Queen Letizia Just Wore Head-to-Toe Barbie Pink at the White House

After conducting royal visits to New Orleans and San Antonio as part of their United States tour, Queen Letizia and King Felipe of Spain have made …


Mattel Unveils New ‘Hidden Figures’ Barbie Doll Inspired By Katherine Johnson

Two years ago, moviegoers fell in love with the little-known stories of three African-American women who were trailblazers at NASA during the 1950s …

Katherine Johnson

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Queen’ Tracklist Is Driving Her Fans Nuts Because It’s Missing One Of Her New Singles

Nicki Minaj’s comeback strategy of releasing two singles and pushing the one that catches on the most isn’t new in the industry, but it isn’t understandable — that is, unless you happen to be one of her legions of “Barbz” fans. When the preorder link for Nicki’s upcoming album <i>Queen</i> hit iTunes, fans …

Nicki Minaj

This Artist Turns Barbie and Ken Dolls into Your Favorite Horror Movie Characters - Bloody Disgusting

Oh my god he even made a Tom Atkins <i>Halloween III</i> doll and we’re in love.<p>Has Mattel ever actually made a horror movie-inspired Barbie doll? Believe it …


CHUN-LI (LA VIE MIXX) by Barbie La Vie - Listen to music


Real-life Barbie has 80L-cup sized breasts

Paris Herms is known as the Real Barbie of Berlin and has over 200,000 followers on Instagram. She’s spent over $53,000 on plastic surgery to make …


Mexican drug cartel leader "La Barbie" gets nearly 50-year prison term, must forfeit $192 million

ATLANTA (AP) — Mexican drug cartel leader "La Barbie" gets nearly 50-year prison term, must forfeit $192 million.


Mexican drug lord known as 'La Barbie' sentenced to 49 years in prison

An American-born man who rose through the ranks of a notorious Mexican drug cartel was sentenced Monday to nearly 50 years in prison on charges of …


Real engine in a Barbie car!

2 hours ago<p>These guys built this Barbie Mustang Go Kart in four days. They found a used and abused go kart on craigslist and got that running. Then …


Some maniacs put a 240cc engine in a hot pink Barbie car and took it for a spin

The masterminds at Grind Hard Plumbing Co just pimped out Barbie’s ride and I’m not going to lie, the inner child in me wants to be riding that …

Mario Kart

The Barbie Dream Car From Hell

• Instantly replay songs from the radio<br>• Unlimited skips<br>• Listen offline<br>• Create unlimited playlists<br>• Play millions of songs on demand


These people put a real engine in a Barbie car and it’s ridiculous

<b>If you’ve ever wanted to ride your Barbie car in real life, you’re in luck – a group of engineers are making adult babies’ dreams come true.</b><p>The good …


Accused Barbie doll bomb plotter retracts confession, declares he’s innocent

One of the men accused of plotting to blow up a plane 20 minutes after take-off from Sydney has retracted his confession, declaring he is not a …

News Corp

Spectacular Footage of Adults on Barbie Jeeps Crashing While Racing Downhill In the Rain

Rednecks With Paychecks captured spectacular footage of adults crashing plastic toy vehicles at their rainy 2018 Barbie Jeep Downhill event in St. …

Offbeat News

Watch Grown Men Race Down Hill in Barbie Jeeps

Share This PostYou would think that men who love racing in Barbie Jeeps would be skill full. You’d be wrong. They stink.Via More …


Barbie Jeep Downhill Racing, 2018 Spring Break Edition

Hot on the shattered heels of yesterday's cheese wheel chasing race comes this video of some extreme Barbie Jeep downhill racing (previously: a crash …


Barbie goes drifting thanks to CRF230 engine

<b>WHAT DO</b> you get if you stuff a dirt bike engine in a Barbie Mustang?<p>Tons of power and an absolute drift machine…<p>The guys at Grind Hard Plumbing Co. …


What To Look For In Ground Beef When You Go To The Supermarket

We're ready to lobby the Olympic Committee because this is far and away our new favorite sport.<p>While the merchandise may very well be real, the story …


Alice Cooper Barbie Gets Awesome Tweet From Alice Cooper

2 weeks ago<p>When asked about Carrie Underwood's "Glitter-Tears" Carrie said, "I call myself ALICE COOPER Barbie. "When I was thinking about visual …

Carrie Underwood

The 2018 Barbie Dreamhouse Would Be a Million-Dollar Listing for Sure

Parents Entertainment Editor, Jessica Hartshorn, got an exclusive first look at Barbie’s current digs—and, as usual, Barbie's got everything.<p>Barbie has never been known for her subtleties—and her lavish 2018 Dreamhouse is no exception. The iconic doll is living large in her new digs and I got the …


Guy Puts Dirt Bike Engine In Barbie Mustang, Becomes Legend

What do you get when you cross a four stroke Honda dirt bike engine, a Craigslist go-kart, and a Barbie Power Wheels Mustang? Aside from a trip to …


Love Injection with Barbie Bertisch & Paul Raffaele @ The Lot Radio 05:26:2018<br><br><br><br>


Barbie Power Wheels car modified to reach 72 mph

A team of tinkerers seeking to soup up a Barbie car for kids replaced the vehicle's engine to get it up to 72 mph.


Insane Mod: Motorcycle Engine in a Barbie Power Wheels Car - Technabob

Look at this brilliant and brave, yet insane man. This guy and his buddies took the engine off a Honda CRF230 dirt bike and figured out a way to …


Barbie Car Engine Swap

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This Vancouver restaurant features Barbie dolls in meat dresses

With an ever-expanding and wide array of dining options in Vancouver, there’s no shortage of unique dishes, and now Barbie dolls have made it on to …


These Guys Put a Real Engine in a Power Wheels Barbie Car

Remember the plastic whip your parents bought you when you were a kid? Those were the days, but we bet your ride didn’t come with the power that this …


Why Mattel Needs to Stick With Inclusive Barbies

A doll of Frida Kahlo, released this spring as part of Barbie’s Inspiring Women line, should have been an occasion to celebrate for fans of the …


Man Puts Real Engine in Barbie Car, Goes Very Fast

Part Barbie car. Part go-kart. Full insanity.<p>Barbie ride-on cars and Jeeps absolutely weren’t meant to hit 70 miles per hour — most top out at a …


Is Pixar's 'Incredibles 2' Any Good? Here's What The Reviews Have To Say

This looks absurdly fun and more than a little bit dangerous.<p>Other than the phone and cable companies themselves, I couldn't see why anyone might …