How Armenia Plans to Become the Next World-Class Hiking Destination

Epic new trails in Armenia’s Caucasus Mountain Range are putting the country's outdoor offerings on the map


Armenia’s Aggressive, Baseless, Senseless Conflict with Azerbaijan - Blogs - Jerusalem Post

<b>Azerbaijan Journal – October 2017</b><p>Day One<p>Several months ago, I had the honor to be invited to Azerbaijan to witness the ongoing development of a …


48 hours in Yerevan: how to spend two days in Armenia's capital city

Yerevan can be perplexing. Its neoclassical squares conjure Vienna, while its wide boulevards brim with Parisian élan. There’s no escaping the sprawl of brutal high-rises that shoulder its Soviet past, yet recent investment has embalmed the city’s rougher edges with glinting streets, a cable car …


Oscars: Armenia Selects 'Eva' for Foreign-Language Category

The Armenian-Iranian co-production centers on a woman who tries to flee from her past.<p>Armenia has selected <i>Eva</i>, directed by Anahid Abad, as its …

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Caucasus States, and Kurds, Assess Kurdistan's Independence Drive

In the wake of Iraqi Kurdistan's vote to declare independence, Armenia and Azerbaijan – both countries with Kurdish minorities of their own – …


Star-Studded Photos Reveal the Beauty of Armenia's Ancient Landscapes

The photographer behind 'Your beautiful eyes' documents his country's storied landscape beneath canopies of stars


Longing for Armenia

10 of 13<p>#10<p>Longing for Armenia<p>Tatev monastery overlooks a vast abyss from its basalt-plateau perch<p>Photo by Alexey Mashtakov/Shutterstock<p>I long to …


God and Stone: One Woman Explores Her Armenian Roots

Learning where your family comes from and who you are is an exciting, confusing, often lifelong process, especially for Americans whose mixed …

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Lamaju A True Taste of Armenia

Armenia is a country that is rich in culture and is fiercely proud of its unique food heritage that has created dishes that are loved the world over. …


Armenia: Ethnic Minorities Gain a Voice in Parliament

Copyright show: NoArmenia is the most ethnically homogeneous of all the post-Soviet states. But it has become a pioneer in the Caucasus by being the …


Each Summer, These Armenian Villages Are Taken Over by Hundreds of White Storks

Villagers participate in a “Nest Neighbors” program to monitor the health of their new house guests


Israeli Minister in Armenia: Damage Control or Something More?

Armenia-Israeli relations have been somewhat distant, complicated by the latter's strong ties with Yerevan's two biggest foes, Azerbaijan and Turkey. …


A Chess Master with an Unpredictable Style and the Hopes of a Nation

In 1988, war broke out between Armenia and its Soviet Republic neighbor of Azerbaijan, over the long-disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region. It was another tragedy in a century of tragedies for Armenia, going back to the genocide carried out by the Ottoman Empire against the Armenian people, beginning in …


Azerbaijan, Without Explanation, Drops Out of NATO Exercises

When NATO military exercises kick off in Georgia next week, they will include troops from the United States, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, and Armenia. …


Armenia: A home away from home for Filipinos

Watch also in iWantv or<p>Journalist Atom Araullo embarked on a journey across Europe, travelling on the world's longest railway, the …


Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Armenia

Armenia is a country that sits next to Turkey, Iran, Georgia, and Azerbaijan, which is of no help to those readers who have struggled through an …


Armenia does Russia's, Putin's bidding in return for support

Washington has been shaken to its core by allegations of Russia's hacking and interference. Frequently, Americans hear more accusations about the …


North Shore Playgrounds Donate Old Equipment To Armenia

<b>CHICAGO (CBS) —</b> Several old playgrounds from the northern suburbs were getting new life in part of the former Soviet Union.<p>When a North Shore school …

Soviet Union

Why a Modern Cosmetics Company Is Mining Armenia's Ancient Manuscripts

Armenia's folk remedies and botanical traditions are getting a new look

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A New Joint Angel Fund Between Armenia and Turkey Builds Bridges Through Capital

This weekend in North America and Europe, the sporty population will have turned to baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby and similar sports to enjoy their leisure time. In Armenia, however, they do things differently.<p>Instead of watching TV, many Armenians will have been tuned into their radio …


Why Armenia Needs the Iskander System

On April 17, the <i>Washington Times</i> published an article by Lloyd Green, in which the author describes the Karabakh-Azerbaijani conflict, and its …


Armenia Rebuffs Invasion by Azerbaijani Apples

A search-and-destroy operation is underway in Armenia. The targets are enemy Azerbaijani apples, which had the audacity to cross over into Armenian …

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Yezidis and Yerevan Complicating Moscow’s Efforts to Influence Kurds in Iraq and Syria

The convocation, last February, of a Kurdish conference in Moscow that included the Yezidis (, February 16), combined with new …


Armenia’s Russian-Backed Aggression a Danger to Region

There’s no dispute about the Nagorno-Karabakh territory. The United Nations and several other international organizations agree the land belongs to …


Nuclear turmoil possible in Caucuses

<b>ANALYSIS/OPINION:</b><p>The Caucasus Mountains that run between the Black and Caspian Seas could soon turn into a nuclear flash point because of dangerous …


Everything you need to know about the new Transcaucasian Trail

Marta Mills’ guide to the new Transcaucasian Trail through the mountains of Georgia and Armenia, winner of Wanderlust’s ‘Innovation of the Year’ award<p>…

Fakes, Bots, and Blockings in Armenia

A snapshot of online manipulation on the eve of a parliamentary vote<p>Armenians go to the polls on April 2 for the first election under a new law which …

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Armenia elections tainted by vote-buying: OSCE monitors

The Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) has criticised Armenia's weekend election, saying it was tainted by instances of vote-buying and interference.<p>President Serzh Sarksyan's ruling Republican Party of Armenia won Sunday's elections, official results showed, laying the …

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In the words of Ani Jilozian: “Ultimately, this violence stems from patriarchy”

<b>Date:</b> Tuesday, April 25, 2017<p><b>Ani Jilozian, 31, is the Research and Data Specialist at the Women’s Support Center in Armenia, which has been supported</b> …

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Armenia Beats Kazakhstan 2-0 In World Cup Qualifier

Armenia beat the 10-man Kazakhstan 2-0 at home on Sunday in a 2018 FIFA World Cup qualifier.<p>Following their incredible 3-2 comeback win over Group E …