Grizzly Bears Have a Human Problem

We are only beginning to understand how to live alongside large predators.<p>In 2015, a woman named Barbara Paschke was attacked and killed by a black bear inside her home in northwest Montana. Paschke, who was 85 and suffered from Alzheimer’s, had been feeding bears regularly on her property, a …


Alaska editorials

Here is a sampling of editorial opinions from Alaska newspapers:<p>April 20, 2017<p>Peninsula Clarion: Community effort saves Brown Bears<p>Congratulations to …


Sea ice off Newfoundland thickest ever yet another polar bear comes ashore

By Dr. Susan Crockford:<p>Amid reports that ice conditions between Newfoundland and southern Labrador are the worst in living memory, another polar bear …

Polar Bears

Opinion: Grizzly Bears Gotta Eat

In the next few weeks, as the bears wake up from their snowy hibernation into the lengthening days of spring, I’ll head into grizzly country to …

National Parks

15 Climate Change Facts That You'll Know Are True If You're Not An Idiot

Let's not all get swallowed by floods and eviscerated by drought, ya know?<p>Posted on April 22, 2017, 19:29 GMT<p>1. Let's clear this up: the overwhelming majority of climate scientists — aka the experts — believe that climate change is REAL, happening, and is caused largely by humans.<p>2. Earth is …

Climate Change

The Best Soft Cooler

Best Overall Soft Cooler<p>YETI Hopper 30<p>$249.99<p>at Backcountry<p>A bomb proof build, incredible insulation value, and a hefty and easy to use package won …

Polar Bears

Should Polar Bears Be Locked Up in Zoos?

This is a species that can thrive only in enormous Arctic expanses with vast open water.

Polar Bears

Robert Irwin Plays With Baby Black Bears—and One Bites Jimmy Fallon's Thumb

Crikey! Only <b>Robert Irwin</b> can bring out <b>Jimmy Fallon</b>'s wild side.<p>The 13-year-old conservationist returned to <i>The Tonight Show</i> Thursday after making his …


Forest panda park to build on conservation achievements

World-leading environmental protection experience used to expand biodiversity of breeding habitatsGiant pandas, golden monkeys, snow leopards — the …

Giant Pandas

Two orphaned black bear cubs rescued from den after mom hit by car

GREAT FALLS, Mont. — A Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden located two orphaned 5-pound black bear cubs Wednesday in their den, likely saving their lives.<p>The mother of the cubs was struck and killed by a vehicle on Highway 200 near Rogers Pass late Tuesday afternoon.<p>Game wardens had …

Bear Cubs

Why these filmmakers wore panda suits to work

Disney’s documentary “Born in China,” out Friday, takes audiences into that country’s most inaccessible landscapes to get very close to cuddly …

Bear Cubs

12 wildlife holidays that should be on your bucket list

Few experiences stir the soul as much as a close encounter in the wild with one of the world’s great predators. Whether it be grizzly bears fishing for salmon in the rivers of British Columbia, jaguars stalking their prey across Brazil’s Pantanal wetland, or tigers in the Kipling country of …

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Polar bear cub twins debut at Columbus Zoo

Aurora the polar bear mom was filmed swimming with her male and female cubs.

Bear Cubs

Three Baby Red Pandas Bravely Explore Their Outdoor Surroundings For the Very First Time

An absolutely adorable set of red panda triplets named Mohan, Raj and Phinju, who were born at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, New South …

Giant Pandas

Polar tragedy: Two captive California bears perish

First it was Uulu.<p>Now Szenja.<p>In a doubly sad spate of news, two polar bears living in two California zoos have died within days of each other.<p>Uulu …

Polar Bears

Grizzly bear chases woman, dogs down trail near Banff

Woman was kick-sledding on Spray River Trail when she heard the sound of a large animal behind her<p>A Canmore, Alta., woman's encounter with a grizzly …

Grizzly Bear

Barneo, expeditions on high alert after polar bear shot by expedition; leader disputes accusation he failed to report incident

A group that shot and wounded a polar bear during a ski expedition from the Barneo ice camp to the North Pole is being accused of failing to report …

Polar Bears

5 Bears Who Spent Their Lives in Ukrainian Circuses and Restaurants Finally Get to Experience Sanctuary!

If you ask us, far too few abused animals ever get rescued and make their way to a happy life – but when it does happen, it is the most wonderful, …


11 Happy Little Things To Make You Smile This Week

The sweetest, most lovely news stories.<p>Posted on April 16, 2017, 09:31 GMT<p>Things might seem sad right now.<p>Nickolodeon<p>So here's a bunch of lovely things that have happened to prove it's not all bad.<p>Who knows, maybe they'll even make you smile!<p>I hope they do :)<p>1. This genius little boy.<p>2. David …

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Banff bear cub rescuers question, call for changes to Alberta's black bear rehabilitation policy

Alberta needs to embrace rehabilitating black bears, say those involved in rescuing a trio of black bear cubs found in a Banff National Park washroom.<p>…

Bear Cubs

6 Cute and Wild Critters We Wish We Could Have as Pets

<b>Nature is filled with cute and cuddly creatures of all shapes and sizes.</b> Some of them are so adorable that it can be hard to remember that those cute …

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Grizzly bear activity leads Alberta Parks to close campground in the Kananaskis

Alberta Parks have closed the Rummel Lake Winter Backcountry campground early this year due to concerns over grizzly bear activity.<p>The campground is …

Grizzly Bear

The List - 7 of Anime's Strangest Pandas

Hey guys! It's been a few busy weeks here in the land of anime news. The Spring Preview Guide just wrapped up, and I'm trekking around Seattle for …

Giant Pandas

Gallery: The school where pandas learn how to be wild |

At this conservation center in central China, captive-born pandas go through a gradual, carefully monitored process to prepare them for lives in …

Giant Pandas

What It Means to Hold and Be Held in Jennifer Givhan’s Protection Spell

“When I was a child, I believed God held us like a paper bag to the mouth of a panic attack.” With this line from the title poem of her second …

Polar Bears

IN MEMORIAM: SF Zoo's beloved polar bear dies at 36

A polar bear beloved by the San Francisco Zoo community passed away on Friday. At age 36, Uulu was one of the oldest living polar bears in captivity.

Polar Bears

This red panda tried to scare a rock and failed in the cutest way ever

Just in case you needed proof that even the cutest, most cuddly animals will fiercely defend themselves against anyone or anything, here’s footage of …

Giant Pandas

A Startled Red Panda Rears Up on His Hind Legs In an Adorable Attempt to Intimidate a Large Rock

????????????#?????????? #???? #???????<p>— ????? (@pro824824824) September 3, 2016<p>In 2016, a little red panda named JaJa …

Giant Pandas

10 amazing science breakthroughs you may have missed

A few incredible 'good news' science stories you may have missed:<p>1. Penguin population grows by millions<p>There are a lot more penguins on the planet than we previously thought – millions more.<p>The penguin population in East Antarctica has doubled to six million after researchers revised previous …

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These Panda Diplomats Are Starting A New Life Halfway Around The World

And they'll be enjoying it on a $7 million compound.<p>Panda-monium is about to ensue in the Netherlands. Two pandas arrived Wednesday from China to stay at the Ouwehands Dierenpark zoo in the town of Rhenen, located in the province of Utrecht.<p>The zoo has been requesting a pair of pandas from China …

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