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PM's Bodyguard commander hits back at US

The commander of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Bodyguard Unit (BGU) Hing Bun Heang on Sunday dismissed a short video clip that went viral on social media …

Human Rights

Robots as tools and partners in rehabilitation

In future decades the need for effective strategies for medical rehabilitation will increase significantly, because patients' rate of survival after …


Israeli universities rise in annual Shanghai Ranking

The Technion and Hebrew University are both featured in the list's top 100.<p>><br>• ><p>The Computer Science Faculty building at Technion University in Haifa, …


Why Israel is investing $24M in its cybersecurity industry

The Israeli government just launched a three-year program to boost investments in cybersecurity companies.<p>On Wednesday, Israel announced that it …

Israeli Government

1,000-year-old blood-feud victim found in Jerusalem hills

Israeli archaeologists believe the newly discovered skull and palm bones are the earliest evidence of Bedouin blood vengeance.


Two Israeli Universities Listed Among Global Top 100

Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s annual convocation, June 11, 2017. Photo: Miriam Alster/Flash90.<p><i></i> – Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology …


The surprising psychology of dieting and plate design

New research is challenging long-held assumptions about how our eyes influence our stomachs.<p>You’ve probably heard the idea that using smaller plates and bowls can affect your perception of how much you’re eating, thereby helping you eat less. But how well does it work? A new study sheds light on …


BGU names Daniel Chamovitz as 7th president

"Prof. Chamovitz has the ability to lead, and can create the necessary and appropriate circles of cooperation within and outside the University," …

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The size of the plate won’t help your diet, new study says

Israeli researchers debunk old weight-loss theory, proving that when people are hungry or dieting, they are less likely to be fooled by plate size.


Future Prospect for the Chinese Economy | Jack Austin Centre for Asia Pacific Business Studies

China has been hailed as the economy of the 21st Century, set to overtake the American economy within less than a decade. However, the market is …

Chinese Economy

Cyberthreats: Back to typewriters from PCs?

Photo: iStock<p>Authorities in a borough in the town of Valdez in Alaska were compelled to give up their PCs and go back to typewriters and hand …

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Irrigation system vulnerabilities highlight physical consequences of cyberattacks

A new report from Ben-Gurion University of Negev warns of potential attacks against urban water services.<p>Vulnerabilities in commercial smart …


New cyberattacks against urban water services possible warn Ben-Gurion University researchers

Ben-Gurion University researchers notified manufacturers of critical vulnerabilities in their products<p>DEF CON, LAS VEGAS...August 9, 2018 - …


Hackers could turn your garden sprinklers into a cyber weapon

Israeli researchers are warning that smart irrigation systems could take down parts of a city’s water system.<p><b>Spray and prey:</b> The researchers from …


Hackers Could Cause Havoc By Pwning Internet-Connected Irrigation Systems

Researchers at a university in Israel have found ways to turn smart irrigation systems into a botnet that could theoretically drain some of a city’s water reserves. But don’t panic.<p>Hackers could mess with a city’s water supplies without attacking its critical infrastructure directly, but instead …


The Incredible Hulk comet is coming our way and it ‘could be ruinous for civilisation’

Planet Earth is due for a close encounter with a huge space object dubbed the ‘Incredible Hulk’.<p>A gigantic comet called PanSTARRS (C/2017 S3) will …

Incredible Hulk

Django error - matching query does not exist (used django1.10 on windows server 2016)

OS and configuration:• Python36/Django1.10<br>• OS : Windows Server 2016 (used wfastcgi)<br>• Database: MSSQL 2014<br>the code as follows:Example data like:• "Harvard …

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A column featuring sci-tech developments in the Jewish world

Would you wear a fabric that can smooth out the wrinkles - in your skin? Cupron, an American-Israeli textile company, claims that its material, which …

Weight Loss

Eating on a small plate may not trick your dumb brain into thinking there’s more food

This is one of those news stories apparently designed to make me feel like a grade-A sucker: <i>Science Daily</i> reports today that a new study by …

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Smaller plates don't help you eat less when you're hungry -- Ben-Gurion U. research

First study to examine how food deprivation affects relative perception of food debunks old weight-loss diet theory<p>NEW YORK...July 30, 2018 -Tricking …


RBC invests $2M in Israeli cybersecurity research

The bank invested in research on AI and machine learning tech to further develop cybersecurity techniques at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.


Smaller plates don't help you eat less when you're hungry, research finds: First study to examine how food deprivation affects relative perception of food debunks old weight-loss diet theory

First study to examine how food deprivation affects relative perception of food debunks old weight-loss diet theory<p>A new study debunks a popular diet …

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Israeli startup honored by NYC Mayor for making theater accessible

The Sapolin Awards honor individuals or groups that have contributed to broadening accessibility for individuals with disabilities.<p>><br>• ><p>A promotional …

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Greater market liquidity actually increases risk: study

Contrary to most common theories that greater liquidity is necessarily better for financial markets overall, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) …

Stock Markets

Greater market liquidity actually increases risk, according to Ben-Gurion University researchers

NEW YORK...July 25, 2018 - Contrary to most common theories that greater liquidity is necessarily better for financial markets overall, Ben-Gurion …

Stock Markets

Episiotomy at first birth raises risk of repeat episiotomy

New long-range Israeli study supports the recent trend away from making incision that used to be routine during deliveries.


Robots to the Rescue: Racing Through Our Blood to Cure Disease

David Zarrouk carefully places the tiny robot into a cleaned-up pig intestine on his table, and flips on the switch. About the size of a thumb, the …

Northwestern University

Educational outlets launch project to amass testimonies of Jews from the Mizrach

The San Francisco Bay Area nonprofit JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and North Africa) has announced a new partnership program with …


KIM: ‘Action bias’ harmful to soccer goalkeepers and investors

Every four years, the World Cup captivates soccer fans around the globe. The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia concluded on July 15, with France defeating …

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Sounds odd? Your 3D printer could be hacked

New research from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, that previously showed how easy it is to hack 3D printed drones, is proposing the use …

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