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Google awarded patent on crazy 2-in-1 laptop design

Google patents a wild looking design that may show up in its next laptop.<p>Back before it became a line of phones, the Chromebook Pixel line was known …


Understanding Camera Specs: What's the Most Important for You?

When shopping for a camera, you can easily get overwhelmed with information.<p>There's talk of resolution and megapixels, sensor size and ISO range, and …


LG shows a behind the scenes look at creating the V30's wallpapers

The announcement of the LG V30 draws near, and LG has shown off its process for creating device wallpapers.<p>The LG V30 will be announced on August …

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5:1 aspect ratio shooting for a one-of-a-kind screen – find out how they did it on the Go Creative Show

On this week’s Go Creative Show podcast host Ben Consoli talks to DP Ben Allan ACS about his latest film, Wild Squad Adventures. Not only was it shot …


LG Q6 with 5.5" FullVision Display & SD435 SoC Launched for Rs. 14,990

Last month, LG launched the LG Q6+, Q6, and Q6a smartphones under the new Q-series. With the new Q-series, the company will be offering the …


Here Are Some Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Storyboarding

If you've never drawn up a storyboard for you, you might want to check this video out.Though not technically essential to the filmmaking process, …


LG V30 gets leaked with clean design and tiny bezels in HITRECORD video submissions

LG's produced some good-looking phones, such as the Nexus 5 and G3, but there haven't been any standouts in recent years. The G5 in particular was …


LG Q6, Micromax Canvas Infinity will bring edge-to-edge screens to the masses this month

South Korean major LG, earlier in July, launched its new Q-family of phones -- that includes the Q6 Alpha, the Q6 and the Q6 Plus -- bringing the …


This Famous American Monument Is a HUGE Optical Illusion

The most famous buildings in America are a complete mystery to most of us. Many people don’t know, for example, that there’s a typo on the Lincoln …


New LG Q6 Launches This Week

LG has announced that their new LG Q6 smartphone is launching this week. The handset will go on sale in Korea this week.<p>The smartphone will then go …

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How to crop your photos for impact and creativity

One of the big selling points of high resolution cameras like the Nikon D810 and Canon 5DS are the ability to “crop in post”. Typically when people …


IMAX Switching Their Attention from 3D to More 2D Screenings

It seemed like 3D was having itself a little moment there for a while, spurred on by the success of James Cameron’s Avatar back in 2009. But it seems …


A quick guide to choose your next monitor by Jose Antunes

When it comes to monitors, Philips has a word to say. MMD, brand license partner for Philips monitors worldwide, offers some advice for photographers …


HP's new Spectre x2 is the best clone yet of Microsoft's Surface Pro

A good dongle, I have discovered, is a bit like a toilet in India. The need for it can strike you suddenly, without warning, and disaster can ensue …


Meet the Cameras That Filmed Nolan’s Latest Masterpiece, ‘Dunkirk’

Christopher Nolan’s latest film, <i>Dunkirk</i>, is already being heralded as the best WWII movie since <i>Saving Private Ryan</i>. Manohla Dargis of <i>The New York</i> …



The 2018 Icon has been optimized to deliver more drive and enhanced maneuverability, inspired by the latest mast curves and outlines we developed …


This Apple selfie patent could mean group shots without the selfie stick

Why it matters to you<p>If this patent comes to life, you could automatically take better selfies.<p>Taking a selfie is easy, but taking a good selfie, on …


How We Generated 1 Million Facebook Video Views: A HubSpot Experiment

Gone are the days when social media publishing and engagement could be tacked onto the daily responsibilities of an intern -- as were many of the …

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Download These Free Instagram Export Presets for Premiere Pro

Getting videos exported from Premiere Pro and uploaded to Instagram is not the most straight forward process. To help with this, I’ve created three …


Hands-On Review: SmallHD FOCUS Monitor

SmallHD's 5" FOCUS monitor will give your camera a big upgrade without breaking the bank.


With Google Pixel 2 And V30, LG Phones Are Going OLED

Last year when I visited LG headquarters in Seoul, I asked LG mobile’s product team leader Ian Hwang a question that has been on Android geek’s minds: why haven’t LG phones gone with OLED screens yet? After all, tech geeks prefer OLED panels to LCD (iPhone 8 is finally making the jump too, by the …

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Watch Christopher Nolan explain why he thinks Dunkirk in IMAX is like ‘virtual reality without the goggles’

A bold statement from IMAX’s biggest fan<p>Christopher Nolan’s upcoming film <i>Dunkirk</i> is set to be the biggest 70mm film release in 25 years, and in an exclusive new clip the filmmaker explains why shooting so much of it in IMAX became essential to his creative vision. The director has used IMAX for …

Virtual Reality

'Panic' at Apple? iPhone 8 may be struggling with wireless charging, 3D front sensor

The upcoming iPhone 8 has been facing many issues, which if not rectified, could see some of the biggest and anticipated features disabled when the …

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LG announces mid-range Q6 series with 18:9 screen aspect ratio, Snapdragon 435

LG has announced three new Q series mid-range smartphones namely LG Q6, LG Q6+, and LG Q6a, according to a report in the <i>Indian Express</i>. The company …


Samsung CF791 review

Samsung's big-screen gaming champ for AMD Radeon fans<p><b>The Good</b> The Samsung CF791 34-inch curved display is a great size for gaming, and the combination of a 100Hz refresh rate and FreeSync pairs well with midrange Radeon cards. Plus, its color is pleasing.<p><b>The Bad</b> It only has two USB ports and the …


Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk is being projected on 70mm film in 125 theaters

The Hateful Eight was just a 70mm warm-up<p>Director Christopher Nolan has made no secret of his preference for film over digital capture and projection, but his latest project <i>Dunkirk</i> is going to represent something of a high-water mark. According to <i>Variety</i>, the World War II drama will be projected on …


BREAKING: CNN May Have Targeted The WRONG Meme Creator Over Trump's WWE Tweet

So, after nearly a full day of promoting a story labeling the redoubtable <i>Reddit</i> meme generator HanA**holeSolo the source of President Trump’s WWE vs. …

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User Interface / Responsive UI

Grid<p>The flexible and optional grid consists of 12 columns and can be nested. The spacing between the columns is 0.25 rem (one quarter of the basic …

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Smartphones to watch out for

Apple iPhone, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are some of the smartphones we are excited about