These Are the Best New Car Interiors

Car interiors have made huge leaps in comfort and tech in the last decade. Here are some of the best.<p>Some manufacturers know how to make a great interior. Here are some of your favorites.

Bentley Motors

Tesla is stocking ‘thousands’ of Model 3’s in parking lots, shorts are freaking out about it

Parking lots full of Tesla Model 3 vehicles have been spotted around California in the past few days and Tesla naysayers and shorts are framing the discoveries as the automaker stockpiling vehicles due to a lack of demand.<p>Tesla owns or leases several facilities near its Fremont factory in the Bay …


BMW M760Li xDrive Review Calls it a Drag Racer

The BMW M760Li xDrive is a rare bird these days. As manufacturers struggle to keep up with the tightening regulations concerning emissions, V12 …


Alexander Rossi's Indy 500 Winning IndyCar to Go up for Grabs in Monterey

The blue and yellow Napa racer won the famous 100th running of the Indy 500 in 2016.<p>Chris Owens 2016—IMS Photo 2016<p>Jerry PerezView Jerry Perez's …


The adorable Microlino EV looks poised to hit European roads soon

You may soon see these unmistakable little electric runabouts flitting around European cities. The flat-out-adorable Microlino seen here is a modern riff on BMW's Isetta, the three-wheeled, front-door bubble car from the 1950s.<p>Perhaps you've seen pictures of this little EV floating around this or …

Electric Vehicles

What's the Most Tuner-Friendly Car You Can Buy?

Not every car can be easily modified. What do you think is the best car for tuning?<p>When it comes to modifying cars, some are easier than others. Which car do you think is the most tuner-friendly?<p>My bet is on the Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ. Toyota and Subaru knew buyers would be modifying their cars …


The Best Luxury Sport Sedan Deal Under $20,000 is the One You Probably Forgot About

Sedans are having a rough time right now, though whether or not that means you can score a deal depends on the market that you are shopping in. But …

Luxury Lifestyle

Hyundai's N brand working on a true halo performance car

Hyundai likes to call the Veloster -- that quirky hatchback with 201-horsepower Turbo and the new 275-horsepower N variants -- its 'reverse halo car' -- an inexpensive model that gets buyers excited about other entries in its lineup. But soon, N will show off a true halo car at the very top of the …

Limited Slip Differential

The Mercedes-AMG 63 Models Are Fast and Furious Family Haulers

The SUV, coupe, and wagon prove they can conquer both a racecourse and a carpool lane.<p>Mercedes-AMG is setting the world on fire. At a time when many …

Luxury Lifestyle

Unadulterated Jet-Age Styling – The Plymouth Asimmetrica Roadster

Reading time: about 3 minutes.<p>American<br>• Cars<br>• Design<br>• Italian<br>• Rare<p>The Plymouth Asimmetrica Roadster was designed as a production car, despite its concept …


2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack 1320: A Less Sinister, Less Expensive Demon

The Demon's drag racing goodies are spreading to the rest of the Challenger lineup.<p>FCA<p><b>Year Make Model:</b> 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack</b> …

Sports Cars

Watch Faraday Future's high-speed FF91 field tests

Testers drove the electric SUV at speeds of up to 155 mph<p><i>Reporting by Mariella Moon for</i> Engadget.<p>Faraday Future hasn't given up on the FF91 despite going through a financial crisis and losing executives along the way. Now, a few months after a Hong Kong investor reportedly threw the startup a $1.5 …

Electric SUV

32 gorgeous European cars of the 1960s

Alfa Romeo

2019 Acura RDX compact crossover review: Details make the difference

With so many compact crossovers in America’s best-selling segment, it’s hard to stand out without looking like the guy in the ruffled tux at the high school dance. Fortunately, with the 2019 RDX, Acura proves the difference is in the details.<p>Designed and engineered in America, the third-generation …


2017 Ford F-150 Raptor

By leaps and bounds, it has become a staff favorite.<p><b>WHAT WE LIKE:</b> The Raptor’s combination of style, utility, and rewarding driving continue to persuade us that a $65,000 three-ton <i>truck—</i>there, we said it<i>—</i>might just be the answer to the one-vehicle-to-do-it-all dilemma. Buyer’s Guide senior editor …

Ann Arbor

The Department of Justice Is Mad at a Georgia Sheriff for Spending $70,000 on a Dodge Charger Hellcat

The U.S. Department of Justice is demanding Georgia Sheriff Butch Conway to reimburse $70,000 for his purchase of a 707 horsepower Dodge Charger …

U.S. Department of Justice

Volvo Moving XC60 Production For U.S. Market To Avoid Tariffs

However, threatening Europe imports tariffs could affects its price.<p>Volvo is becoming the first automaker to react on the new U.S. tariffs on Chinese …


Panasonic supplier may have used Cuban cobalt in Tesla batteries

We recently wrote about Panasonic and its efforts to cut as much cobalt out of its lithium-ion battery chemistry as possible. Well, that seems like an even better idea than ever now because the company has, until recently, been using a Canadian supplier that sourced some of its cobalt from Cuba …

U.S. Government

Martin Tomczyk shows us the BMW M2 Competition Launch Control

BMW factory driver Martin Tomczyk is currently in Ascari, Spain, helping journalists from around the world get a better understanding of the …


Hyundai Kona Iron Man Edition will be produced

Hyundai is at the San Diego Comic-Con event and at the show it has unveiled the Kona Iron Man Edition SUV. The SUV gets a unique interior and …

Iron Man

Most efficient non-hybrid cars in 2018

Fuel Efficiency

To nab speeders, Luxembourg deploys faster Teslas

Speeders beware! If you're traveling in Luxembourg, those blue lights in your mirror could be on top of an electric Tesla Model S.<p>The Luxembourg …


Ferrari Files Patent For Electric Turbo Four-Cylinder But It's Something Unusual

A new four-cylinder motor with an electric turbocharger could find its way into Ferrari models of the future we learned today via an application the …


In Pictures: The Mercedes-AMG 63 Lineup

The Mercedes-AMG 63 Models Are Fast and Furious Family Haulers<p>The Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S coupe sports wider wheel arches for a more muscular look than …


BMW Now Uses Computer Tomography in Automotive Construction

The BMW Group announced a premiere for the automotive field today, stating that the company is now the first in the industry to use computer …


VW Golf GTI Killed By WLTP In Europe; GTI Performance Soldiers On

With an eighth-gen Golf on the horizon, the base Golf GTI VII is unlikely to return.<p>Arriving at the beginning of September, the Worldwide Harmonized …

Volkswagen Golf

2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet Pictures | Photo Gallery

2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabriolet Photo Gallery


This 39-Liter V-12 Volvo Drives like a Tank

This abominable mashup of Swedish and Russian engineering puts out 1,700 pound-feet of torque.<p>Victor Jönsson<p>This decrepit Volvo PV544 has been given …

Mad Max

BMW M cars will all be hybrid or EV by 2030

M division boss says electric tech will be up to the task by then<p>The CEO of BMW's M division, Frank Van Meel, has stated earlier that the future of the division will include electrified cars. As BMW plans to have electric or hybrid cars form 40 percent of its production output by 2025, M cars will …

Electric Vehicles

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan Will Cost You $685,000...But It Comes With A Minibar

Today sees the official arrival of one of the most anticipated Rolls-Royce cars ever on Australian shores. The Cullinan is the luxury British …