Augmented Reality

The Economics of Augmented Reality

A few years ago, virtual reality (VR) was making headlines with the launch of Facebook’s Oculus Rift. But last summer augmented reality (AR) grabbed …

Mixed Reality

6 Types Of 3D Display Implementation

Even though the basic principles might be the same, the way 3D has been implemented over the years has been drastically varied. Some of these methods …

Virtual Reality

'Life of the Party' for March 26, 2017

Travis Hanson is an Eisner nominated illustrator and creator. He is currently working on two comics, Bean and Life of the Party, and also many games, …

Mixed Reality

CityConnect is creating a ‘Pokemon Go’-style augmented reality app for cyclists

Why it matters to you<p>Encouraging people to ride a bike or obey bicycle traffic laws can be difficult. An augmented reality app could make it …

Mixed Reality

Magic Leap Enlists Star Wars to Show Off Its Mixed Reality Prowess - Motherboard

For a while now, one of the most secretive projects in tech has been the work of Magic Leap, the Florida-based augmented reality startup. They haven't shipped anything: there's no dev kit, no nothing… but it's raised $1.4 billion. There was clearly something special being worked on, but it hadn't …

Star Wars

How Apple can silence the haters, crush Google and Microsoft, and build a thousand-year empire

It was only last summer that Apple CEO Tim Cook declared his vision for a company that lasts one thousand years.<p>But Cook's far-reaching calendar already seems to be in trouble, with an ever-growing list of rivals and weaknesses threatening to undermine the Apple empire.<p>Just consider:<p>Google's …


Fifty Shades of Augmented Reality: Creating Connection Using AR

Keynote speech by Mark Billinghurst at the Laval Virtual 2017 conference on March 24th 2017. The presentation talks about how Augmented Reality can be used to enhance remote collaboration.

Mixed Reality

Research delivers insight into the augmented and virtual reality global market trends to 2022

The Augmented and Virtual Reality industry development trends and marketing channels are also analyzed and the feasibility of new investment projects …

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality in the classroom: Move over, Pokemon Go, it’s time for science class

At Metta School in Simei, nine pupils attend an unusual science lesson with a twist.<p>They use augmented reality to learn about animal adaptations - …

Mixed Reality

BMW’s vision of the future is, well, pretty much insane

BMW is just one of many carmakers with wild concept vehicles aimed at a future with AI pilots and augmented reality features we can only dream of …


Volkswagen looks to virtual reality

Volkswagen has given us a glimpse of some of the new technologies involved in their R&D process in the development of new cars.<p>“At Volkswagen, we …

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality used to spread the travel bug

JASON DORDAY/<p>Sebastian Deans of One Fat Sheep explains AR/VR.<p>One Fat Sheep, a digital solutions company is creating some of the most …

Mixed Reality

Books come to life when combined with virtual reality

Mixed Reality

New iPad and iPhone Launch Do Little to Quell Apple Rumors

At long last, Apple this week showcased some new hardware.<p>Apple on Tuesday unveiled a new iPhone version, called (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, that comes in …


Strange Beasts is yet another cautionary tale about augmented reality

The virtual future is lonely<p>Tech giants are already touting virtual reality and augmented reality as the next huge frontiers for digital entertainment, and it’s provided plenty of fodder for science fiction creators — look no further than <i>Black Mirror</i>’s “Men Against Fire.” A new short film from …

Mixed Reality

3 Top Augmented Reality Stocks to Buy in 2017

Microsoft, Himax, and Apple could all profit from the growing AR market.<p>The augmented reality (AR) market, which includes products that project …


Home furnishings chain tries its hand at augmented reality

Deena M. Amato-McCoyWilliams-Sonoma is throwing its hat into the 3D app ring. read more

Mixed Reality

‘MyLab’ on HoloLens Brings an Interactive Periodic Table to the Chemistry Classroom

Education is widely expected to be an area where AR and VR will see major play, but we can’t start at zero and immediately arrive at a world of …

Virtual Reality

How will people create content for augmented reality?

<b>Augmented reality content creation is expected to become easier as evolving capabilities in 3-D tracking and authoring are integrated into a seamless</b> …

Mixed Reality

How Lowe's is using AR and Google Tango to help customers find products faster

Smartphones enabled with Google's Tango are being tested in two Lowe's stores to improve store navigation. Find out how this fits in with bigger AR …

Mixed Reality

Design firms turn to virtual reality to assist homeowners

<b>Correction:</b> Landis Architects/Builders was misidentified in an earlier version of this story.<p>After their dishwasher broke, homeowners Tim and Gina Seigne decided to go big and renovate the entire kitchen of their 1970s house in Oakton, Va. They worked with Moss Building and Design in Chantilly, …

Virtual Reality

Controlling VR games with your mind

<i>Your weekly guide to Virtuality — Newsletter #58</i><p>University of Michigan startup Neurable has developed a brain wave interpretation system that allows …

Virtual Reality

Augmented reality gets a second life in manufacturing

Video: Page (1) of 1 - 03/23/17<p>By IDG.TV<p>Although augmented reality may not have gotten very far in the consumer market, the technology is getting a …

Mixed Reality

Virtual Reality Technology Could Find an Ideal Home in L.A.

As investment in Silicon Valley technology ventures slows down (successful stock-market debuts for tech firms are rare these days), there's one …

Virtual Reality

Introducing: Zubr VR Mixed Reality Video Studio

March 24, 2017<p>Jack Norris<p>Time to unveil Zubr VR’s Realtime M.R. Video System!<p><b>(tl;dr – We made a groundbreaking realtime VR camera comping kit. We</b> …

Virtual Reality

VR Vs. AR: Disney Not Fans Of Virtual Reality, Will Focus On Augmented Reality In Parks

The divide between virtual reality and augmented reality tech is still in its early stages, but AR looks to have a prominent supporter in its …

Virtual Reality

Apple's Augmented Reality Challenge

The latest buzz is that the upcoming iPhone 8 will have advanced Augmented Reality capabilities.<p>Making the iPhone 8 the most advanced Augmented …

Mixed Reality

Museums and Virtual Reality: VR in the Grant Museum

For those of us who had the opportunity to work with Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR), 2016 was a most exciting year. Notably, a range of …

Virtual Reality

Virtually changing how buyers shop for new homes

It is a beautiful day in Florida, with gentle ripples on the surface of the swimming pool and shadows of palm fronds subtly shifting with the breeze. You open glass pocket doors to step onto a wide porch from the great room, where a linear gas fireplace has a bed of sparkling crystals underneath …

Virtual Reality


<b>What Will V-Commerce Look Like?</b><p>By Gina Joseph<p>Virtual reality (VR) for retail is here. On the B2B level, it is already changing the way<p>manufacturers …