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Why Hasn't the Real Estate President Fixed Housing Yet?

The mogul president’s name is synonymous with real estate. But as Donald Trump enthusiastically holds forth on America’s “crumbling” infrastructure, …

Real Estate

Chronicling homelessness: for better or worse, it’s in Ben Carson’s hands

He has angered advocates, but a friend recalls him speaking about homelessness ‘only with compassion’. What will Carson do about it on a national stage?<p>Can a person lead a full life with only half their brain? In the 1980s, Ben Carson believed they could. Long before he became head of the federal …

Trump Administration

You’ve Named Trump’s Worst!

It was a hard-fought race, people. But the results of our Worst Trump Cabinet Member reader poll are in.<p>And the winner is — Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos!<p>With a near tie for second place between Scott Pruitt of the Environmental Protection Agency and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. “It’s hard …


Fighting Poverty Isn't Brain Surgery, but Ben Carson Can Do Both

Washington<p>At the end of our interview last week, I asked Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson for an example of the outside-the-box thinking that served him so well in his prior career as a pioneering neurosurgeon.<p>“Sure. I started advocating cervicomedullary decompression for …


Fighting Poverty Isn’t Brain Surgery, but Ben Carson Can Do Both

‘I don’t get upset when people say horrible things,’ the HUD secretary says. ‘People don’t like change.’<p>Washington<p>At the end of our interview last week, I asked Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson for an example of the outside-the-box thinking that served him so well in his prior …

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Poverty really is the result of a state of mind — among rich people

Recently, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said that poverty is a state of mind, and having the right mind-set will let people escape poverty. He was both right and wrong. There <i>is</i> a poverty mind-set we should discuss, but it’s not the one Carson lamented. The problem is not that …

Social Justice

Ben Carson breaks with Trump administration on special counsel, Russia investigation

Ben Carson, the Trump administration’s secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, said in an interview on Friday he believes the special prosecutor appointed to investigate potential ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as related obstruction of justice …

Conservative POV

HUD Secretary Ben Carson: Give Robert Mueller a chance on Russia probe

<b>(CNN) —</b> Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said Friday that he believes special counsel Robert Mueller should be given a chance to do his job, but added that "there's nothing to find" in relation to the Donald Trump's campaign and Russian meddling in the 2016 election.<p>Carson was …


Trump's former event planner could soon be in charge of federal housing programs in New York

<b>Washington (CNN) —</b> If there's one lesson to take from the first 150 or so days of Donald Trump's presidency, it's this: He prizes loyalty to him above all else.<p>Trump's commitment -- beyond all available evidence -- to fired national security adviser Michael Flynn is the leading example of Trump's …

Donald Trump

Fiction | Coup! Epilogue

Mike Pence is the 46th President of the United States.<p>Donald Trump, the deposed 45th President of the United States, lives in exile in Moscow in a …

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Trump's NYC-area HUD pick is family's former event planner (updated)

Lynne Patton, the new head of HUD Region 2, has no previous housing experience<p><b>Update, 6/19/17:</b> The Trump administration has since denied that Lynne Patton will be heading up HUD’s Region II, with a spokesperson for the agency telling WNYC that “the position is currently vacant.” The retreat came …


Another great Trump administration hire: Ex-wedding planner picked to lead regional housing department

HUD is already being run by surgeon Ben Carson, so why not add someone else with zero housing experience?<p>After hiring surgeon Ben Carson to lead the federal department of Housing and Urban Development despite his having no related experience, President Donald Trump appears dead set on keeping the …

Donald Trump

How to derail a campaign train

On election night, Donald Trump became the first president in more than 30 years to not conclude his speech with “God bless America.” In fact, he did …


Trump Wedding Planner May Head HUD in NY, NJ

Lynne Patton, a Trump Organization employee and Eric Trump's wedding planner, might be the next head of the Department of Housing and Urban …

New York City

'Tragedy brought us here': After shooting, bipartisan baseball offers a night for political healing

‘I’m rooting for the Americans,’ Republican Ben Carson says before U.S. congressional ballgame<p>From his stadium seat near the first-base dugout, Brad …

U.S. Congress

Ben Carson Says HUD Is Focused on Helping Millennials

U.S. Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson discusses ideas being developed to open up homeownership in the United States with a …

Trump Administration

What Sanders' Behavior Says About Religious Freedom Today

Last week, Bernie Sanders displayed a behavior that should greatly concern anyone who values religious liberties.


