FBI warns of potential ATM bank heist that could steal millions globally

Likely to fall on a Saturday when banks are closed<p>The FBI has warned banks that ATMs will likely face a global attack by criminals in the “coming days.” The FBI was tipped off that these cybercriminals would hack payment card processors or banks and use ATMs all over the world to withdraw millions …


Instagram hack sees accounts replaced with film stills

<b>A number of Instagram users have taken to social media to report a mysterious hack in which their profile photos are replaced by random stills from films.</b><p>Their account names have also been changed and they are unable to log in.<p>Their registered email addresses have also been been altered to accounts …

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How to Use Secure Code AutoFill in iOS 12 and macOS Mojave

Most readers will have at some point received a two-factor authentication code delivered to them by SMS text message. Many apps and websites send the one-time codes to confirm that the person attempting to log in to an account is the legitimate account holder, and not just someone using a stolen …


How to set up two-factor authentication for Instagram

Go to your profile and tap on the <b>Settings icon</b>. It looks like a gear on iPhone and three vertical dots on Android phones.<p>Scroll down and tap</b> …


Russian Hackers Are Taking Over Hundreds of Instagram Profiles

Even with two-factor authentication switched on.<p>A number of Instagram users are reporting the same experience, where a hack is logging them out. The …


Microsoft ADFS vulnerability allows hackers to bypass multifactor authentication

A newly discovered vulnerability in Microsoft Corp.’s Activity Directory Federation Services allows hackers to bypass multifactor authentication …


7 Ways to Protect Your Website from WordPress Security Issues

WordPress is the most popular web content platform. In fact, nearly 30% of all websites are powered by WordPress. This includes everything from …

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Microsoft ADFS Vulnerability Lets Attackers Bypass MFA

The flaw lets an attacker use the same second factor to bypass multifactor authentication for any account on the same ADFS service.

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‘Unlock 1Password’ Is the Latest Training Course from The Sweet Setup

The Sweet Setup has been on a roll lately with developing video training courses for some of the best iOS and Mac apps the App Store has to offer. Following similar deep dives into Things, Day One, and Ulysses, today they're launching a new course called 'Unlock 1Password.'<p>1Password has long been …


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Facebook Changes Requirements for Pages With Large US Audiences<p>Facebook is implementing new requirements for people who manage pages with a large US …

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Getting to know you: How continuous identity and access management transforms secure access

Every morning, like thousands of other people, I pick up a coffee at my local Dunkin’ Donuts on the way to the office. And every morning, I order the …

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Ars Pro: You can now PayPal us the money!

Open the door to a whole new Ars experience, starting at just $25 per year.<p>Earlier this year, we launched Ars Pro, our new subscription program. It's …

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Transcription Panda

• Price is per hour<p><b>Pros</b><p>Top-notch accuracy. Attractive dashboard interface. Flexible options for clients and generous return policy.<p><b>Cons</b><p>No web editor or …


Aussies worried they can’t protect their financial information, says Mastercard

Tuesday 14 August 2018<p>Article by Monika Gudova<p>With more than half of Australia’s population online, and social commerce on the rise, cybersecurity …

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User Authentication and Registration for my Android Application which is working with Django REST Framework and Postgresql Database

I have been trying to make the user authentication activity for my android application but i cant seem to authenticate the users. I am having trouble …


Making the Cloud a Safe Space

The cloud has brought about many benefits for organisations and adoption is understandably increasing. Gartner earlier this year projected that the …


One Agency Plans to Lock Employees In a Room Until They Learn Cyber Hygiene

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will be locking employees in escape rooms to test their knowledge of cybersecurity.


Security News: WannaCry Surfaces in Taiwan, as Reddit Breach Puts 2FA in the Spotlight

WannaCry rears its ugly head again. Reddit gets hacked, despite using two-factor authentication. A cryptojacking campaign targets carrier-grade …


Microsoft builds digital solution for CBSE to prevent paper leaks

"We have developed for CBSE an innovative solution which makes question papers leak-proof until 30 minutes prior to the start of the examinations," …

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Strengthen Your Online Security With C.O.A.C.H.

Do you have any idea whether you’re “safe” online? Online security and privacy are complicated, and risks vary by person: you might worry about …


Facebook forces admins of popular pages to share location info

Facebook is rolling out a new requirement to people who manage pages with a large following in the US: They'll soon have to confirm their locations.<p>The new authentication requirement is designed to help the company root out scammers and Russian agents from abusing Facebook pages to influence the …

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Facebook Will Ask Larger Pages for Authorization

Shoring up bad actors and inauthentic behavior on its platform, Facebook will now “authorize” admins of Pages with large followings. In addition, the …

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Facebook admins: Prepare for stricter security with 2FA for business pages

In order to post on a Facebook Page, administrators must go through an authorization process to confirm their identities.<p>New security measures from …

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Why Some GDPR Requirements Can Be Eye-Opening After All

Many experts consider the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to be a waste of their time and resources. In general, I used to agree. After all, most compliance requirements don’t really bring you “security,” just more paperwork. As a cybersecurity executive and entrepreneur, what I care …


Protecting Your Family in the Digital Age

There's little doubt that the next generation of today's families will grow up with open and continual access to technology. This generation, more than any before, will be "digital natives," meaning they won't have ever lived without applications (apps), email, the Internet, social networks and …

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Biometric Authentication: What Does It Mean for Your Business?

A big challenge for IT is making sure only authorized users are accessing business data. Today we’re seeing authentication methods, like biometrics, …

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Authentication mongo deployed on kubernetes

I tried to configure mongo with authentication on a kuberenetes cluster. I deployed the fallowing yaml:When I tried to authenticate with username …


Online stock-trading platforms vulnerable, says cybersecurity expert

Users of online stock-trading platforms may want to be careful: data related to their investment accounts may not be as secure as they think.<p>In a …

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The Data Security Landscape Is Shifting: Is Your Company Prepared?

New ways to steal your data (and profits) keep cropping up. These best practices can help keep your organization safer.

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G+T kicks off Exchange Online migration, shifts to cloud CRM

Gilbert + Tobin has kicked off a project to migrate to Exchange Online — the latest step in the prominent law firm’s migration to the cloud.<p>The …

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