LOOK: Brave contestants try to eat as many chillies as possible while bathing in bowl of pepper juice

Some like it hot.


Woman 'barred from French vacation home pool over burkini'

A report has alleged that a woman vacationing with her family in France was kicked out of a vacation home pool due to her full-body swimsuit. The …

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15 Facts About Bathing Suits That'll Make Your Eyes Pop

Why were bathing suits ever made out of wool?


Shore Support

The standard mesh-lined men’s bathing suit simply wasn’t cutting it for Zachary Baiany. As a teenager, he’d use compression shorts under his suit for …


Bathing restrictions lifted in Kilkee

Restrictions relating to public bathing at Kilkee beach in Co Clare have been lifted today.<p>Public bathing notices and red flags indicating that …

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Man jailed four months for using phone to record video of daughter bathing

SINGAPORE - A man who recorded a video of his 21-year-old daughter bathing was jailed for four months on Monday (July 31).<p>The 48-year-old Malaysian …


In 'Duh' News, Rihanna Styled a Bathing Suit Coverup With Fur and Diamonds

It's official: Rihanna can pull off swimwear for night. Click here to see where she got her look.<p>Imagine this is game of <i>Jeopardy</i>. Alex Trebek says: …


Why Walking Down The Beach In My Bathing Suit Was Such A Big Deal

I blog and talk about body image fairly frequently. I’ve written about my self-esteem issues over my burn scars and my battle with the scales. We’ve had guests on our Podcast who have come on and spoken candidly about their body image struggles and how they’ve fought to overcome them. Those women …

A Vintage Bathing Suit Remake!

I bought a fat quarter of this Rifle Paper Company fabric when it first came out because I thought it would be so perfect for my Vintage Bathing Suit …


P.E.I. retro swimsuit designs inspired by vintage find

'My kinship with this bathing suit sort of acts as my muse, my anchor'<p>Emily Carlaw has been obsessed with vintage bathing suits since she was a …


29 Adorable Bathing Suits You'll Want To Wear Right Away

Let's go to the beach, each. Let's go get away.<p><i>Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.</i>


This Very Realistic Avocado Bathing Suit Is Definitely Not The Pits

It's sure to be a *smash* hit at the beach.<p>Holy guacamole, this swimsuit is amazing.<p>Beloved, the brand behind that chest hair swimsuit <i>and</i> that Donald Trump swimsuit, is now offering a suit that’s a lot more appetizing: It’s printed with a halved avocado, complete with a pit in the middle.<p>Is it …


That Red Bathing Suit That Went Viral in May Has Arrived ... and People Love It

After months of anticipation, the red bathing suit that went crazy on social media thanks to a botched company giveaway, is here — and people love it.

31 Perfect Looks To Copy This July

We know, we know: You're probably <i>not</i> thinking about what you're going to wear the rest of the month right this minute, because odds are you'll be in a bathing suit all weekend long. But, once post-July 4th weekend hits, you <i>will</i> have to get fully-dressed — and in 80 to 90 degree heat, no less. The …


How to style your bathing suit with everything this summer

One major perk of the bodysuit revival going on right now (Khloe Khardashian is already a big fan, plus Ultracor just released its own unicorn …


27 Inexpensive Bathing Suits You Need To Buy Right Now

Save your money, honey.<p><i>Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.</i>


These Are The Three Biggest Swimwear Trends Of The Summer: How To Know If They’re Right For You

Searching for a stylish, trendy new swimsuit? This season a slew of new styles replaced the traditional bikini and there’s more variety than ever …


Woman is kicked out of public pool for wearing one-piece bathing suit, we're not sure what's happening anymore

A woman in Knoxville, Tennessee was shamed for wearing a one piece swimsuit in their own apartment complex swimming pool earlier this week. The …


Woman In One-Piece Asked To Leave Pool Because Of Her ‘Inappropriate’ Body

Woman at pool is told to cover up or change<p>Newsflash ladies: if you leave your house in something other than a burlap sack, you may want to prepare …


This Donald Trump bathing suit is sure to turn heads

Whether you love or hate our current commander-in-chief, there is no denying that this bathing suit is deeply disturbing.<p>Clothing company Beloved is …

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Flashback: A silly start to the summer of 1966

<i>Editor's note: Take a look back into the archives of The Dallas Morning News</i>.<p>Maybe it was the heat that made everyone a little giddy. Maybe the …


EPA website lets you check out nation’s bathing spots

Scroll before you swim.<p>The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has launched a mobile-friendly website,, that lets people check the …

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5 Reasons to Turn Off the Shower and Fill Up the Tub

The whole bubble bath craze doesn't seem like it's going away anytime soon—and for good reason. Sure, there are the mental health perks of taking …


Want to make your bathing suit attire great again?

Feel like you don’t see enough of Donald Trump’s face? You can now drop $49.95 for a swimsuit with a close-up of our commander-in-chief’s mug …


A Bathing Suit Of Donald Trump's Face Now Exists, And It's Terrifying

From the sexy chest one-piece to this frightening Donald Trump bathing suit, summer 2017 swimwear has a taken a very weird turn. Beloved Shirts, the …

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Why the burkini causes so much controversy

While string bikinis are fully acceptable in the West, the burkini - a full-body swimsuit - is the topic of heated debate. DW speaks to fashion …

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From bikini to burkini: The evolution of the bathing suit

Both bikinis and burkinis have provoked scandals as ideas of modesty and women's rights have changed over time. From functional to fashionable, …

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‘Hairy’ Swimsuit Is Barely There And Driving Some Strong Emotions On The Internet

With the summer in full swing, women are celebrating their beach bodies by donning sexy bathing suits and two-piece ensembles. Nonetheless, one novel …


7 adorable bathing suits for active women who plan to do more than sunbathe

Finding a bathing suit can be really, really hard. It’s not about having a “beach body,” since any body on a beach is just perfect. It’s more that a …


This Bathing Suit Is Flattering For All Boob Sizes

Not all boobs are created equal, this is something we all know to be true when shopping for bathing suits. A suit can look amazing on someone with …