Dr. Ben Carson: 'People don't like change. They like the comfort zone'

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News' "Hannity" Monday that his goal was to "get people to move up the ladder of opportunity" through home ownership.<p>"Home ownership is the basis for wealth creation in this country," Carson told host Sean Hannity. "The average net …

Trump Administration

HUD Secretary Ben Carson Stands By ‘Poverty Is A State of Mind’ Claim

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson is standing by his statement that poverty is all in the mind.<p>During an interview on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Carson spoke about his first cabinet meeting with President Trump, the Affordable Care Act and national homeownership month. When asked if …


Donald Trump's Cabinet members, ranked by their over-the-top praise of Trump

<b>(CNN) —</b> President Donald Trump held a super weird Cabinet meeting Monday afternoon. In it, he sat silently as each member of his Cabinet lavished praise on him. Seriously.<p>I wrote about the whole thing here. But -- with the help of super intern Liz Stark, who graduated college Saturday and was at …

Scott Pruitt

Fact Check: These Statements by Trump’s Cabinet Don’t Match Policy

Members of the White House cabinet took turns praising President Trump at a gathering on Monday, adopting the commander in chief’s evaluations of himself. Their mimicry was not limited to a day of flattery; several have also adopted Mr. Trump’s rhetorical style of doubling down on false claims and …

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Ben Carson is wrong — eradicating poverty is not mind over matter, housing matters most

That poor people can overcome their circumstances through a mind over matter approach is a dangerous idea that ignores ugly realities. Like a mole, …

Trump Administration

HUD Secretary Ben Carson says praise of Trump at Cabinet meeting was 'totally spontaneous'

Administration officials were not instructed to shower President <b>Donald Trump</b> with compliments at Monday's Cabinet meeting, <b>Ben Carson</b> told CNBC.<p>Trump, …

Trump Administration

Dr. Ben Carson talks HUD agenda, Democratic obstruction

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Lab Report: Minimum-Wage Renters Are All Priced Out

A morning roundup of the day’s news.<p><b>The plight of the renter</b>: A full-time worker making the federal minimum wage can only afford a one-bedroom apartment in 12 U.S. counties, and nowhere in the U.S. is a two-bedroom rental affordable, according to the annual report from the National Low Income …


Cuts in federal housing help would hurt people’s health, research suggests

Does investing in public housing keep people healthier?<p>Does investing in public housing keep people healthier?<p>New research explores this question, which appears timely, especially as the Trump administration proposes to cut $7.4 billion — about 15 percent — from the Department of Housing and Urban …

Health Care

FHA condo rules will help millennials in housing market, Carson says

The HUD secretary said millennials are being shut out of the market but the purchase of a condominium unit is often the first step to homeownership.

Trump Administration

Ben Carson: US will be like 'ancient Egypt, ancient Rome' unless national debt is reduced

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson said Thursday that the United States could face the same fate as ancient Egypt and Rome unless it finds a way to shrink the national debt.<p>"You go back to 17th century Spain, 18th century France, 19th century Great Britain, ancient Egypt, ancient …


The mainstream media should shut up and listen for awhile

Congressional testimony by former FBI Director James Comey Thursday revealed much of what the media got wrong about President Trump and the Russia …


Ben Carson hails homelessness agency that Trump budget would eliminate

Head of housing and urban development did defend proposed cuts that would affect agency, saying: ‘We have to stop the bleeding if we’re going to get healing’<p>Sign up to our monthly Outside in America newsletter<p>Ben Carson, a neurosurgeon and the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban …