Ernesto Chahoud - 23rd April 2018


David Muir skips out on ‘Beirut’ premiere to anchor from Beirut

David Muir had a great reason for bowing out of the New York premiere of acclaimed indie film “Beirut” at the last minute — the “ABC World News …

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BBC iPlayer - An Art Lovers' Guide - Series 2: 2. Beirut

Janina Ramirez and Alastair Sooke explore Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon. This fascinating crossroads between east and west has a rich history, and a troubled recent past. It's the most diverse city in the Arab world, with 18 recognised religious sects. Its French influence gave it the …

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Watch Boiler Room X Ballantine's True Music Hybrid Sounds From Beirut This Thursday

Miss Kittin, Chaos in the CBD, Dollkraut all feature...<p>This Thursday sees the second instalment of True Music: Hybrid Sounds, live from Beirut, …


Kuwait Airways to resume Beirut flights

DUBAI (Reuters) - Middle East carrier Kuwait Airways said on Saturday it would resume all flights to Beirut on Sunday after a three-day suspension due to warnings about flying close to Lebanese airspace.<p>In a statement carried by the state news agency KUNA, the company said "the reasons that caused …

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In ‘Beirut,’ Jon Hamm is a beleaguered U.S. diplomat drawn into the Lebanese civil war

“Beirut,” a tense, moodily stylish political thriller set in 1982 amid the chaos of Lebanon’s civil war, stars Jon Hamm as a former U.S. diplomat …

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Beirut Raises Too Many Questions It Can’t Answer

There’s probably no clean, organized way to make a drama that opens in Beirut in 1972 and circles back to that city a decade later, after its …


'Beirut' Is Like Watching Jon Hamm Audition for Batman

To preview the 'Mad Men' star as the Dark Knight, 'Beirut' is not a bad demonstration.<p>The new film, <i>Beirut</i>, is a period thriller set in 1980s Lebanon …

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Kuwait Airways suspends flights to Beirut

Kuwait Airways has announced that it has suspended flights to the Lebanese capital of Beirut because of security concerns.<p>According to the airline, …

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Jon Hamm Premieres ‘Beirut’

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Jon Hamm's New Movie Gets Beirut All Wrong

In the new action film “Beirut,” “Mad Men” alum Jon Hamm plays a CIA agent who swoops into the war-torn city in 1982 to negotiate the release of a friend who has been captured by Palestinians. The film, which also stars Rosamund Pike and Dean Norris, arrives in theaters on Wednesday, days before …

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Jon Hamm Is a Handsome Hostage Negotiator in Beirut

An airport novel as a movie. by Ben ColemanA perfectly serviceable airport novel of a movie, <i>Beirut</i> has enough espionage-like twists to keep you …


Jon Hamm Shines as Desperate American Entangled in Beirut

The main story kicks off a decade later. Despite his distinguished career, Skiles has turned his back on international diplomacy — and, …

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Is This Rosamund Pike's Most Daring Role Yet?

In the new movie <i>Beirut</i>, a former CIA operative (Jon Hamm) who fled Lebanon after a violent attack, is drawn back nearly a decade later when a …

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Jon Hamm-starring Beirut is a taut, old-fashioned spy thriller: EW review

Beirut<p>We gave it a <b>B+</b><p>In <i>Beirut</i>’s opening scene, an American diplomat named Mason Skiles (Jon Hamm) moves through the room at a cocktail party in a …

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BBC News | MEDIA REPORTS | Text: Beirut Declaration

<b>Excerpts from text of "Beirut Declaration" issued on the closing day of the Arab League summit.</b><p>We, the kings, presidents, and emirs of the Arab states meeting in the Council of the Arab League Summit in Beirut, capital of Lebanon... have conducted a thorough assessment of the developments and …

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Donors seek Lebanon economic reform commitment at Paris

PARIS/BEIRUT, April 5 (Reuters) - International donors will look to hold Lebanon to promises of badly needed economic reform on Friday at a Paris …

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Rosamund Pike and Jon Hamm join forces in thriller 'Beirut'

<b>(CNN) —</b> Rosamund Pike and Jon Hamm navigate conflict in the upcoming thriller "Beirut."<p>Set during Lebanon's civil war, "Beirut" follows Hamm's character -- a former U.S. diplomat -- as he attempts to rescue a kidnapped colleague.<p>Pike plays a CIA agent (Sandy Crowder) overseeing the mission.<p>"He is a …

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Emirates sends Airbus A380 superjumbo to Beirut

A double-decker Airbus A380 plane at the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, Lebanon, on Thursday, March. 29, 2018. The one-off flight was the first revenue A380 flight to the country. Bilal Hussein, AP<p>A double-decker Airbus A380 plane at the Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, …


King Salman Avenue Inaugurated in Downtown Beirut

The Municipality of Beirut held a ceremony on Tuesday to mark the inauguration of the King Salman Avenue in Downtown Beirut.<p>Named after Custodian of …

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HAWA Beirut Is a Collection of Furniture Inspired by Lebanese Architecture

Beirut-based interior architect and product designer Richard Yasmine designed HAWA Beirut, a collection of furniture that takes inspiration from …


Beirut Daze w/ Ernesto Chahoud & JJ Whitefield - 1st April 2018


ADC | ADC Condemns Racist Depiction of Arabs in New Film “Beirut”

Washington, DC | | April 3, 2018 | The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), the nation’s largest Arab-American civil rights …

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Jon Hamm must negotiate CIA agent’s release in spy thriller ‘Beirut’

In the rather slender, if also well-acted and staged, period espionage thriller “Beirut,” Jon Hamm is Mason Skiles, a dapper, cosmopolitan American …


Superjumbo flight to Lebanon brings hope of tourism revival

BEIRUT (AP) — The world's largest passenger jet landed at Beirut's international airport on Thursday, bringing with it hope for a revival of Lebanon's vital tourism sector.<p>The one-off Emirates Airbus A380 flight from Dubai was an acknowledgement of the substantial passenger traffic between Lebanon …

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Getting there is half the story

Standing at the harbour in Larnaca, Cyprus, I knew that my ship would sail, quite literally, if I didn’t do something, and fast. It was 2006, and the …


Welcome to the hotel. All rooms come with views of urban warfare

Some of the heaviest fighting in the Lebanese Civil War happened in Beirut’s ritzy hotel district<p><i>This story is brought to you in partnership with</i></i> …

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The Heart of Beirut: Gogy Esparza and Jey Perie on Their Exhibition "Beirut Youth," at HVW8 Gallery

HVW8 Gallery just closed a brilliant photo exhibition titled Beirut Youth, a collaboration between photographer Gogy Esparza and writer, Jey Perie. …

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Club Edition 285 with Stefano Noferini (Live from B018 in Beirut, Lebanon)