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The impact of voice-activated virtual assistants on retail

2016 saw an incredible rise in connected home devices, specifically Amazon Echo (8 million devices sold) and Google Home devices. Prior to that, Siri made adding an event to your calendar or quickly looking up the weather as easy as a simple push of a button on your smart phone.<p>At what point does …


Radiology by robots: this is what breast cancer looks like tumour-hunting AI

Zebra Medical Vision is using image-scanning algorithms to identify a range of health issues, and doing so with significant accuracy<p>The image above - one of around 400,000 mammograms belonging to Zebra Medical Vision - shows what a breast looks like to AI.<p>It has been colour-coded to make it easier …


We Are The Robots: Is the future of music artificial?

<i>Last year computer scientists unveiled the first song to be composed by artificial intelligence, the Beatles-esque ditty ‘Daddy’s Car’. But it’s not</i> …

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'Counter-Strike' is facing a chat bot invasion

The <i>Counter-Strike</i> community has faced numerous challenges in the years since launch, ranging from cheating to gambling, but there's one more to add to the pile: a flood of chat bots. At least one intruder is taking advantage of a <i>Counter-Strike: Global Offensive</i> exploit to flood lobbies (even …


What Will the World Look Like in 2022? - NewsHodie - Tech Daily

<b>IBM, the pioneer in development of computer technology published a survey in which they predicated how will the world change in the next five …

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Tom Davenport says AI is entering its second stage

Artificial intelligence is set this year to go mainstream as organizations implement AI into an increasing number of decision-support system and …

Computer Science

How to pick a platform for your financial sector chatbot

Building simple chatbots with a cloud platform is easy. But when you need chatbot technology for a company in the financial sector, things get more complex.<p>The first step is to understand the needs and constraints of your users.<p>In my case, I identified two main pain points. First, the privacy of …


Apple reportedly acquires Israeli AI startup RealFace

Apple has acquired Tel Aviv, Israel-based Realface, a machine learning startup whose facial recognition technology can be used to authenticate users, …


This Free Tool Shows How Facebook’s AI Tracks You All The Time

Today in this article I will share a free and open source tool that you can easily use to track how the social media giant Facebook’s AI keeps a …


Why Elon Musk Thinks We Are Already Cyborgs

A fascinating conference on artificial intelligence was recently hosted by the Future of Life Institute, an organization aimed at promoting …

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The Role of AI in Account Based Marketing [Podcast]

In a new Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Aman Naimat, Senior Vice President of Technology at Demandbase.

Computer Science

Alan Turing Predicts Machine Learning And The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Jobs

This week’s milestones in the history of technology include Alan Turing anticipating today’s deep learning by intelligent machines and concerns about the impact of AI on jobs, Clifford Stoll anticipating Mark Zuckerberg, and establishing the FCC and NPR.<p><b>February 20, 1947</b><p>Alan Turing gives a talk at …

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If I Only Had a Brain: How AI ‘Thinks’

AI can beat humans in chess, Go, poker and Jeopardy. But what about emotional intelligence or street smarts?<p>Artificial intelligence has gotten pretty darn smart—at least, at certain tasks. AI has defeated world champions in chess, Go, and now poker. But can artificial intelligence actually …

Computer Science

Don't believe the hype when it comes to AI

Artificial intelligence may be subject to more hype than any other field. While this creates funding opportunities, it could also damage AI's long-term potential<p>Thanks to neural networks - digital approximations of the way that the human brain learns - artificial intelligence has made enormous …

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Everything you need to know about bots at SXSW 2017

Every year in March, the tech world descends upon our humble little hometown here in Austin for SXSW. The conference and festival is undoubtedly one of the tentpole events for the tech industry, where agendas are set, trends are initiated, and the “next big thing” gets launched.<p>The real reason that …


This 14-year-old made the best Facebook chatbot

<b>It's been nearly a year since Microsoft's Satya Nadella proclaimed "bots are the new apps".</b><p>Yet despite the promise of a revolution in how we interact with services and companies online, progress has been utterly miserable - the vast majority of chat bots are gimmicky, pointless or just flat out …


TEDx Manchester: AI & The Future of Work

TEDx Manchester talk on artificial intelligence (AI) and how the ascent of AI and robotics impacts our future work environments.

Computer Science

Mark Zuckerberg Hints on Plans to Use Artificial Intelligence to Spy on Users

Mark Zuckerberg appears to have accidentally revealed plans to use artificial intelligence to spy on Facebook users’ private messages in a bid to …

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AI Experts Everywhere at SXSW 2017

The Forrest Four-Cast: February 18, 2017<p>The continued development, proliferation and implementation of artificial intelligence looks to be one of the …

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The AI genie has already been released from the bottle and there is no way to get it back in. The relationship between the perception of intelligence …

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Elon Musk Says Artificial Intelligence Is Dangerous, Unemployment Will Deprive Workers

Elon Musk believes that artificial intelligence will create a cyborg race. During the World Government Summit in Dubai, the SpaceX founder explains …

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Artificial Intelligence & Bias

<i>By Jackson Grigsby, Harvard Class of 2020</i><p>On Thursday, February 16th, the JFK Jr. Forum at the Harvard Institute of Politics hosted a conversation on the past, present, and future of Artificial Intelligence with Harvard Kennedy School Professor of Public Policy Iris Bohnet, Harvard College Gordon …

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Lawyers could be the next profession to be replaced by computers

The legal profession — tradition-bound and labor-heavy — is on the cusp of a transformation.

Computer Science

The 5 Million Dollar General AI Challenge is a Path to Human-level AI

<b>Summary:</b><p>● Working towards my goal to create general AI; it will be a tool that will leverage discovery in every domain<br>● Using game development to …

Computer Science

Why Our Conversations on Artificial Intelligence Are Incomplete

By on 19/02/2017 •<p>Conversations about artificial intelligence must focus on jobs as well as questioning its purpose, values, accountability and …

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This DARPA Video Targeting AI Hype Is Necessary Viewing - Motherboard

Artificial intelligence is grossly misunderstood, but you can't really blame the public. However well-intentioned, we're up against multiple coordinated efforts to distort the field, whether that's technologist doomsaying or Singularity marketing. And, as is often the case in overhyped and-or …

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Valve is teaching an AI to find Counter-Strike cheaters

Why it matters to you<p>Cheaters ruin online competitive games, but Valve might be aiming to solve the problem once-and-for-all.<p>Valve really doesn’t …

Computer Science

YouTube says they have captioned one billion videos already

While most people probably do not pay attention to the CC button on YouTube videos that they watch, having closed captions on these videos are a huge …

Speech Recognition

Bill Gates on his work as an adviser to Microsoft, natural language processing, and more

Natural Language Processing

Microsoft Hacks Deeper Into Vitality and Healthcare With AI

Microsoft wants to offer superior, health-focused research and AI solutions to health and fitness industries. This week saw the American software …