Attention Economy

Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault

The rise of the new “attention economy”<p><i>By Casey Schwartz</i><p>It was the big tech equivalent of “drink responsibly” or the gambling industry’s “safer …

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Digital Detox: Big Tech’s Phony Crisis of Conscience

IN MAY 2017, ex-Google employee and design ethicist James Williams outlined his vision for a world in which technology companies are held responsible …

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AT&T’s Ad Group Spotlights The “Attention Economy” as it Prepares September Launch

As it prepares to launch “a new kind of advertising company,” the AT&T Advertising and Analytics’ unit is doubling down on the attention economy and …

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Tech Talk: Taking Control of Your Smartphone Usage - Center for Democracy & Technology

<i>CDT’s Tech Talk is a podcast where we dish on tech and Internet policy, while also explaining what these policies mean to our daily lives. You can</i> …

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Warner Music Group purchases Uproxx Media

Uproxx, the media company behind men’s lifestyle site BroBible, entertainment news site HitFix and sports site Dime and in addition to its namesake …

Warner Music

Warner Music acquires Uproxx digital media group

Warner Music Group said Thursday that it is buying Uproxx, the youth-centric digital media company.<p>The terms of the purchase were not disclosed, but …

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Is Technology making us Calm — or causing us Anxiety?

Is the technology in your life making you Calm? Or increasing your Anxiety?<p>When you look around at all the beeping and blinking apps and devices, …

Attention Economy

Edinburgh Fringe 2018: Interview with Ailin Conant

<b>Theatre Temoin’s latest show, Feed, showing at the Pleasance this Edinburgh Fringe, is a show about social media, clickbait culture, and gluttonous</b> …

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Why Do People Want to Drink the Sarcophagus Water?

This is a snapshot of who we are right at this moment


Why Playing On Your Phone Won’t Make You Happy

In December 2014, Conservative MP Mr Nigel Mills was forced to issue an apology after being caught playing the puzzle video game <i>Candy Crush Saga</i> for …

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YouTuber’s Burnout Highlights the Worst Parts of the Attention Economy

It's create or be forgotten.<p>For many children and young adults, becoming a successful creator on YouTube or a top streamer on Twitch is a dream come …

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At Hearts & Science, Scott Hagedorn Plans For The Attention Economy

The only common currency for advertising is attention. And that’s where Hearts & Science CEO Scott Hagedorn is betting the farm. “The common currency …

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Everyone should be reading “The Attention Merchants” this summer

Reading this book changed the way I think about life, work, and technology. It’s our first-ever Fast Company summer book club pick.<p>We live in a time when too many things claw for our attention: pinging notifications on our phones, the endless luring scroll of social media, the proliferation of …

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How Technology Can Help You Lead A Better Life

In recent years, fewer Americans feel that the internet has been a good thing for society. While the web provides us greater access to information …


AT&T's Ad Group Spotlights The "Attention Economy" as it Prepares September Launch | The Drum

As it prepares to launch “a new kind of advertising company,” the AT&T Advertising and Analytics' unit is doubling down on the attention economy and …

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It's the attention economy, and it's stupid

Barbara Fister writes: “Access to <b>information in abundance</b> so you can find <b>‘evidence’</b> for whatever you want is not what’s needed; it’s <b>access to good</b> …


How the Blockchain Will Increase Your Mindfulness

Blockchain is quickly becoming a ubiquitous technology across just about every industry. In real estate, it is being used to compile listings, …


Advanced content strategy - deep work in the attention economy at Podcamp '18

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Tristan Harris: What Is The Cost Of Infinite Distractions?

<i>Part 4 of the</i> TED Radio Hour <i>episode</i> Attention Please<i>.</i><p><b>About Tristan Harris's TED Talk</b><p>Designer Tristan Harris says attention is at the core of human experience. He argues that our addiction to technology has the power to threaten our very capacity to think, reason and problem solve.<p><b>About Tristan</b> …

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The Attention Economy of the American Revolution

Jordan Taylor explores how Twitter bots help us understand the American Revolution.


Silicon Valley CEO Phil Libin said watching Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress gave him mixed feelings about Facebook's future

<i>LinkedIn Influencer Phil Libin published this post originally on LinkedIn.</i><p>I had conflicting emotions watching Mark Zuckerberg testify before Congress.<p>In many ways, it felt like a significant milestone for Facebook and our whole industry — a delayed rite of passage into something resembling …

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Event - Transformers, Origami, and Physics: Communicating Science While Navigating the Attention Economy

APS April Meeting 2018<p>Saturday–Tuesday, April 14–17, 2018; Columbus, Ohio<p>10:45 AM–12:33 PM, Saturday, April 14, 2018<p>Room: A120-122<p>Sponsoring Units: …

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Commentary: A Solution to Facebook’s Privacy Mess: Charge the Richest Users

I have a confession to make: I don’t actually hate Facebook. A social network that connects people and makes it easier to communicate is a nice idea …


Special Focus: Is Media Literacy a Prerequisite in the Digital Age?

The millennial generation is clearly conversant with the technical aspects of our information age but young people are among the most vulnerable to …

Digital Age

On Social Media and Its Discontents

<b>Split Reactions</b>As someone who has publicly criticized the major social media platforms for years, I’ve become familiar with the common arguments …

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The End of the Attention Economy - PC Mag Middle East

The idea that "the media is dying" is so cliché that a Twitter account chronicling its alleged demise is now 10 years old. But this time is …


The End of the Attention Economy

Machine learning, big data, and consumer exhaustion with traditional ad formats are re-writing the rules of digital media—and there will be …

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The Hacking of American Attention and Contemplative Prayer

March 12, 2018 by Brad Roth<p>There’s a good chance that as you thumbed through your morning social media or news feed, your attention got hacked. …

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Trailer Park Adds Marquee Strategy Unit

Engine Group's content and entertainment marketing agency, Trailer Park, is expanding into insights and advisory services with the launch of a new …

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Mindfulness is just Buddhism sold to you by neoliberals

Mindfulness is big business, worth in excess of $1bn (£7.2m) in the US alone and linked – somewhat paradoxically – to an expanding range of must-have …