Mormon President: God Told Me To Tell You To Stop Calling Us “Mormons”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Russell M. Nelson issued new rules about how we should refer to Mormons... and I just …


Catholic Ph.D. Blames Sex Abuse Scandal on Atheists, Gays, and “Mega-Dioceses”

By Hemant Mehta<p><b>Dr. Taylor Marshall</b> is a Catholic theologian who is truly disturbed by the Pennsylvania grand jury’s report on the Church’s sex abuse …


Military Atheist Group Calls for Removal of Air Force Base Commander for His Personal Religious Website

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) sent a formal complaint this week to Defense Secretary James Mattis calling for an investigation of …


You’re Atheist; He’s Religious. You Have Kids

1 of 15<p> of a family having fun indoors<p>Atheists and religious individuals get together all of the time. People of two different …

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Batman Is An Atheist

August 16, 2018 by Andrew Hall<p>Batman is an atheist. <i>Screenrant’s</i> article Batman is An Atheist, DC Comics Confirms tells how Bruce Wayne (Batman’s …


Did DC Comics Just Make Batman an Atheist?

Is Batman an atheist? It's a question that many have asked over the years and DC Comics may have just answered it.<p><b>Spoilers for Batman #53 below.</b><p>In</i> …

DC Comics

Apparently There Are 31 Types of 'Microaggressions' Against Today's Atheists

There’s a new worry out there in today’s hyper-sensitized culture: Some atheists are apparently suffering the affects of microaggressions due to …


The voice of atheism since 1881 » Awful week for the Vatican as more abuse allegations surface

<b>The iter sabbati began with news that in Chile authorities raided the headquarters of the Catholic church’s Episcopal Conference as part of a</b> …


Is Atheism the Last Unforgivable Sin of American Politics?

Even as federal and state courts and American governing institutions in general accept as given that all true Americans are believers, the number of …


'In God We Trust' splashes into Florida's public schools

<b>ANALYSIS/OPINION:</b><p>God is definitely not dead — particularly in Florida.<p>Beginning this week, all public schools around the state will be required — …


DC Comics Confirms That The Batman Is An Atheist

Batman used to believe in God, but he doesn’t anymore. CAUTION: Spoilers for DC Comics Batman issue #53 ahead.<p>Also read: Batman Suffers Worst …

DC Comics

Your Stories of Atheism: Can’t Shake The Fear Of Hell

Your Stories of Atheism: Can’t Shake The Fear Of Hell<p>August 15, 2018 by Courtney Heard<p>Your Stories of Atheism are heartbreaking, triumphant, angering …


Demographer: Divides in US between religious and non-religious, not denominations

Demographer Karlyn Bowman said on Wednesday that when it comes to religion, divides in the U.S. are between the religious and non-religious, rather …


Atheists in Kenya protest government's decision to sponsor 46 gospel artists to Europe

<b>- The Atheists' leader want the government to include non-believers in the team</b><p><b>- He alleged the state was favouring Christians and discriminating</b> …


Researchers Say Atheist “Churches” Can Improve Your Well-being

Can you build community and form friendships in a church-like setting when God's not in the mix? Yes you can, according to new research.


Are You An Atheist? How To Leave The Catholic Church

August 16, 2018 by Andrew Hall<p>Co-host of the Naked Diner Podcast Jack Matirko recently sent the Catholic Church a letter officially stating he is no …


The 60% Solution - Conservative Skeptic

On occasion here, I write about politics. Rarely, but I do. This blog is more about atheism and skepticism than anything else but events occur that, …


It’s Official: Batman’s an Atheist

By Hemant Mehta<p>The latest issue of the Batman series (Batman #53) includes a confession from the Caped Crusader that he doesn’t believe in God. His …

Bruce Wayne

Giuliani Helps Trump’s War on Reality

Giuliani Helps Trump’s War on Reality<p>August 16, 2018 by Ed Brayton<p>Rudy Giuliani did an interview on CNN with Chris Cuomo in which he tried to laugh …


Eye-opening ‘proofs’ of God’s existence revealed in new guide to theological golden age

Asserting that atheist logic actually proves the existence of God is one of the forgotten, unusual and radical theories revealed in a new book about …

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An Atheist Reads The Bible – Genesis 41

An Atheist Reads The Bible – Genesis 41<p>August 14, 2018 by Andrew Hall<p>Genesis 41 has a lot going on. Joseph is still imprisoned. But the means of his …


Dalai Lama: Spirituality Without Quantum Physics Is An Incomplete Picture Of Reality

<b>“Broadly speaking, although there are some differences, I think Buddhist philosophy and Quantum Mechanics can shake hands on their view of the world.</b> …


Atheists in Kenya slam government for "preferential" treatment for Christians

The planned sponsored trip for gospel artists by the Ministry of Culture and Heritage has rubbed Atheists in Kenya (AIK) the wrong way.<p>Through a …


Atheists protest state-sponsored European tour for gospel musicians

Gospel artistes Gloria Muliro (left) and Eko Dydda (right). PHOTOS | FILE<p><b>By NAIROBI NEWS REPORTER</b><p>Atheists in Kenya (AIK) now want the Ministry of …

City Halls

Atheist Group: ‘For God and Country’ Patches on Sheriff Uniforms Unconstitutional

A national atheist organization is urging an Ohio sheriff’s office to remove “For God and Country” patches from officer uniforms, asserting they are …


Anti-Christian ‘Humanist’ Leader Wins the Bigotry Game

Hey, I’ve got a fun new game for you to play. It’s the Bigotry Game!Here’s how it goes. You’re sitting with your friends at the table in the den, and …


An Interview with Professor Bart Ehrman, Author of The Triumph of Christianity

Journalist Natasha Stoynoff spoke with the religious studies professor about his controversial new book.


Church Of Atheism #31 - Alex Jones social media ban

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Man Who Killed 26 in TX Church Was an Atheist, Says Wife (But Questions Remain)

Devin Kelley, the man who killed 26 in Sutherland Springs, Texas, was an atheist... but what that means is up for debate.


Geographical Indoctrination: You Are Not Your Family’s Beliefs

Geographical Indoctrination: You Are Not Your Family’s Beliefs<p>August 13, 2018 by CW Brown<p>“How thoughtful of God to arrange matters so that, wherever …