Berlin Wall

President Trump Meets with German Chancellor at NATO Summit

President Trump delivered remarks at the beginning of the NATO Summit in Brussels at the unveiling of a Berlin Wall and…<p>President Trump and German …

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Berlin Wall display will remain in Suwanee

The Suwanee City Council voted recently to accept a donation of the Berlin wall public art piece that has been displayed over the past few years in …


Meet the People Who Are Married to Inanimate Objects

Objectum sexuality, sometimes referred to as objectophilia, is the romantic attraction to inanimate objects. While there are several cases around the …

Berlin Wall

City Primeval: New York, Berlin, Prague

Overview<p>City Primeval: New York, Berlin, Prague by Louis Armand<p><i>City Primeval</i> traces a cultural migration, from the defining historical moments of New …

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HH Sawai Padmanabh Singh’s personal style is a masterclass in how to roll like a royal

HH Sawai Padmanabh Singh’s personal style is a masterclass in how to roll like a royal<p>Getty Images, Instagram<p>His Highness Sawai Padmanabh Singh …

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The funk band, newly inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, talked Miles Davis, David Lee Roth, the Berlin Wall, and whether black men should shout “Yahoo!”

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Dublin enraged Downing Street by comparing a post-Brexit Irish 'hard border' to the Berlin Wall

DUBLIN enraged Downing Street last night after comparing the “Berlin Wall” to a possible post-Brexit ‘hard border’ in Ireland.<p>Irish Foreign Minister …

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Listen: Hotel Lux - 'Berlin Wall'

<b>Hotel Lux</b> seem to make the soundtrack for decaying post-industrial landscapes.<p>Now, we're about to make a resolutely political point here, but it's …

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Hotel Lux share new track 'Berlin Wall'

The band are also heading out on tour very soon. Continue reading…

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31 years ago today Ronald Reagan challenged Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev to 'tear down' the Berlin Wall

On this day (June 12) President Ronald Reagan gave what is probably his most famous and influential speech — the “<b>Berlin Wall speech</b>” — at the …


Today in History for June 12th

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President Donald Trump -- The Ultimate Disruptor

When we think of disruptive forces in technology and its implementation, the names Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Elon Musk and Steve Jobs, to name a few, come to mind. They are visionaries who took their own concepts and made them a reality, and some implemented those ideas during the technological …

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After the fall of the wall came techno

Anthony Bourdain visits the Berlin wall in this week's episode of Parts Unknown. Watch Parts Unknown Sundays at 9PM ET/PT on CNN.

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Kennedy Administration Stations Lesson

This is a complete 50 minute station lesson on the Kennedy administration.This lesson is broken into six stations to teach about the Kennedy …

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Revisiting the Berlin Wall era, Germany's 2018 Venice Biennale Pavilion “Unbuilding Walls” examines the lasting effects of division

During a time of heated debates on national borders, “Unbuilding Walls” — the German Pavilion now open at the 2018 Venice Biennale — revisits the era …


Newlyweds return from honeymoon to find 'Berlin Wall' fence around 'dream home' just 2ft from windows

A newlywed couple came back from honeymoon to find a 6ft-high fence had been erected in front of their house.<p>Thomas and Rebekah Entwistle feel like …

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Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall was one of the most defining symbols of the Cold War. The Soviet Union and East Germany called it Die anti-Faschistischer Schutzwall …


Martin-Gropius-Bau show to mark 30 years since fall of the Berlin Wall

Stephanie Rosenthal, who became the director of the Martin-Gropius-Bau in February, is planning a series of shows drawing on the history of its …

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Let's give North Koreans the outside information they crave

During the dark years of World War II, Voice of America beamed daily radio broadcasts behind German lines. During the Cold War, we did the same, …

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City Guide

Attractions<p>Berlin's best sights and attractions<p>Take a tour of the city's most famous monuments to its past with our Berlin attractions bucket …


Thierry Noir was a celebrated artist on one side of the Berlin Wall and a treacherous vandal on the other

“It was a political act to paint the wall — even if you made pee-pee on the wall it was political.”<p>For as long as there have been walls, people have …


Ron DeSantis Compares Denuclearizing Of North Korea To Fall Of Berlin Wall

2:28 PM 05/01/2018<p>Republican Rep. Ron DeSantis of Florida said if America is able to denuclearize the Korean peninsula, it will be the biggest …

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Put a piece of the Berlin Wall on your wrist with this new watch

We’re always told to remember history, lest we be doomed to repeat it. Now a US-based company hopes to ensure we never forget the hardship and division caused by the Iron Curtain – by allowing you to wear a piece of the Berlin Wall on your wrist.<p>Pramzius is offering customers the chance to purchase …


North and South Korea are inching closer to peace — and it could have as big an impact on markets as the fall of the Berlin Wall

With North Korea and South Korea making tentative step s towards a de-escalation of the decades long conflict between the two nations, some analysts have started to think about what a more liberal, open North Korea without nuclear weapons might mean for the world.<p>Writing this week, a team from …

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Plans for 'Berlin Wall' flats approved - despite dozens of objections

Plans for an apartment block likened to the “Berlin Wall” that was subject to dozens of objections has been approved by Wirral council’s planners.<p>The …


Berlin 24/7: Why many Berliners feel at home in a department store

The KaDeWe is one of the largest department stores in the world and a place to revisit the Berlin of yesteryear. While many treat it as a second …


East Side Gallery Berlin: Remembering Change

The stretch of the Berlin Wall that is now known as the East Side Gallery. For almost 30 years people wished it wasn’t there at all. It was clearly …

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How Would You Like A Piece Of The Berlin Wall On Your Wrist? Pramzius' Latest Watch Can Do This

There is no doubt that Kickstarter has become one of the most important platforms for introducing interesting new watch brands and watches – and especially in the fascinating new arena of micro brands, Kickstarter has become indispensable. One new micro brand that has been quite successful on …

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Pictures Show What Traffic Jams Looked Like in the Past

Traffic jam has always been a problem so far, and hard to have a completely solution to solve. Take to look at these pictures to see what traffic …