Atlantic Ocean

This Transatlantic Norwegian Air Flight Just Broke a Speed Record

The five-hour-and-thirteen-minute hop from New York to London edged out the previous record from British Airways.<p>Sadly, we're still a ways away from supersonic planes whisking us across the Atlantic Ocean in a little more than three hours. But that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the small stuff, …


New study suggests coastal and deep ocean sharks have different feeding patterns

An international team of researchers studying globally declining shark populations report today that they used carbon isotopes as biochemical markers …


USS Abraham Lincoln Aircraft Carrier Making High Speed Turns and Drifting in the Atlantic Ocean

WarLeaks shared amazing footage, originally taken by U.S. Navy petty officers Mark Logico and Kristopher Ruiz, of the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) …


Exploding Meteor Over Michigan Picked Up By Seismographs As Magnitude 2.0 'Earthquake'

Those lucky enough to look skyward over parts of Michigan yesterday at around 8.10pm local time would have been fortunate enough to see a meteor …

U.S. Geological Survey

Scenic's Eclipse Superyacht Will Help You Discover The World

Scenic’s Eclipse Superyacht Will Help You Discover The World<p>Home » Jets & Yachts » Scenic’s Eclipse Superyacht Will Help You Discover The …


Weatherwatch: Scotland's worst storm – ignored by the rest of us

In mid-January 1968 winds gusting to well over 100 miles per hour caused devastation in central Scotland – and the London-based media took not the slightest notice<p>In mid-January 1968, a weather system moved across the Atlantic Ocean towards Europe. Sometimes these weaken as they near our coasts, …


NBA Power Rankings: The Heat are looking good

The Miami Heat rode a seven game win streak (still going) all the way to the four seed in the Eastern Conference, and the Minnesota Timberwolves went …


British rowers set Atlantic crossing record

‘Four Oarsmen’ take 29 days and 15 hours to complete 3,000-mile race from Canary Islands to Antigua<p>Four British rowers have set a new record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean after reaching land in the Caribbean early on Saturday.<p>George Biggar, Dicky Taylor, Peter Robinson and Stuart Watts spent 29 …

Canary Islands

Unruly passenger forces flight from CLT to reroute

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- There were dramatic moments in mid-air that forced an international flight from Charlotte to London to detour earlier this …


Four amateur rowers break world record in Atlantic race

A team of British friends, who only took up rowing 18 months ago, have broken a world record after crossing the Atlantic Ocean in less than 30 days.<p>Raising money for charity, the team won the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge race, travelling from the Canary Islands to Antigua in the Caribbean.

Canary Islands

It will turn a lot colder next week and there could even be snow

It is set to turn a lot colder and windier in the next week.<p>A frontal system will move in from the Atlantic bringing rain on Sunday night into …


Air France rejects report into 2009 crash that blames pilots

PARIS (AP) — Air France has dismissed the conclusions of a new report into the 2009 Rio-to-Paris Air France plane crash that blames the pilots for failing to apply correct procedures and losing control of the aircraft over the Atlantic Ocean.<p>Previous reports said a technical fault on the Airbus …


Swiss ban against boiling lobster alive brings smiles — at first

'My first reaction was to laugh,' says Nathaniel Richard of Westmorland Fisheries in New Brunswick<p>A Swiss effort to mandate kindness to lobster …

New Brunswick

Snow, ice, flooding forecast for eastern US as storm moves into Midwest

The western storm that brought the flooding and mudslides to Southern California crossed the Rockies overnight and is redeveloping and strengthening …


Raiders obligated to lose Oakland home game to London as relocating team

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Now that we know the Oakland Raiders will be giving up a home game this coming season to play host to the Seattle Seahawks in …

Jon Gruden

NFL announces schedule for London in 2018

The National Football League announced the three games that will be shipped off to London for the 2018 regular season. For once, they’re good …

Jon Gruden

Seahawks will face Raiders in 1st NFL game at new London stadium

LONDON (AP) -<p>The Seattle Seahawks will be crossing the Atlantic Ocean for the first time for the upcoming 2018 NFL season.<p>The Oakland Raiders will …


Africa's week in pictures: 5 - 11 January 2018

<b>A selection of the best photos from across Africa and of Africans elsewhere in the world this week.</b><p>Pope Tawadros II<p>Pope Tawadros II, the leader of Egypt's Coptic church, leads congruents in Christmas Eve Mass on Saturday. Unlike many other Christians who celebrate Christmas on 25 December, …


Cruise Ship Footage Shows a Frightening Trip Through the 'Bomb Cyclone'

Last week ended in a flurry of flurries up the east coast, with snow falling from Florida to Maine as the so-called "Bomb Cyclone" left a mess of …

Two reasons why developing storm should mostly miss Michigan

The trend is emerging for a developing storm.


Get captivated by these golf courses along the coastline

It is no surprise that the dominant theme of a majority of 2017’s top 100 golf courses of the world is their proximity to the sea. Across the globe, …


How to visit the Sahara’s snow-capped sand dunes

ES Lifestyle Newsletter<p>The words ‘snow’ and ‘desert’ don’t often appear together in the same sentence.<p>But this week saw snow cover parts of the …


Travel Fatigue? Not for These Celtics

LONDON – The Boston Celtics refuse to comply with expectations.<p>Nearly every pundit expected Boston to crumble after Gordon Hayward went down on …

Terry Rozier

"It was hell for me": Passenger recalls cruise ship ride in "bomb cyclone"

CBS New York also reports another Norwegian ship cut through the whipping winds and turbulent seas of last week's tempest

Cruise Ships

Holy Ship Kindly Asks That You Not Have Sex With The Pizza

Holy Ship! is a nautical EDM festival that is currently traveling the high seas of the Atlantic Ocean for fun in the Bahamas, featuring the likes of A-Trak, Baauer, and Alison Wonderland. From all reports, it is quite the party, featuring the amenities of a typical cruise but with the added bonus …

Norwegian Cruise Line

The Frozen Atlantic Ocean

The 2018 winter has been one for the ages in the northeastern US. With temperatures regularly in the negative for weeks at a time, if it can freeze, …


East Coast Beaches Look More Like The Arctic Right Now

In summer, the beaches of Cape Cod are popular getaways for people looking to beat the heat with a dip in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. But the frigid aftermath of winter storm Grayson, also known as the “bomb cyclone,” has produced a rare spectacle on some sections of the northeastern coast in …

Climate Change

Amazing Footage of the Atlantic Ocean Frozen Solid at Old Silver Beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

During the extremely cold weather that hit the Northeast United States during the first week of January 2018, YouTuber Ryan Canty captured amazing …


Bahamas cruise ship carrying 4,000 passengers battered by 30ft waves as it sailed through deadly 'bomb cyclone'

A cruise ship carrying up to 4,000 passengers was battered by 30ft waves when it sailed into a winter 'bomb cyclone' wreaking havoc in the …


11 Dramatic Places On Europe’s Coast You Have To Visit

There’s nothing quite like a jagged, beautiful and dramatic coast! Something about it just inspires fear and awe in a strange mix. There are …