defense Network, that will partner with state …

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The Empire State seeks a new direction for student success

<i>With help from Benjamin Wermund, Mel Leonor and Kimberly Hefling</i><p><b>THE EMPIRE STATE SEEKS A NEW DIRECTION FOR STUDENT SUCCESS:</b> New York — home to a hotbed of Common Core pushback and outrage over high-stakes testing in recent years — wants to head in a new direction under the Every Student Succeeds …


Remaking America’s schools

Why do schoolhouses matter? Johann Neem on the rise of public education in America. Katherine Stewart on what the “government schools” critics really …


'Disparate Impact' in Discipline

« Make Teacher Accountability Like CEO Accountability | Main<p>Ever since the Department of Education sent a "Dear Colleague" letter in 2014 to school …


Group Tied To Betsy DeVos Is Trying To Block Feds From Investigating Multilevel Marketers

Direct sales programs that call themselves “multilevel marketing” (MLM) companies run the gamut from being merely annoying to full-blown pyramid …

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Trump’s Betsy DeVos Just Found A New Way To Spite Obama And Screw Over Millions Of Students

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s plan to remove the only independent watchdog that keeps private loan servicers handling the nation’s more than $1.4 …

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Our Editorial: Intolerance on display at MSU

Faculty spearheaded petition to block Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos from making remarks at Grand Rapids event