New Film Reveals Bill Nye as Lifelong "Science Guy"—and Climate Guy

Inside the longtime Sierra Club member’s quest to end anti-scientific thinking<p>What happens when America’s favorite scientist takes off his “Science …


What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide?

People assume that, because we are of different faiths, we must have major problems in our relationship. In fact, it has strengthened our bond<p>When we – a Muslim and a Christian – fell in love, we didn’t think much about the differences in our religions. (People falling in love usually don’t think …


TED talks conferences plagued with sexual harassment complaints

Attendees, speakers, even staff members have brought the issue to TED officials, emails show.

Canadian News

Bill Maher shows Donald Trump how life would be without him

via HBO<p>Bill Maher took to last night’s Real Time to present Donald ‘Scrooge’ Trump an alternate reality vision of what life would be like without him …

Donald Trump

The Hearth of Hellenism: Paganism & the End of Religious Extremism

What captivates my mind at the moment is contemplating the future of religion. Where will religion be by the end of this century? What will religion …


An Agnostic Parent’s Guide to Talking About God With Kids

When a parent believes God can’t be known, it makes questions about God hard to answer, unless they take time to think about them beforehand.<p>By<p>Nov 17 …


Same-sex marriage survey: religious belief matched no vote most closely

Migrant communities in western Sydney electorates have been pinpointed as the strongest element of the no vote. But religious belief correlates much more strongly than overseas birth<p>The same-sex marriage survey revealed a deep divide between Sydney’s western and eastern electorates. The nation and …


Just because you’re religious doesn’t mean you have to believe in God

The Nov. 11 Religion article “Having faith to break the silence,” about Rep. Jared Huffman’s (D-Calif.) decision to declare himself a “humanist,” was timely given the state of religious affairs in the United States in 2017. I think it was especially helpful for the article to explain the difference …


We Must Fight Back Against Evangelicals’ Stories of Atheist Deathbed Conversions

This is a guest post by <b>Mark Kolsen</b>. He resides in Chicago and is a regular contributor to <i>American Atheist Magazine</i>.<p>…<p>Why do evangelical Christians, …


We need freedom from religion, not freedom of religion

Just as the postal plebiscite has blown up in the faces of the conservatives who promoted it, let us hope that any subsequent rearguard sabotage …

Pauline Hanson

Why we made God in our own image

<i>Rachel Newcomb is an anthropologist and the Diane and Michael Maher Distinguished Professor of Teaching and Learning at Rollins College. She is the author of “Everyday Life in Global Morocco.”</i><p>Author Reza Aslan’s “God: A Human History” is less a biography of God than a study of why and how humans …


Bird-brained atheists sue shelter over 'blessing of the animals'

A bunch of bird-brained atheists are suing a New Jersey animal shelter for holding a <b>blessing of the animals.</b><p><b>Click here to subscribe to the fastest-growing conservative podcast in America!</b><p>American Atheists filed the lawsuit in federal court against the Bergen County Animal Shelter – claiming the law …


Nearly Half of Canadians Have Negative Feelings Towards Islam: Poll

Come on, Canada.<p>A new poll reinforces a bleak truth that many of us have probably known for a long time—almost half of Canadians have a negative opinion about Islam.<p>It's not hard to see this sentiment having a real world impact, whether it be the rise of a far-right looking to “counter terrorism,” …


Men are not a different species

Gender determinism has returned in PC form.

George Takei

Humor is Not Just Entertainment: 7 Questions for David Feltmate

In our interview series, “Seven Questions,” we ask some very smart people about what inspires them and how their latest work enhances our …

The Simpsons

The absurd arguments we make to defend Roy Moore and Al Franken are getting dangerous

There’s a common denominator among Democrats and Republicans uneasy about the stories surrounding Sen. Al Franken and Senate candidate Roy Moore. Even those who are willing to speak consistently about both know that they will face fury from some in their respective bases who will tell them they …

Al Franken


More than a third (34 percent) of Americans surveyed said they were atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular,” according to the American Family …

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Highland Views: It matters what we mean by 'spiritual'

When I was managing cooperative houses with independent seniors, conflicts would now and then arise around beliefs. Though the homes were owned by an …

Is Real Time with Bill Maher on tonight, November 17th, 2017?

via HBO<p>Is there going to be a new episode of Real Time with Bill Maher premiering tonight, November 17th, 2017? We have all the info about the show …


Why are there Reform and Conservative Jews in Israel?

Reform Judaism is not exclusively, or even primarily, a movement. Reform Judaism is an approach, a means of viewing Jewish law, history and practice, …



A sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream.<p><i>‘what happened next was a phantasmagoria of horror and mystery’</i><p>More example sentences<p>…

More evidence religion is declining — and that’s OK with these pastors

A computer scientist who crunched the numbers on American religion says the decline of faith will accelerate during the next 20 years.<p>That conclusion …


Bill Nye, from Science Guy to Science Statesman

Advocate for science raising profile in policy and with new film<p>In one corner is a roster of climate change deniers who now run key congressional …

Bill Nye

The Blessing and the Curse of Being Bill Nye

The zany scientist talks about his recent transformation into the public—and controversial—face for science<p>Comment on this Story

Bill Nye

New poll finds religious diversity continues to divide Canadians

Canadians are divided over whether religious diversity is healthy for the country, but they consider Islam in particular to be a negative force, a …

Canadian News

Faith and Religion in Public Life: Canadians deeply divided over the role of faith in the public square

Print this article Font size -16+<p><i>Key drivers of division are the religion in question, as well as one’s own personal beliefs</i><p><b>November 16, 2017 –</b> From …


There Are 9 Types of Americans When It Comes to The Environment

Which one are you?


“Bill Nye: Science Guy”: Host of ’90s kids show turns his crusade to climate-change deniers

<i>Three stars. Unrated.101 minutes.</i><i>By Lora Grady</i><i>Special To The Washington Post</i>Bill Nye, the lanky, bow-tied TV science advocate, is still a hero to a …

Bill Nye

'Science Guy' Documentary Shows That Bill Nye Still a Strong Voice

| No comments<p>Early in the documentary "Bill Nye: Science Guy," another celebrity figure in science, the astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, says that …

Bill Nye


Considering the whimsical iconography of Bill Nye, a documentary on him should only expect to have the lighthearted charm of the zany, perpetually …

Bill Nye